At first glance, the Coredy R3500S looks like any other robotic vacuum cleaner. It’s disc-like in shape, has side brushes that extend beyond its body, and has an overall underwhelming appearance that we typically tend to equate with entry-level robots. However, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Check out our full review of the Coredy R3500S to determine whether this robot should patrol your floors.

Coredy R3500S Robot Vacuum

Powerful 1,700-Pa Suction

On its highest cleaning speed, the Coredy can deliver a whopping 1,700-Pa of cleaning power to extract and remove dust and debris hiding within carpet fibers. Obviously, this isn’t enough power to deep-clean shaggy runs, but for bare floors all the way up to medium-pile carpeting, the Coredy proves to be a fantastic cleaning machine that removes almost all sorts of debris in a single pass. The powerful suction combined with the high-speed side brushes ensures everything gets drawn into the robot’s inlet and not flung to the side.

Coredy R3500S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Coredy R3500S

Surface Detection and Power Adjustment

Best of all, the Coredy’s intelligent sensors can pick up what type of surface it’s cleaning. On smooth floors like laminate, tiles, and floorboards, the Coredy brings it back a gear to deliver strong yet energy-efficient suction.

As soon as its sets wheel on carpets, the motor will self-adjust in less than two seconds to deliver the maximum 1,700-Pa suction for optimal performance. Just be sure to keep it away from dark carpets since the colors can mess with its sensors.

Random Navigation

As expected, the Coredy doesn’t come programmed with state-of-the-art navigation technology. Instead, it patrols your floors in a random pattern and picks up whatever dirt, hair, and debris it comes across. The added roller found on the belly of the Coredy enhances its maneuverability on all floor types so it can navigate your floors undisturbed and with better efficiency.

Coredy R3500S Robot Cleaner Review

Coredy R3500S

Two 6.6-foot Boundary Strip Rolls

Due to the lack of specialized mapping technology, users are unable to program no-go zones into the robot or choose a specific room to clean. Instead, you can use the handy boundary strips that come with the robot to “primitively” create no-go zones around obstacles or rooms. Inside the box, you’ll find two short 6.6-foot strips to lay on your floors. Additional boundary strips sold separately.

120-minute Runtime

The Coredy comes with a large 2,600-mAh Li-Ion battery pack that powers the robot for up to 120 continuous minutes. This should be enough to handle most apartments and/or several rooms on a single charge before the robot needs to refuel. As soon as the battery drops to critical levels, the Coredy will attempt to dive straight into its floor charging dock. It can be hit-and-miss at times, but the Find Me function on app will ensure it never truly goes missing (more on the app in a later section).

Washable HEPA Filter

If you were to ask us what sets the Coredy apart from other entry-level robots, it would have to be its astounding filtration system. instead of relying on a substandard filter, the Coredy comes with none other than a HEPA-style filter that traps up to 99% of particles as small as 10 microns in size. And to make matters better, the Coredy’s HEPA filter is washable with a lifespan of up to three months. When washing it, make sure to wring it gently and air-dry the filter before installing it back into the robot.

Coredy R3500S

Coredy R3500S

Quiet-ish Operation

In terms of noise output, the Coredy isn’t as loud as people might have expected. The noise range coming from this robot is between 45 and 65 decibels—a bit louder than what you may be accustomed to but by no means a nuisance.

Connected at All Times

If you have Wi-Fi at home, we’ve got some good news for you. The Coredy can stay connected at all times and receive instructions via the downloadable smartphone. This feature will come in handy after the robot has fully recharged (no auto-resume function) and need your floors cleaned before you get back home. Also, the Coredy can receive voice commands through Alexa or Assistant. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that!

Verdict: Should I Get the Coredy R3500S Robot Vacuum?

Despite not being one of the leading brands in the robotic vacuum cleaner game, Coredy knows how to make robots. The Coredy R3500S is a budget-friendly robot that admittedly doesn’t come with the latest and greatest features but works absolutely beautifully on all floor types.

Its navigation can be spotty at times (hey, no robot is perfect), but it does know how to get around, and you’ll hardly ever have to use the Find Me function on the smartphone app. Overall, as an entry-level bot, it undoubtedly pays for itself in convenience and cleaning performance.

Coredy R3500S Robot Vacuum Review

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