The one brand of robotic pool cleaners that stands out above the rest is Maytronics. They’ve been in the game since the beginning so there’s little wonder how they’ve perfected their numerous robots to fit every pool-cleaning need. One of their newer models, the Dolphin Triton PS, is evidence that Maytronics is on top of its game and will stay there for quite some time.

Dolphin Triton PS Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Triton PS

The Dolphin Triton PS is much like its predecessors in how it features state-of-the-art navigation technology, comes equipped with several scrubbing brushes, and is made to the filthiest pools without hesitation.

It’s not a perfect bot—none are—but it’s as close as we can reasonably expect from today’s state of residential-grade technology. Let’s see what the hubbub surrounding the Triton PS is about.

Cleaning Performance

Without being able to test a robotic pool cleaner, you’ll hardly have a point of reference to determine whether a machine like the Triton PS is worth its price tag. I’m here to tell you now that you can put those fears to rest. The Triton PS maintains the high-quality performance we’ve come to expect from Maytronics.

Dolphin Triton PS Review

Dolphin Triton PS

First of all, this machine can move up to 75 gallons of water per minute, allowing more water to flow through the filters (more on this later) to give your pool water a sparkly-clean sheen no pool scrubber or net can provide.

The Triton PS is equipped with two brushes—a high-speed scrubber in the front and a standard scrubber in the back. As the robot moves, so do the scrubbers; they’re constantly removing dirt, debris, and algae from your pool lining before its powerful suction does the rest.

Flawless Fine and Ultra-Fine Filtration

Being able to capture and retain pool pollutants is what the Triton PS is all about. It comes with two filters that separate fine from coarse debris before storing them in an easy-to-clean oversized basket. The purpose of dual filters is to prevent them from clogging which can cause a robotic pool cleaner to choke and end up dead in the water.

As I mentioned earlier, cleaning the dirt basket is simple. All you need to do is pull the robot out of the water (it weighs only 16-1/2 pounds), remove the top-loaded basket from the Triton PS, dump the contents, and give it a quick spray with a hose. Reinstalling the filters is just as easy.

Dolphin Triton PS Review

Dolphin Triton PS

CleverClean Navigation

CleverClean technology is Maytronics’ own navigation system software that, compared to other brands, is in a league entirely of its own. CleverClean employs a multitude of sensors that are constantly scanning its underwater environment to produce the quickest, most efficient cleaning time in the allotted 2-hour cleaning cycle.

However, the technology isn’t perfected yet, and some users found that the Triton would attempt to move over fallen objects (toys, swimsuits) and end up incapacitated, or it would miss entire surfaces completely. Giving it a second or third run should help it get most if not all of the remaining dirty spots.

Top-Notch PowerStream Mobility

The Triton PS’ amazing underwater maneuverability and wall-climbing skills are thanks to PowerStream technology and tracks. PowerStream is a series of jets that shoot water out in multiple directions, allowing the robot to move horizontally and vertically with hardly any issues. The jets also keep the robot standing in the right orientation throughout its cleaning cycle.

Dolphin Triton PS Review

Dolphin Triton PS

However, like most robotic pool cleaners, the Triton PS doesn’t seem to be able to clean in-ground pool steps. This is because of a sudden change of terrain—the jets might fail to keep the Triton PS stable and end up toppling over. You’ll need to manually fish it out and place it right-side up.

Notable Features

Anti-Tangle Swivel Cable

Every modern Dolphin bot comes with an anti-tangle 360° swivel cord. This piece of cutting-edge technology allows the robot to twist and turn freely while also preventing the cable’s delicate inner wires from tangling and snapping.

Programmable Weekly Scheduler

The Triton PS is a set-it-and-forget-it type of bot. The programmable scheduler lets you choose which days you want the Triton PS to clean (every day, every two days, or every three days). Despite there being only three selections, this is more than sufficient to ensure a perfectly cleaned pool before every dip.

Dolphin Triton PS Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Triton PS

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Verdict: Is the Dolphin Triton PS Worth It?

The Dolphin Triton PS is an amazing robotic pool cleaner that scrubs pool linings and filters water like the best of them. Without a doubt, the Dolphin Triton PS is worth every penny. Best of all, it’s one of Maytronics’ budget-friendly robotic pool cleaner options.

It’s missing a few convenience-adding features (internet capability, smartphone control, cleaning reports), but this entry-level robot covers the basics better than many of its competitors.

Dolphin Triton PS Robotic Pool Cleaner

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