It wasn’t that long ago when people were fascinated by robotic vacuum cleaners, but with numerous brands and models entering the market, the standard task of vacuuming alone is no longer jaw-dropping.

People want more from their robots, and Ecovacs has delivered. The DEEBOT 711S, though not unique by any robotic vacuum standards, has upped its game by having smarter navigation, improved anti-collision specs, an advanced brush system, and more suction power than you might imagine.

Ecovacs DEEBOT 711S Robot Vacuum Review

Smart Navi 2.0 Mapping Technology

The proprietary Smart Navi 2.0 Mapping system will leave you wondering how you ever managed with the outdated 1.0 version. The sensor located on the robot’s top panel is constantly at work, mapping the location of landmarks, obstructions, and the layout of your home’s floors.

This, in turn, allows the 711S to create a systematic cleaning path with seamless transitions from smooth to carpeting and vice versa. With a digital map stored in the robot’s memory, it knows which rooms have been cleaned to avoid repeated cleaning and battery waste.

Anti-Collision Sensors

A built-in infrared sensor is constantly on the lookout for obstacles, cliffs, and other hazards that threaten the bot’s well-being. Though a common feature in most modern robotic vacs, the 711S takes it a step further by pairing it with Smart Navi 2.0. Wherever any hazards are found, the robot will save it in its memory for future use.

However, its infrared sensors are always checking for new obstructions and updating its current digital map to keep up with any changes in scenery.

Ecovacs DEEBOT 711S Robot Vacuum

Tiny Profile

The traditional disc style of the 711S and numerous other robots has some pretty noteworthy downsides – for instance, trouble vacuuming corners – but this is offset by the 711S’ extremely tiny profile. Standing at only 3.2 inches tall, there’s practically no part of your floors that the robot can’t reach.

Also, it’s high-grip wheels give the 711S the ability to overcome thresholds of up to 0.63 inches in height.

ECOVACS Home App and Voice Control

If we’re completely honest, the reason why we (and most people) feel the need to invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner is for the convenience it offers. One convenience-adding feature that most robots, including the 711S, come with is Wi-Fi connectivity.

Using the downloadable ECOVACS Home App, you can send instructions to your robot from anywhere in the world, providing both your phone and the robot are online.

Ecovacs DEEBOT 711S Robotic Vacuum

The app offers a ton of customizable features such as choosing different cleaning modes and suction power, accessing the digital map, and programming cleaning schedules. If you have the Amazon Echo or Google Home, then you can send voice commands to the 711S with the help of Alexa or Assistant.

Remote and Manual Control

If, for whatever reason, your home’s Wi-Fi router is down, then you can always rely on the backup remote control for touch-free access to the 711S. The remote control covers the basics – scheduling, start and stop commands, cleaning modes, and suction power – but you will not receive after-cleaning reports from the robot through the remote.

Also, if your remote is out of juice and can’t be darned to replace the batteries, then a push of the single button on the 711S’ top panel will instruct the robot to start or stop its cleaning cycle.

Ecovacs DEEBOT 711S

130-minute Runtime

One of the most commonly asked questions about the Deebot 711S is how it differs from the “original” 711 model. The differentiating factor between the two lies solely on their respective batteries.

To be more specific, the 711 runs for 110 minutes maximum on standard cleaning power, whereas the 711S features an enhanced Li-Ion battery that delivers up to 130 minutes of continuous cleaning on standard power.

These numbers drop by more than 50% when max power mode is activated for the entirety of the robots’ cleaning cycles. When the 711S’ battery is low on power, it will make a beeline to its charging station.

Sadly, there is no resume function, so you need to command the robot to get back to work after its battery is at max capacity.

DEEBOT 711S Robot Vacuum

V-Style Brush and Dual Side Brushes

One of the more impressive improvements of the 711S is its advanced brushes. The main brush located on the belly of the robot is a V-style brush with blades that prevent tangling more effectively than ever.

One either side of this brush, you’ll find two high-speed side brushes that pull dirt into the main inlet for maximum cleaning performance.

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So what do we think of the ECOVACS Deebot 711S? It’s a great robotic vacuum cleaner to say the least. It covers the basics of what most people would ever need, and its advanced Smart Navi 2.0 Mapping Technology makes it a lot more time- and power-efficient than its outdated 1.0 version.

We would have loved this robot if it had a resume function to accompany its auto-charging feature, but as is, disappointment and buyer’s remorse is definitely out of the picture.

Ecovacs DEEBOT 711S Robot Vacuum Review

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