COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven 32QT Review

Ah, the crispiness of a perfectly fried snack, the aromatic allure of a freshly toasted bread slice — there’s nothing quite like it. Enter the COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven 32QT, a gadget that promises to seamlessly marry these two culinary experiences. As someone who’s delved into the depths of kitchen appliances and emerged only to share the gems, I must say this one had me raising an eyebrow. Is it the Jack of all trades? Or the master of the air-fried toast?

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COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven, 12-in-1 Convection Oven Countertop with Rotisserie,...
  • 12 FUNCTIONS: Choose the preset that’s best for you without needing to set a...
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Cook for 5-7 people with the 32-quart/30-litre air fryer toaster...

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Design & Build Quality

When it comes to kitchen appliances, the eye seeks more than just functionality. We desire gadgets that complement our kitchen décor while retaining a sturdy build. Let’s dive into how the COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven 32QT holds up in this arena.

Exterior Aesthetics and Dimensions

At first glance, the COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven impresses with its sleek matte finish and modern design. A balance between a contemporary and industrial look, this piece would fit snugly in most modern kitchens without being an obtrusive centerpiece. Its dimensions are well-thought-out, considering it houses both an air fryer and a toaster oven. It’s neither too bulky to hog your counter space, nor too small to question its capabilities.

Interior Space and Layout

Open up the door, and you’re greeted with a spacious interior that can comfortably fit a large chicken or a sizable pizza. The multiple rack positions offer flexibility, whether you’re toasting your favorite bread or air frying some crispy fries. The layout is intuitive; the trays slide in and out effortlessly, ensuring that your interaction remains smooth, even when the kitchen heat is on (pun intended!).

Material Quality and Sturdiness

The COSORI didn’t cut corners when it came to materials. The stainless steel exterior is not only easy to clean but also exudes an air of durability. This sentiment is echoed once you touch and feel the appliance. The weight is substantial, which in the realm of kitchen gadgets, is often a good indicator of quality. Moreover, the knobs and buttons provide tactile feedback, affirming that this isn’t a device that would falter after a few uses.

Features & Functionality

Gorgeous design and sturdy build aside, what truly sets an appliance apart is its features and how well it performs its promised functions. So, let’s explore the heart of the COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven 32QT.

Overview of Primary Features

As its name suggests, this is not just a one-trick pony. The COSORI is equipped to both air fry and toast, but that’s just scratching the surface.

  • Air Frying Capabilities: Bid adieu to the oil-splattering days of traditional frying. The air fryer circulates hot air at a high speed, ensuring your fries, chicken wings, or any fried delicacy achieves that golden-brown perfection without the excess oil.
  • Toasting Functions: Gone are the days of unevenly toasted bread. Whether you like your toast with a light golden hue or a deep brown crunch, the toaster oven ensures uniform browning every single time.
  • Dehydrating and Other Modes: A pleasant surprise! This mode allows for slow cooking at low temperatures, perfect for dehydrating fruits or making those trendy vegetable chips. Additionally, modes like bake, roast, and broil open doors to a plethora of culinary adventures.

Digital Controls and Interface

The digital interface is user-friendly, even for those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy. With a clear LED display and straightforward buttons, setting up your cooking mode is a breeze. The touch-sensitive controls add a touch of sophistication, ensuring you don’t have to wrestle with dials or knobs.

In-built Presets and Customization Options

One of the shining features of the COSORI is its array of presets. From pizza to cookies and everything in between, there’s likely a preset for your culinary endeavor. However, for the chefs who like to tread off the beaten path, the customization options allow you to adjust the temperature and time to your preference.

Cooking Performance

The bells and whistles are all well and good, but the real test of any kitchen appliance lies in its performance. So, how does the COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven 32QT fare when the heat is turned up?

Efficiency in Heating and Cooking

The COSORI stands out with its rapid preheat function. It gets up to the desired temperature swiftly, saving precious time especially during those rush-hour breakfasts or when unexpected guests pop by. More than just speed, its consistency is commendable. Foods are cooked evenly, ensuring that you won’t find a dish half cold and half scorching.

Uniformity of Cooking

One of the main challenges with many air fryers and toaster ovens is uneven cooking. However, thanks to the optimized air circulation in the COSORI, food is cooked uniformly. Whether you’re roasting vegetables or baking muffins, expect an even color and consistency without the need for frequent rotations or adjustments.

Handling Different Types of Foods

The true versatility of an appliance is tested when it faces a variety of foods:

  • Meats: From chicken to beef, the COSORI ensures that meats remain juicy on the inside while achieving a tantalizingly crispy exterior. Say goodbye to the dreaded dry chicken breast!
  • Vegetables: Whether you’re roasting brussels sprouts or air frying zucchini sticks, vegetables retain their nutritional value while getting that delightful crunch.
  • Baking: A hidden champion in the baking department, this device doesn’t disappoint. Cookies emerge with a soft center and cakes rise beautifully, both bearing testimony to its even heat distribution.

Speed Comparison with Traditional Ovens and Standalone Air Fryers

Traditional ovens, while dependable, often take a while to preheat and cook. Standalone air fryers, on the other hand, can sometimes limit the quantity of food you can prepare at once. The COSORI strikes a harmonious balance between these two. It’s swift, thanks to its air frying technology, but also spacious enough to handle meals for the whole family.

COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven, 12-in-1 Convection Oven Countertop with Rotisserie,...
  • 12 FUNCTIONS: Choose the preset that’s best for you without needing to set a...
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Cook for 5-7 people with the 32-quart/30-litre air fryer toaster...

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Cleaning & Maintenance

For many, the aftermath of a delightful meal — the cleaning process — can be a daunting chore. An appliance might be a gem in cooking, but if it’s a nightmare to clean, it loses a few brownie points. So, how does the COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven 32QT stand up to the cleaning challenge?

Ease of Cleaning the Interior and Trays

The interior boasts a non-stick surface, making wiping away any residue or spills a cinch. Those dreaded cheese meltdowns or sauce splatters? They’re no match for a simple wipe down inside the COSORI. The trays and racks deserve special mention. They slide out effortlessly, and their design ensures that food particles don’t get trapped in nooks and crannies. A simple wash with warm soapy water, and they’re ready for your next culinary adventure.

Tips for Maintaining Its Lifespan

  • Regular Wipe-Down: While it’s tempting to only clean when there’s a visible mess, a regular gentle wipe-down, especially after frying or baking greasy foods, can keep the oven in prime condition.
  • Avoid Abrasive Scrubbers: Preserve the non-stick interior by using soft cloths or sponges. Steer clear from steel wool or any abrasive cleaners.
  • Handle with Care: While it’s built sturdy, treating trays, racks, and the door with a gentle hand can prevent unforeseen damages.

Availability of Replacement Parts

A standout feature of COSORI as a brand is their commitment to long-term user satisfaction. Should you ever need a replacement part, they’re readily available on their official website and even on platforms like Amazon. Whether it’s a new tray or a specific knob, you won’t find yourself scouring the internet or waiting for weeks.

Comparisons & Alternatives

In the vast sea of kitchen gadgets, the COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven 32QT is but one fish. But how does it fare against its contemporaries? Is it a guppy among sharks or the undisputed king of the ocean?

How It Stands Against Competitors in the Same Price Range

Within its price bracket, the COSORI offers a compelling blend of features and performance that many might find hard to match. While there are other air fryer-toaster oven hybrids available, COSORI’s intuitive digital interface, spacious interior, and versatility give it a clear edge. Additionally, the build quality is reminiscent of higher-end models, making it a steal for its price.

Benefits Over Other Air Fryer Toaster Ovens

  • User-Friendly Interface: As mentioned, the touch-sensitive controls and clear LED display make operation a breeze, even for the tech-averse.
  • Versatility: With its array of cooking modes, from dehydrating to roasting, it’s more than just an air fryer or toaster. It’s your all-in-one culinary partner.
  • Consistent Performance: One of the common gripes with multi-functional devices is that they may excel in one area while faltering in another. The COSORI, however, offers consistent top-notch performance, regardless of the mode used.

Any Noticeable Shortcomings

While the COSORI has a lot going for it, no product is without its flaws:

  • Learning Curve: For those accustomed to traditional dials and knobs, the digital interface might require a bit of getting used to.
  • Size: For smaller kitchens or limited countertop space, its size, although advantageous for cooking, might pose a storage challenge.

Price & Value Proposition

The price tag often serves as the make-or-break factor in our purchasing decisions. Does the COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven 32QT justify its cost?

Analysis of the Value for the Price

Breaking down its features, build quality and performance, several points become evident:

  • Multi-functionality: Buying separate high-quality air fryers and toaster ovens might set you back significantly more than the COSORI’s single price tag. Its ability to seamlessly transition between functions adds significant value.
  • Durability: This isn’t a gadget you’ll be replacing after a year. The robust build promises longevity, translating to savings in the long run.
  • Efficiency: Time is money. The speed and consistency of the COSORI can lead to savings in both energy and time, especially when compared to traditional ovens that often take longer to cook.

Warranty and Customer Support

COSORI backs their product with a commendable warranty, a testament to their confidence in its quality. Their customer support is often lauded for being responsive and helpful. Having a reliable support system, should you face any hiccups, is an often underestimated value addition.

User Feedback & Reviews

An individual’s experience can be subjective. Therefore, to provide a holistic view of the COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven 32QT, it’s essential to pool in voices from a multitude of users. Let’s explore the general consensus.

Compilation of Reviews from Verified Amazon Users

  • Rave About the Design: Many users have lauded the sleek and modern design of the COSORI, mentioning how it adds a touch of elegance to their kitchens.
  • Consistent Cooking: A recurring theme among reviews is the oven’s ability to cook food uniformly. Whether it’s toast or a roast, users seem to be pleased with the consistency.
  • Space Saver: Several reviews highlight how the COSORI has replaced multiple appliances in their kitchen, freeing up valuable countertop space.
  • Ease of Use: The user-friendly interface has been a hit, especially among those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy. The digital controls and clear display seem to have won many hearts.

Common Praises

  • Quick Preheat: The rapid preheat function has been a favorite, with users appreciating the time saved, especially during busy mornings.
  • Versatility: The range of cooking options, from air frying to baking, has been a boon for many, allowing them to experiment with diverse culinary ventures.

Areas of Improvement

  • Instruction Manual: A few users felt that the instruction manual could be more detailed, especially with tips for using some of the unique features.
  • Size for Smaller Kitchens: While many praise the spacious interior, a few with smaller kitchens found it a tad large for their liking.


In the culinary world, where the landscape is littered with gadgets and appliances, the COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven 32QT emerges as a beacon of versatility, design, and performance. It doesn’t merely aim to be another appliance; it aspires to be a cornerstone of modern kitchens. From its sleek aesthetics to its consistent performance, it ticks boxes that both novices and culinary aficionados would appreciate.

COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven, 12-in-1 Convection Oven Countertop with Rotisserie,...
  • 12 FUNCTIONS: Choose the preset that’s best for you without needing to set a...
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Cook for 5-7 people with the 32-quart/30-litre air fryer toaster...

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COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven | Bestsellers (last 24h)

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