Robotic vacuum cleaners have really allowed us to take things easy. With the stresses of work, nobody has the time or energy to sweep or vacuum, and with the right robot patrolling your floors, you won’t need to pick up a broom ever again.

Dser Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dser is one of the lesser-known robotic vacuum brands that released some pretty impressive models. Today, I’d like to spend a few moments talking about the Dser RoboGeek 20T – a excellent budget-friendly robot with a surprising number of features (for its price class). Let’s get into it.

Vacuuming Performance

The Dser is able to produce up to 1,600 Pa of suction pressure which, in general, is enough to suction debris from the low- to medium-pile carpeting.

On bare floors, suction pressure isn’t a problem; it’s the side brushes that fling more dirt to the sides than it draws into the inlet. To pick up whatever its pushes to the side, you need to automatic cleaning to edge cleaning mode.

Dser Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Dser Robot Vacuum

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Dirt Bin Capacity

The size of the dirt bin can mean a ton of difference. Ideally, you’ll want an oversized bin that requires emptying out every couple of days or so.

The Dser has just that – it’s large, 600-mL dust bin can store several days’ worth of dirt before reaching maximum capacity. Of course, this depends on the frequency of use and how dirty your floors are.

Remote Control

Wi-Fi connectivity is something that the Dser is missing, but this isn’t anything out of the ordinary for entry-level robotic vacuum cleaners.

Dser Robot Vacuum

Dser Robot Vacuum

Instead, you get a physical infrared remote control that you can use to tell the robot to stop and start, as well as choose between the four cleaning modes. There’s no schedule function so you’ll need to whip the remote out every time you need your floors cleaned.

BoostGen Technology

The thing that amazed me the most about the Dser is its BoostGen Technology. The Dser continuously scans the surface on which it’s traveling on to determine whether it needs to bump its suction up a notch or take it down several gears.

On carpets, it kicks into high gear to suction all of those week-old crumbs out of your carpet’s fibers. This extends the runtime of the robot by using its battery as efficiently as possible.

Quiet Operation

The one thing that any customers absolutely love about the Dser is its super-quiet vacuuming. With BoostGen Technology in play, the Dser produces just about 55 decibels of noise – equivalent to the level of common household background sounds.

Dser Robotic Vacuum

Dser Robot Vacuum

100-minute Runtime

If your home’s floors don’t have any carpeting, then you can expect up to 100 minutes of continuous cleaning by the Dser on a single charge. This is a pretty impressive achievement for a robot of its price class. When the battery drops to 20%, it’ll attempt to dock and recharge its 2,600-mAh battery (roughly 3 hours of charging). There’s no auto-resume function so you’ll need to command the robot to get back to work via the remote.

Magnetic Boundary Strips

Unsurprisingly, the Dser doesn’t have scanners to create a digital map of your home’s floors, so the only way you can prevent it from trespassing into certain areas is by setting boundary strips.

The Dser comes with two magnetic boundary strips that you can place anywhere you don’t want the robot to go; as soon as it gets close to the strip, it’ll tuck tail and run in another direction. Be sure to keep the strips away from the charging dock.


Dser Robot Vacuum

Decent Navigation

When it comes to navigating the wilderness of your home’s floors, the Dser is decent at best. There’s nothing special about its navigation software – it uses a range of standard sensors to prevent it from bumping into large objects and falling off of cliffs.

However, it does get trapped every once in a while, and you’ll need to fish it out of whatever obstacle is blocking its path. Some users found their Dsers somehow missing the charging dock from time to time, causing it to run out of battery before starting its 3-hour charging cycle.

Dser Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dser Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – Worth the Buy?

So after taking a close look at the Dser Robot Vacuum, is it worth the investment? I’ll tell you this: if this is your very first robotic vacuum cleaner, then you’ll be left completely stunned by just how awesome it works on all floor types.

BoostGen Technology really sets it apart from the rest of the entry-level robots. Its navigation can be pretty inconsistent at times, and it does manage to get trapped more often than you might like, but this is typical in all budget bots.

Dser Robot Vacuum

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