You could easily be mistaken into thinking the Dolphin Triton Plus versus the Polaris F9550 Sport was a comparison between a good old fashioned bulldozer and a flashy sports car. Such are the different profiles and designs of these two robotic pool cleaners.

Dolphin Triton Plus vs Polaris F9550 Sport

Dolphin Triton Plus

Both Dolphin and Polaris have a stellar record in the production and development of robotic pool cleaners – hence great things are expected from these latest offerings.

Robotic pool cleaners have advanced in leaps and bounds over recent years, and Dolphin and Polaris have been at the forefront of these developments. You can now rely on these clever little robots to complete the hard-work of pool cleaning, so you have time to relax and swim.


Dolphin Triton Plus
Power into your pool cleaning with the Dolphin Triton Plus – the profile and design of this little robot shout power and purpose. With its bulldozer tracks, orange/yellow and grey livery, and blunt profile it looks fit for any kind of hard work.

Design improvements have led to a 50% weight reduction from previous models bringing it down to 16.5 lbs – extremely lightweight and easy to get in and out of the water. The easily accessible top loading filter and catcher are larger and easy to clean than previous models. Making this truly a case of a simple rinse and easy reload.

Polaris F9550 Sport vs Dolphin Triton Plus

Polaris F9550 Sport

Polaris F9550 Sport
Add some muscle to your pool cleaning. If the Triton is a bulldozer then the Polaris F9550 Sport is the Ford Mustang of robotic pool cleaners – this is muscle with elegance. With smooth lines, sporty coloring and four oversized aqua-trax tires this is a machine that means business.

Four-wheel drive allows it to go anywhere over any pool surface. Weighing in at 21 lbs it is still easy enough for most people to handle easily. The top-loading catcher and filter are easily accessible for quick cleaning and reloading.

Conclusion: Apart from aesthetics, there is little to separate these two robots in their overall design features. The Dolphin Triton does weigh in at 4.5 lbs less than the Polaris F9550 Sport, and for some users, this may be a game changer.

Cleaning Process

Dolphin Triton Plus
Stick to your cleaning and you’ll do a better job is the motto for the Triton Plus. You are lucky enough to witness the arrival of PowerStream technology, using powerful jets of water spraying in multiple directions the Triton Plus anchors itself to all the surfaces of your pool.

This ability to literally stick itself to your pool surfaces gives an enormous cleaning advantage for the dual scrubbing brushes and powerful vacuum as they do their job. All the dirt, bacteria and debris that are removed will be passed through two levels of filtration; fine and ultra-fine – leaving your water cleaner, fresher and healthier for longer. The cable allows for cleaning a pool up to 50 feet in diameter.

Dolphin Triton Plus

Dolphin Triton Plus

Polaris F9550 Sport
Enter the maelstrom as you witness the cleaning power of the Polaris Vortex Vacuum technology. The specially designed Aqua-Trax tires combined with four-wheel drive technology allow the Polaris F9550 Sport to go just about anywhere on any pool surface.

The cleverly crafted rubber blade scrubbers are remarkable at cleaning all pool surfaces, and the super suction vortex vacuum makes easy work of any debris including large items. The filtration system will capture all small and medium debris. The cable allows for cleaning a pool up to 50 feet in diameter.

Conclusion: Both the F9550 Sport and the Triton Plus will do a remarkable job of cleaning your pool. The advantage of the F9550 is the vortex suction that allows the removal and processing of large debris.

The advantage of the Triton is the ability to filter down to an ultra-fine level leaving your water purer and cleaner.


Dolphin Triton Plus
Dolphins are smart – the US Navy has been training them for years to carry out all sorts of tasks. The Dolphin Triton Plus may not be as clever as its namesake, but it does have a prodigious intelligence for the task at hand.

With in-built sensors, it can carefully track its way around your pool giving a thorough clean. If you would rather program your own route, then you can use your smartphone to control the machine’s movements including extra cleaning of, particularly dirty areas. Enjoy a tangle-free future as the built-in software also includes anti-tangling intelligence and an automatic weekly timer.

Polaris F9550 Sport

Polaris F9550 Sport

Polaris F9550 Sport
The Polaris F9550 Sport uses ActivMotion Sensor Technology making it a very clever little robot. The F9550 will comfortably navigate your entire pool area doing a great cleaning job. You can use the accompanying remote control to focus the robot on any areas that need extra cleaning.

The seven-day cleaning schedule means you can preset the worker for a whole week of cleaning. You can even choose different modes of work so that the F9550 will focus on particular tasks such as cleaning the waterline. It includes an Easy Lift System so that with the push of a button your robot will surface, evacuate all water and be ready for removal. The Dirty Cannister Indicator is also a great feature taking the guesswork out of maintenance.

Conclusion: Both the Dolphin Triton Plus and the Polaris F9550 Sport are very intelligent robots more than capable of cleaning your pool. For some users, it may come down to the fact of whether they prefer a purpose designed remote control or a smartphone app. The Dirty Cannister Indicator on the F9550 is a really handy feature.

Dolphin Triton Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Triton Plus

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Either the Dolphin Triton Plus or the Polaris F9550 Sport will be an excellent pool cleaner. If you want a more lightweight model that is easier to handle and the benefits of ultra-fine filtration, then the Triton Plus is the model for you.

If you like to control your devices with your smartphone and want the power of the Vortex Vacuum to remove large debris, then the Polaris F9550 is the choice for you.

Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

Polaris F9550 Sport

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