Dyson V6 vs V7 vs V8 vs V10 vs V11 vs V12?: Comparison Review

Dyson V10

In today’s crowded and confusing marketplace, there are a couple of vacuum cleaner manufacturers that are considered to be “the best of the best”. Now, there aren’t very many of these manufacturers, but there are certainly a few, and these manufacturers are the ones that continue to release excellent vacuum cleaners that are always amazing consistently, and always powerful and efficient.

As you may have gathered, judging from the title of this guide, one of those manufacturers is none other than Dyson. Dyson is easily one of the very best vacuum cleaner manufacturers out there, and every vacuum they release is remarkable. Today, Dyson is releasing some exceptional vacuum cleaners, and these vacuum cleaners have so many amazing features and attributes, and they can do so many incredible things, that it can be a little challenging, when it comes to finding the very best Dyson vacuum cleaner, simply because there are many choices, and they are all fantastic.

Today, we’re going to be looking at six different Dyson vacuums. Each one of these Dyson vacuums comes from the “V” product line, which is a series of vacuums that consist entirely of stick vacuums. Cordless stick vacuums, to be specific, and these stick vacuums are strong, swift, and powerful, while also remaining mobile, and giving you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to what you clean, and how you clean it.

Dyson V11 Stick Vacuum

In this buying guide, you’re going to be learning about the unique features that the Dyson V6, the Dyson V7, the Dyson V8, the Dyson V10, the Dyson V11, and the Dyson V12 offer. But, to clarify two things, none of these vacuums are inexpensive, and they will all cost a decent chunk of change. Along with that, the Dyson V12 isn’t out yet so we will be speculating on the features that Dyson will, most likely, include.

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What Does The Dyson V6 Offer?

Weighing just 4.5 pounds, the Dyson V6 is not a heavy vacuum. And, due to the sleek and mobile design that emphasizes mobility, as well as ergonomics, it is very easy for you to pick it up, and move it around simply.

Dyson V6

The handle is well-built, and the general shape and design is fantastic. You aren’t going to have any issues using the Dyson V6 when it comes to movement.

To aid in mobility, this is a cordless stick vacuum. You don’t need to plug it into a power outlet, to use it. But, the thing about that is the fact that you have to rely on a battery, and this battery doesn’t provide a lot of battery life.

While you are using the Dyson V6, you are going to have to recharge the battery every twenty-minutes. Twenty-minutes isn’t a lot of time for you to use the vacuum, and to get all of your cleaning done, and if you don’t find the idea of dealing with this appealing, then it’s probably best to look at a different vacuum.

By pressing a button, you can turn the Dyson V6 into a handheld vacuum, and this vacuum function makes it easier to vacuum on couches and chairs, as well as in spaces that are a bit smaller and more compact.

The cleaning performance is quite good, for hard floors, but carpets and rugs aren’t able to be cleaned in an ideal manner.

Ultimately, if you’re on a bit of a budget, and want something mobile, flexible, and somewhat powerful, the Dyson V6 is a decent choice. But, you have very little battery-life, so keep that in mind.

Dyson V6 Stick Vacuum

What Does The Dyson V7 Offer?

Weighing 5.3 pounds, the Dyson V7 is only slightly heavier than the Dyson V6. But, the weight isn’t the only thing that it changes, and with the Dyson V7, you have access to thirty-minutes of battery-life, rather than only twenty-minutes.

Remember, though, that it does take a few hours to recharge the battery life, so this still isn’t ideal, for most people.

Dyson V7

Since this, too, is a cordless stick vacuum, and since it is well-designed and quite small, you aren’t going to have any issues using it to clean all manner of different spaces. Spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms, as well as garages and sheds and even tinier rooms.

By pressing a button, you can turn the Dyson V7 into a handheld stick vacuum, and this feature makes it a lot easier to vacuum those smaller and more cramped spaces. If you want to clean on the ceiling, you can do that, too, since this vacuum makes it easy for you to lift it and to push it to the top.

Through the use of fifteen different cyclones, which are all used to create airflow, the cleaning power of the Dyson V7 is quite good, and you won’t have any issues cleaning most surfaces with it, but thicker carpets and rugs may be a little challenging.

In the end, the Dyson V7 is a little different from the Dyson V6, and if you want something a little more powerful, it’s a good choice.

Dyson V7 Stick Vacuum

What Does The Dyson V8 Offer?

The Dyson V8 weighs 5.75 pounds, and it has a battery-life of forty-minutes. So, out of all of the vacuums that we have looked at, so far, this is the heaviest one – although, not by much – and it also provides the most battery life.

Dyson V8

Instead of lacking a dedicated filtration system, as the previous Dyson stick vacuums on this list do, the Dyson V8 has a HEPA-filtration system. With this filtration system, all of the smaller and most pernicious particles are filtered out. Particles such as bacteria and small dust particles, among other things that you will find a lot of in the different clumps of dirt and dust that you vacuum up.

If you want something a bit better at keeping your air nice and clean, then the Dyson V8 is a good choice, simply due to the HEPA-filtration system that it uses.

Just as with the Dyson V7, you are using fifteen different cyclones, but you can use these cyclones a bit more because you have a setting that lets you adjust the Dyson V8 so that it is using as much suction power as it can. By using this setting, it is significantly easier for you to vacuum on things like carpets and rugs, as well as in especially dirty spaces.

In the end, if you want power and efficiency, the Dyson V8 is the way to go.

Dyson V8 Stick Vacuum

What Does The Dyson V10 Offer?

Weighing 5.88 pounds, the Dyson V10 is just a little heavier than the Dyson V8, but not by a significant amount. And, following the same trend that these Dyson vacuums started with the Dyson V6, you now have access to sixty-minutes of suction power, on a single charge.

For a Dyson vacuum, that is quite a bit, especially since this is easily the most powerful vacuum that we have looked at, so far.

Dyson V10 Stick Vacuum

Using the Dyson Digital Motor V10, you have access to a lot of suction power. The motor spins at 125,000 RPM, and when you combine this with the cleaner head that Dyson has developed, you get a stick vacuum that is great at cleaning hard surfaces and soft surfaces.

If you want something versatile, and extremely powerful, then the Dyson V10 is easily one of the best choices out there. But, it is very expensive, so be warned.

What Does The Dyson V11 Offer?

With the Dyson V11, you are getting a vacuum where the basic features are the same as that of the Dyson V10, but the Dyson V11 does two very unique things.

First off, it has an LCD screen, and this LCD screen tells you the battery life, the power mode you have chosen, and any maintenance alerts.

Dyson V11

Second, using the “Dynamic Load System”, the vacuum cleaner adjusts itself to accommodate the suction and brushing demands of the surface that it is on. This means that you don’t need to manually adjust anything, since the vacuum detects what is necessary, and does that for you.

So, if you want one of the fastest and most convenient vacuums available, this is it. But, it is very expensive, since you are paying for quality.

What Does The Dyson V12 Offer?

Here’s the thing, the Dyson V12 isn’t out yet. So, right now, we can only speculate as to what it will offer, and the kinds of things that we’ll be seeing.

Dyson logo

Dyson has shown a great deal of interest in using powerful sensors to aid in the vacuuming process, so the features found in the V11 will be in the V12, presumably. But, you will have a longer battery life, and you will be able to use more powerful suction, and this powerful suction will give you more freedom to clean all types of different surfaces.

In the end, Dyson will continue to improve upon the specific performance qualities of the V11, while retaining those excellent features that the V11 possesses.

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