It’s never an easy task choosing the best upright vacuum cleaner for your home.

Bissell 9595A vs Eureka NEU182A

Are you getting all the right features? Are you spending your money wisely? Will this be the vacuum to rid you of that stubborn dirt that’s been lingering for too long already?

We decided to give you a helping hand and put the newest Eureka and Bissell models to the test. Who came out shining? Read on to find out.

Round one – Weight

With a weight of just 10lb, the Eureka is a lightweight and portable vacuum that you can easily get up and down staircases. It’s perfect for those spillages that require immediate attention, and it’s not too heavy on the back.

Eureka NEU182A vs. Bissell 9595A

This Bissell model weighs 15lb, making it 50% heavier than its Eureka counterpart, and therefore requires more strength when hoisting it around the house. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a problem, it can make it much harder to manoeuvre throughout your home.

We know how important the weight of something can be, so if you’re looking for lightweight and easy manoeuvrability, the Eureka tops the chart here as it’s much more portable than the Bissell.

Round two – dirt collection

With its dust collection cup capacity of a whopping 4.1l, the Eureka stands strong and really makes sure that every speck of dust can and will be sucked up.

This is a fantastic feature, which allows you to empty the dust cup less often. However, that being said, don’t forget that the more dirt a vacuum can store, the heavier it will become. This could make portability a problem for those of you who want something a little lighter.

Unfortunately, the Bissell lags behind slightly, with dust collection capacity of just 2l, which is half of what the Eureka can store.

Whilst this does indeed mean less weight to carry, we know already of course that the Bissell outweighs the Eureka in the first place.

Bissell 9595A

However, the Bissell’s dirt tank is easily cleaned, making the whole affair much easier. You’re more likely to empty the tank more regularly, ensuring a cleaner vacuum overall.

It looks like the Eureka takes the gold star again for dirt collection. It sucks up much more debris than the Bissell, and you don’t need to spend as much time cleaning it out, either.

Round three – accessories

The Eureka boasts a number of high quality accessories to help speed up your clean whilst keeping it as powerful as possible.

Conveniently stored right on board the vacuum, the 7in crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool help to clean all those hard to reach areas with ease. These accessories are built to be used on a range of your homewares, including in your car, around doorframes, on ceilings and on furniture. Pet hair and embedded dirt have nowhere to hide from these fantastic accessories. A quick release handle connected to the stretch hose also gives you the power over all the above-floor cleaning.

Eureka vs. Bissell

With its innovative brush design, the Bissell comes equipped with fantastic accessories to ensure your home gets the thorough clean it deserves.

The Bissell’s turbo brush rotates down into the carpet to ensure a deeper cleaning on the first pass, and is perfect for your stairs, furniture, upholstery and more. The Bissell also comes with a 6in hose length, so you can reach those hard to grasp nooks and crannies to ensure the deepest clean ever.

It’s a clear win for the Eureka this round, with its multiple, easy to find accessories that can be swapped around with ease depending on your cleaning needs.

Round four – power

The Eureka has power, that’s for sure. It runs off of 120V, 960W, 8A in order to give an outstandingly strong suction all over your home.

And, when combining the suction power of the Eureka with its dynamic brushroll and motor, you’ll be able to lift even the most stubborn dirt quickly and easily.

Bissell 9595A Upright Vacuum

The Bissell houses a cyclonic system for that long lasting extra power and suction that almost can’t be beaten. Combined with its innovative brush design, the Bissell will easily remove stubborn dirt and debris from between your carpet fibres.

Not only that, but the Bissell is so smart that it can separate dirt and debris easily for the filter, meaning that it lasts that bit longer and stays that bit cleaner. That’s less work for you.

This time it’s the Bissell that takes the crown, with its unbeatable suction power that works with its accessories to thoroughly clean the home as well as its ingenious separation technique that keeps your filters cleaner for longer.

Eureka NEU182A Upright Vacuum

Round five – extras

The Eureka has a 5 height adjustment feature that ensures that your floor type is cleaned with precision. Combined with its smooth wheels, you can rest assured knowing that your hard wood floors won’t be sustaining scratches, and that your vacuum can glide easily from hardwood floors to carpets and even shag rugs.

The Bissell 9595A Upright Vacuum comes as standard with washable foam tank filter, meaning you have to spend less on new replacement filters over time, because they only need to be replaced when they’re completely worn out.

This is a handy feature, as filters can be costly.

It’s hard to pick a winner when both extra features are important ones and can depend so much on personal preferences, so we’ll leave this one a draw and crown both the Eureka and the Bissell a winner in this area.

Bissell vs Eureka

Crowning the ultimate champion

It’s clear to see that the Eureka NEU182A Upright Vacuum is our champion vacuum cleaner.

With its lightweight and portable body which houses all of its fantastic accessories, as well as a victory sweeping dust collector that would allow anyone to clean their home twice before it needs to be emptied, the Eureka is everything you could need for a powerful clean that gets the job done without any fuss.

With this vacuum cleaner, your home will be cleaner than it ever has been before, with less hassle and more winning features.

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Eureka NEU182A