Nobody has the strength or willpower to push around a heavy upright vacuum cleaner after coming home from a long day at work. Having a miniature, disc-shaped vacuum wandering your floors, you can rest assured that no speck of dust will be waiting for you by the time you get home.

Eufy  30C vs. 30C Max Robot Vacuums


The biggest problem anybody has about robot vacuums is which model to get. Many models currently available have similar model names and almost identical specs. An example of such a case is the Eufy 30C and 30C Max from Eufy’s line of RoboVacs. In today’s article, we’d like to explore their differences to make a definitive decision on which of the two would be the more suitable robot to patrol the floors of your home.

Suction Power

At first glance, the 30C and 30C appear identical in shape and in specs. However, the one thing that sets them apart is how much suction pressure they deliver. The 30C is rated at 1,500 Pascals of power, making it a medium-duty robot vacuum cleaner that can pick most small-sized debris from medium-pile carpeting.

Eufy 30C Max Robot Vacuums

30C Max

30C Max
The 30C Max takes it a step further by increasing its suction power by 500 Pascals. With one-third more suction power, there’s almost nothing that the 30C Max won’t be able to lift from your floors and carpets in a single pass.

Conclusion: A 500-Pascal disparity means a whole lot when it comes to robot vacuum cleaners. You won’t get the same amount of suction as you would from uprights or canisters, so every additional Pascal matters. Since its release, the 30C Max has received nothing but praise from its customers and for good reason – the 30C, though a great overall vacuum, just doesn’t have what it takes from homes with normal amounts of floor pollutants.

2nd Generation BoostIQ Technology

30C and 30C Max
One of the most notable features that come in both of these robots is 2nd Generation BoostIQ Technology. These two robots are equipped with the technology to automatically adjust its suction pressure based on what surface it’s currently treading on. When trekking on long carpet fibers, the 30C and 30C Max will switch to high-power mode to dislodge and remove most embedded crumbs and particles with ease. Of course, the 30C Max’s enhanced suction power will work a lot better than the original 30C on every floor type.

Eufy [BoostIQ] RoboVac 30C


Noise Levels

30C and 30C Max
Despite their awesome cleaning power, these RoboVac models are pretty quiet. This has a lot to do with the brushless motors installed in each of these robots; with brushless, they don’t need to work nearly as hard to provide the same amount of power as their brushed models.

Plus, they dissipate heat a lot quicker, which in turn prevents breakdown due to heat damage. On their lowest suction setting, the 30C and 30C Max produce roughly only 55 decibels of noise. You’ll still be able to hear them rolling around, but they shouldn’t scare the bejesus out of you at nighttime when if they start up.

Convenient Controls

30C and 30C Max
There are three ways users can send instructions to the 30C and 30C Max. The first of which is by using the infrared remote control included in the box (AAA batteries included, thankfully). The second method of controlling these robots is with the help of Alexa or Assistant.

If your home is equipped with Amazon Echo or Google Home, then you simply need to shout orders at your virtual assistant and – voila! – your robot can start, stop, and charge on your command. The third and final way to control the 30C and 30C Max is by downloading the EufyHome smartphone app which we’ll talk about next.

Eufy 30C


EufyHome App Compatible

30C and 30C Max
When these robots connect to your home’s Wi-Fi router, you can send basic commands through the EufyHome downloadable smartphone app. This app isn’t as advanced as others – your only options are to tell the robot to stop, start, and charge. You can also set up different cleaning schedules so the 30C and 30C Max will work without needing direct instructions.

Essentially, this app covers just the basics (no selective room cleaning, no real-time reports, no setting up digital no-go barriers). If you ever lose track of the robot, you can tap the Find My Robot button on the app.

Boundary Strips

30C and 30C Max
Even though you don’t have the option to create no-go zones for these robot vacs via the smartphone app, you can still define boundaries where they cannot pass. Upon purchasing either of these robots, you should find more than 13 feet of boundary strips that you can attach to your floor.

When these robots get close to these strips, they’ll tuck tail and head in another direction. So far, we don’t have any reason to complain about these boundary strips, though you should keep them as free of obstructions as possible.

Eufy 30C vs. 30C Max



30C and 30C Max
Last but not least is the auto-recharge feature in both of these RoboVac models. With auto-charge, you simply need to sit back and watch as the robot, upon sensing low battery power, will make a beeline directly for its charging port.

There, it’ll rest for roughly 5 hours until its battery reaches maximum capacity, in which it’ll deliver about 100 minutes of continuous cleaning on its lowest power setting.

Sadly, neither of these robots have an auto-resume function, meaning that after every recharging session, the robot needs to be re-instructed to start its cleaning cycle, and it’ll start from the very beginning rather than picking up where it left off.

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After taking a closer look at the Eufy RoboVac 30C and 30C Max, the only difference we could find is how much suction pressure they deliver. The 30C Max delivers up to 2,000 Pascals of power – one-third more power than the original 30C – for better cleaning performance while being just as power efficient (both have a maximum runtime of 100 minutes).

Other than this and their aesthetics, there’s no other point of distinction between the two. We’d recommend getting the Eufy 30C Max Robotic Vacuum over the 30C any day.

Eufy 30C Max vs 30C Robot Vacuums

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