If you think robot vacuums, the top four brands that typically come to mind are Roomba (iRobot), Eufy, Ecovacs and to some Roborock (Xiaowa). When looking at the top competitors in this crowded market, it’s going to be difficult for newer entrants to shine. But once in every thousand years you’ll come across a diamond needle in the haystack.

Coredy R3500 Robot Vacuum

Today, the diamond we’re going to explore is the Coredy R3500 Robot Vacuum—a versatile, user-friendly, super-powerful robot vac that doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves.

If this is your first-ever robot, you’ll be glad to know that this comes at a fraction of the cost of most high-enders while producing very similar results.

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1,700-Pa Suction

First things first, how it performs. The Coredy 3500 can deliver a maximum of 1,700 Pascals of suction pressure (MAX mode) which is a sufficient amount for cleaning medium-pile carpeting, let alone bare floors.

This robot works surprisingly well at picking up most common debris—dust, rice, cereal, pet hair—so it will work wonders for everyone.

What’s amazing is that this budget-friendly bot comes with auto-suction adjustment technology. When treading on carpets, it will deliver the maximum amount of cleaning power to ensure every scrap is picked up.

Coredy R3500 Robot Vacuum Review

Coredy R3500

When transitioning to bare floors, it only takes roughly three seconds for it to bring it down a notch, thereby saving battery power.

Simple but Effective Navigation

You probably couldn’t tell just by looking at it, but the Coredy R3500 isn’t the most high-tech, feature-rich vacuum bot out there. It doesn’t come with an array of sensors to map your home’s floors, but instead, it relies on basic anti-collision and anti-drop sensors to keep it from harming itself while doing your bidding.

Furthermore, it scoots around the floor in a random pattern so it does end up wasting battery life on repeated passes.

However, considering its price tag and how well it performs, we can’t really fault it for having less-than-satisfactory navigation.

Thin Profile

From its tiny wheels to the top plate, the Coredy R3500 measures in at only 2.7 inches. Such a thin robot can travel beneath most furniture without scarping its top plate, making it able to clean more of your floors without prior prepping.

Coredy R3500

Coredy R3500

So even though its compact design earns style points, it serves a greater function that people would definitely appreciate.

Comprehensive Cleaning

The Coredy R3500 has four different cleaning modes to meet each one of your vacuuming needs. On auto mode, it will patrol your floors in the aforementioned random pattern and pick up any speck of dust and piece of debris in its way. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, the MAX mode will allow it to extract everything hidden in carpet fibers.

Spot mode keeps the robot confined to a limited space so it does a more thorough job at cleaning a certain room. And finally, we have edge cleaning mode that forces the robot to move along walls to pick up whatever may have been flung to the side.

120-minute Runtime

Inside of the circular Coredy R3500 is a sizable 2,600-mAh battery that supplies up to 120 minutes of consecutive cleaning. On MAX mode, expect roughly half the runtime, but even 60 minutes should be enough to clear wide carpeted areas of debris in a single charge.

Coredy Robot Vacuum

Coredy R3500

When its battery drops to below 20%, it will immediately stop what it’s doing and make a beeline for its charging dock where it will spend roughly four hours charging. You’ll need to manually instruct the robot to get back to work afterward.

Washable HEPA Filter

We can’t forget to mention that awesome HEPA filter that comes installed in the Coredy R3500. HEPA filters are designed to trap all sorts of debris, from fine dust particles to pet hair, ensuring nothing comes flying out of the exhaust. And to top it off, the HEPA filter is washable and reusable for up to 12 months.

No Wi-Fi Compatibility

For those of you looking to control your robotic vacuum cleaner from outside of your home, turn away right now. The Coredy R3500 does not connect to the internet so there’s no smartphone app or voice control. However, it comes with a handy remote control which is pretty nice.

Verdict: Should I Get the Coredy R3500 Robot Vacuum?

one thing is for certain: if you’re looking for an entry-level robot that cleans as beautifully as it looks, the Coredy R3500 is for you.

This tiny bot is a combination of awesome suction power, expert navigation, and ultra-convenience, and it’s affordable to boot. Seriously, this is one of the best budget-friendly robots we’ve seen in quite some time.


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