Dyson V11 Outsize vs Absolute Stick Vacuums

Dyson is arguably the most well-known vacuum cleaner manufacturer in the world due to their outstanding dedication to their craft. Today, we’re going to pit two of their stick vacuum cleaners—the V11 Outsize and the V10 Absolute—in a head-to-head comparison to see which is the better option.

Dyson V11 Outsize
Dyson V11 Outsize

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Dyson V11 Outsize

Dyson DLS Auto-Adjusting Technology

Perhaps the shining feature of the Dyson V11 Outsize is DLS Technology. This system automatically adjusts suction power based on the type of floor you’re currently cleaning. When it senses carpeted surfaces, it’ll crank its suction to the max in order to extract embedded debris from the fibers. When transitioning to bare floors, it’ll bring it down a couple of gears to save power while also ensuring maximum cleaning performance.

Dyson V11 Outsize Review
Dyson V11 Outsize

XL Floorhead

Another thing that sets the Outsize apart from many of Dyson’s other stick vacuum cleaners is the XL floorhead. This floorhead is wider than what you’d typically find, thereby reducing the number of passes needed to cover wide surfaces. A wider floorhead means less vacuuming means more time spent re-dirtying your floors.

120-minute Runtime

People thought Dyson wasn’t paying attention to the market, but they’ve delivered on a highly requested feature. The Outsize comes with not one but two large rechargeable battery packs that provide up to 120 minutes of continuous cleaning. Now, you can vacuum and charge at the same time! Just know that it takes about three hours for each battery pack to reach max capacity. Also, because both of these units do not have a trigger lock, you can save battery power by pulling the super-sensitive trigger only when you come across piles of dirt.

LCD Display

The Outsize is a unique vacuum cleaner in the sense that it comes with a digital display on the main unit. Here, we can see which power mode is in use, estimated remaining battery life, and a filter indicator that reminds us when airflow is compromised due to a clogged filter. This really takes a lot of the guesswork out of using and maintaining this stick vac.


One thing that we absolutely love about the both the Outsize and the Absolute is that they are both convertible. By detaching the long vacuum shaft and attaching one of the cleaning tools, these vacuum cleaners can be used to spot-clean any above-ground surface you can imagine.

Dyson V11 Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson V10 Absolute

Soft-Roller Floorhead

The Dyson V10 Absolute’s main weapon to attack dirty floors is a soft-roller floorhead. This air-driven brushroll uses soft bristles that will not scratch or damage smooth floors while also picking up every last bit of dust with each sweep. The soft bristles also work exceptionally well at digging and removing dirt from low- and medium-pile carpeting.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

3 Power Modes

Like the Outsize, the Absolute has three different power modes (low, medium, and high) to clean your floors while using as little power as necessary. The Absolute, however, does not come with DLS Technology so you’ll need to manually switch between gears when transitioning from carpeted to smooth floors.

60-minute Runtime

The Absolute is one of the older Dyson models to hit the market so it only makes sense that it only comes with a single battery pack. The battery provides as much cleaning time as the Outsize’s (up to 60 minutes), but it is non-detachable so purchasing a separate pack won’t do you much good. Also, it also requires about three hours of continuous charging to go from 0 to 100%.

¾-liter Dust Cup

Stick vacuum cleaners are supposed to be a convenience, and one way we measure that is by seeing how large the dust cup is. Both of these stick vacs come with ¾-liter dust cups which are pretty large by stick vacuum standards.

This should allow you to clean more and pick up more dust, dirt, hair, and debris between emptying. To dump the contents out, all you need to do is hover the unit above a trash bin and press a button that opens the latch.

Included Cleaning Tools

Since both of these units are convertibles, they need to come with several cleaning tools to make spot-cleaning all sorts of surfaces as easy as possible. They both come with the same number and types of cleaning tools, including a 2-in-1 combination tool, a crevice tool, a soft dusting brush, and an awesome mini-motorized tool.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Verdict: Does the Outsize Outshine the Absolute?

The Outsize does indeed outshine the Absolute in many ways. The digital display and DLS technology really make the Outsize stand out not just among other Dyson stick vacs but also among most of its competition. As for the Absolute, it performs nearly as well as the Outsize but is missing the convenience-adding features of newer Dysons.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute
Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

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