The name DeenKee probably doesn’t ring any bells, but it should. They’re a US-based manufacturer of robotic vacuum cleaners and kitchen appliances that have made some pretty wonderful products. If you’re curious as to what we’re talking about, then you should take a look at their DeenKee DK700 Robot Vacuum.

DeenKee DK700 Robot Vacuum Review

DeenKee DK700

The DK700 isn’t a high-end robot in terms of features and convenience, but as an affordable robot, you really can’t ask for much else. With a powerful motor and smart navigation software encased in a tiny body, you’ll be left wondering why you never heard of the DK700 before.

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1,400-Pa Suction Power

Like any vacuum cleaner, the effectiveness of a robotic vacuum cleaner is mainly seen by how many Pascals of suction power the unit can deliver. The DeenKee has a maximum suction rating of 1,400 Pa which, by robotic vacuum standards, is average.

DeenKee DK700 Robotic Vacuum Review

DeenKee DK700

Average, however, doesn’t mean bad – the DeenKee works beautifully on low-pile carpeting and bare floors. But if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, that might be an issue.

Smart Navigation and Digital Map

The second most important consideration when shopping for a robotic vacuum cleaner is determining whether it can navigate through the wilderness of your floors without getting trapped. Thankfully, this isn’t an issue with the DeenKee.

Its smart navigation system scans your home to create a digital map which it uses to create the most efficient cleaning route. Its sensors also ensure that it doesn’t fall off cliffs, bump its head, or get stuck in obstacles while busy at work.

100-Minute Runtime

The DeenKee comes equipped with a hefty 2,600-mAh battery that supplies up to 100 minutes of continuous cleaning per charge. When only one-fifth of its battery remains, the DeenKee will seek out its charging dock to refuel – a process that takes roughly 5 to 6 hours to complete. Sadly, there’s no auto-resume function, but the good news is…

DeenKee DK700 Robot Vacuum

DeenKee DK700

WeBack App and Voice Control

…you’ll always be in the know of what the DeenKee is doing by checking your phone. The downloadable WeBack smartphone app displays a digital map of your home, showing which parts have been vacuumed and which has yet to be cleaned.

The map also allows you to control the robot when you’re away, so even with an auto-resume feature, the robot can commence and complete a cleaning cycle. The DeenKee is also compatible with Alexa and Assistant.

55-Decibel Noise Level

The thing that surprised me the most about the DeenKee was its noise, or somewhat lack thereof. On its highest cleaning speed, the robot produces a constant 55-decibel hum which won’t wake a snoozing baby or pet in the next room.

DeenKee DK700 Review

DeenKee DK700

2.3-inch Height Profile

Any good robotic vacuum cleaner should have a small-profile case that allows it to pass seamlessly below furniture for thorough cleaning. That’s exactly what the DeenKee has – a tiny 2.3-inch height profile that transitions well between bare floors and carpeting.

2 Additional Cleaning Modes: Max Power and Timed Cleaning

The DeenKee covers all four basic cleaning modes, but it also has two additional cleaning modes – maximum power and timed cleaning – to increase its value. As you can imagine, maximum power delivers the most suction to pick embedded particles out of carpet fibers.

As for timed cleaning, you have the freedom to select how long you want the DeenKee to work. When the timer runs out, the DeenKee will discreetly slither away back to its charging dock to await further instructions.

Spotty Mapping

As an entry-level robotic vacuum cleaner, the DeenKee isn’t free of its fair share of faults. One thing that has led some users disappointed is its spotty mapping system. it does a pretty good job at recording the layout of your home’s floors, but it does tend to miss a few spots here and there.

DeenKee DK700 Robotic Vacuum

DeenKee DK700

This becomes even more frustrating because you don’t have the option of adding or removing spaces in the digital map; you get what the robot’s iffy sensor records.

No Virtual Barriers

Another thing users were quick to point out was the lack of a virtual barrier feature. The WeBack app doesn’t allow you to create no-go zones for the DeenKee, meaning any part of your home is within its vacuuming jurisdiction. You can say goodbye to any delicate objects in the robot’s path – you better pray that its anti-collision sensors detect pet bowls and vases.

DeenKee Robot Vacuum Review

DeenKee DK700


The DeenKee, like any entry-level, budget-friendly robotic vacuum cleaner, is far from perfect, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time. As an affordable robot, there are some things that have surpassed my expectations, such as the availability and accessibility of a digital map and its nearly whisper-quiet operation.

This would’ve been an awesome robot if it had virtual barriers, either in the form of magnetic strips or programmable in the map, but as is, the DeenKee DK700 Robot Vacuum is worth every penny.

DeenKee DK700

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