Fitbit Sense 2 Advanced Review

The Smartwatch

The gadget we never knew we needed, until we had it and now, we can’t live without it. There are some brands which are the go-to brands, the ones everyone is talking about, but few can afford. And then there are other brands which are just as good but not given enough credit for.

The Sense 2 has all the things you want from a smartwatch and more. Below we’ll talk through its best features.

Is it as good as other brands?

Yes, is the simple answer. But here is why.

Not only does it do the standard things like count your steps, tell the time, built in alarm clock and tell you how much sleep you’ve had. But this watch helps you manage stress and supports you to de-stress.

Using advanced technology, the Sense 2 can detect stress using the ECG app, detecting irregular heart rhythm and sends you notifications to let you know, and has a specific health management dashboard where you can find all your statistics.

This revolutionises stress management in a society where we all need to focus on our health. It not only shows you how long you’ve slept for, but it picks up on particular patterns, giving you a personalised sleep profile and allowing you to understand your sleep stages and sleep score.

It has built in GPS, and settings to detect high intensity workouts, plus all day activity tracking and a heart rate monitor.

If the health settings don’t catch your eye, it can be a supportive work gadget too. Get all your messages and phone calls notified on this watch so you never miss communication again. A built in Alexa and soon to be compatible with Google wallet and maps.

This watch has something beneficial to everyone, and if you just want something to look nice on your wrist there are customizable watch faces to go with removable and changeable straps. There are metal straps, rubber straps and in all shapes, colors and sizes.

You cannot go wrong, and you’ll never need to buy a new watch to go with a new outfit again.

Should you buy one?

If the features above didn’t catch your attention, then maybe not. But I would be surprised if there wasn’t something amongst that, which didn’t.

Who doesn’t want to manage their stress, co-ordinate their outfits, and have a gadget which helps keeps them on top of communication.

With a magnetic charger as well, you won’t to fiddle around with cables that break.

Social standing

It has a high social media presence already with people finding this smartwatch exactly what it says on the tin.

It excels at sleep tracking and has a fantastic battery life and fits into your everyday life like a must have item.


As smartwatches go, this one has all you need. There will be others which have similar features or somewhat the same, but at a considerable amount less, you won’t be disappointed in the money you will save.

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