Does The Bissell Crosswave Work On Carpet?

What would the world of housecleaning be without the vacuum cleaner? Yes, there would still be the reliable broom and dustpan. But isn’t life a lot more convenient with a good, reliable vacuum cleaner? Whether you’d like to admit it or not, a good vacuum cleaner is life! One thing to look out for though in a good vacuum though is that it should be able to handle different kinds of flooring, such as hardwood surfaces and carpets.

In fact, carpets are even a special case since cleaning carpets on a regular basis can be quite difficult for regular types of vacuums. Thick carpets, most especially, can be quite a headache to clean. If you have carpets in your house though, you no longer have to fear cleaning day even if you have to do it everyday. Even if you have to wash those carpets of yours, the Bissell Crosswave is definitely the answer to all your carpet cleaning chores.

Does The Bissell Crosswave Work On Carpet?

What is the Bissell Crosswave?

The Crosswave is the vacuum model from Bissell that is both a wet and dry vacuum. It can vacuum any type of floor surface, including those thick carpets that can be quite a chore to rid of dirt and debris. The suction power of the Bissell Crosswave is strong enough to lift those dirt and debris from the thickest of carpet fibers. It can also be used for shampooing your carpet in case your carpet gets soiled by accident.

A dual compartment system

The Bissell Crosswave is designed with two compartments which makes it possible to use as both a dry and wet vacuum. The first compartment is made to hold the cleaning solution that you can use for wet cleaning. Whether it’s a combination of water and vinegar, soap, or your favorite cleaning solution, these can all be held in the first tank.

The solution from this compartment is made to pass through a system in the vacuum until it forms a mist on the flooring. The mist moistens the floor surface and cleans it. Whatever dirt and debris that is lifted off the surface is then suctioned back into the vacuum into the second compartment.

The second compartment is designed as a canister that is meant to hold dirt and debris that is gathered through either wet or dry cleaning. These are all held there until the time when the canister needs to be emptied. Emptying the second canister is made easy by a simple press of a button that release the compartment to immediately dispose all of its contents. It’s that simple! No spills. No mess.

With this kind of design, the Bissell Crosswave does indeed eliminate the need for different kinds of cleaning equipment such as mops, brooms and carpet cleaners. This is an all-in-one machine that is possibly one of the best options out there when it comes to wet and dry combination vacuums.

Brush rolls

One other special feature that makes the Bissell Crosswave a mean cleaning machine is their brush rolls. The brush rolls are able to clean even the thickest of carpet whether they’re used for wet or dry cleaning. They are also quite convenient to use since they also are quite easy to remove and clean. Maintenance is not an issue when it comes to these brushes.

Other features

Unlike other wet vacuums that tend to get carpets pretty soaked, the Bissell Crosswave gets your carpet moist enough to clean those stains out but not too damp for it to take time to dry. As for the dry and wet options, the Bissell Crosswave can easily switch from wet to dry cleaning by just the flick of a switch. No difficult processes. Yes, it’s that convenient.
The suction of the Bissell Crosswave is strong that it can actually get a lot of work done. It is strong enough that it can lift even spilled cereals off any floor.

It’s pretty normal to lug your vacuum around every corner of the house. It would then be quite natural for you to want something that is convenient and lightweight to carry around. The Bissell Crosswave is exactly this. It is quite lightweight and it can be easily moved to practically every part of the house without giving you much drag. Using the Bissell Crosswave won’t make cleaning such a tiring task.

Pros of Using the Bissell Crosswave

There are so many advantages to using the Bissell Crosswave. Switching from dry to wet cleaning is made easy at the flick of a button. The wet vacuum gets the surface moist enough for you to be able to run your favorite cleaning solution through the floor without it getting all wet so cleaning becomes completely hassle-free. The Bissell Crosswave is also guaranteed to be able to cover all types of flooring, from hard to carpeted surfaces, seamlessly. The brush rolls are quite good that they are able to pick up debris and dirt regardless of the type of flooring they cover.

In terms of ease of use, the Bissell Crosswave is quite light and easy to handle so moving it across different areas isn’t much of an inconvenience, unlike other vacuum cleaners which make movement near to impossible. Added to this is the fact that the vacuum is designed to be able to stand by itself without falling over, or without any of its major parts left lying across the floor. This creates less clutter during cleaning which may even be a major setup for any accident to occur.

Cons of Using the Bissell Crosswave

The Bissell Crosswave, while being an almost perfect wet and dry vacuum cleaner, also has its flaws. It does show some difficulty in lifting pet hair from floors, despite its strong suction and efficient brush rolls. It also can be quite noisy to operate. The electric cord that comes with it is quite short too so you’d have to always be operating near an electric outlet.

Other than the few design flaws that were mentioned, the Bissell Crosswave still comes off as a smart buy for those of you who are in search of a good wet and dry vacuum that comes at a reasonable price. It is one of the better vacuums out there in terms of reliability and is definitely worth checking out.

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