If your place of business is constantly under attack by excessive relative humidity levels, then you’ll need the biggest, baddest dehumidifier. Regular residential-grade units with 50- to 70-PPD moisture removal rates may not be good enough. If this is the case, then consider the COLZER 140 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier (PD582A)—a surprisingly compact machine that can drop the RH of a room from 90 to less than 50% in a matter of mere hours. See what the COLZER is packing and how well it performs in our review below.

COLZER 140 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier

140-PPD Moisture Removal Rate

The COLZER has a heavy-duty motor and spinning fan that draws in and circulates up to a whopping 350 CFM. The air then passes through a highly efficient cooling mechanism that is able to condense up to 140 pints of water vapor per day, effectively bringing down the RH of 1,000-square-foot room from 90% to less than 40% in under two hours. This commercial-grade dehumidifier has a maximum reach of 6,000 square feet to reduce humidity in warehouses, garages, and multiple office rooms at once, but it would also make for a lovely addition in many homes and basements.

COLZER 140 Pints Dehumidifier

Two Modes: Dehumidify and Laundry

This 140-PPD dehumidifier has two drying modes: standard dehumidify and laundry. On standard mode, it works like any other dehumidifier, albeit a lot more effectively than home-grade devices, with a high-speed fan and swinging louvers. On laundry mode, the louvers stay still to focus inward airflow from a certain area to quick-dry laundry and laundry rooms.

Two Drain Options

The COLZER comes with a minuscule 22-pint water reservoir where moisture is collected. With such a high-power motor, it can take only an hour or two in extreme humidity for the tank to fill up and force the motor to automatically shut down. A pain, surely, but you also have the option to connect a hose for continuous draining (6.6-foot hose included). Using gravity, moisture travels through the hose to keep the tank empty for extra convenience. It does not have a built-in pump so the COLZER needs to sit at a higher altitude than the exit end of the hose.

COLZER 140 Pints

Programmable Desired RH Range

Users have the option to set their desired RH level to anywhere between 30 and 80% depending on what they’re most comfortable with. Built-in sensors around the unit are continuously measuring the humidity of ambient air. Upon reaching a certain threshold past the configured RH level, the COLZER will automatically kick-start its motor and fan to effectively and efficiently reduce humidity to 3% below your configurations.

Hygrometer Accuracy

Very rarely do we find dehumidifiers with accurate humidity gauges so the COLZER’s truly is a breath of fresh air. The digital display shows the true RH level of ambient air in a wide area. Not often is the hygrometer off, but when it is, the difference is only between +1 and +2% at most. Still, customers have recommended setting the desired RH level to 5% above what you want since the COLZER shuts off after going 3% below.

Auto Defrost

The cooling system inside of the COLZER is protected by a defrosting function that keeps the coils free of ice crystals that inhibit dehumidifying efficiency. When a layer of ice forms, the COLZER will automatically begin the defrosting process (it only takes a couple of minutes) to bring the coils back to life and ready for more work.

COLZER 140 Pints Dehumidifier Review

Intuitive Control Panel

On top of the unit, you’ll find the digital control panel where everything is set up. We wish this unit came with a remote control or Wi-Fi compatibility, but with auto mode running, you’ll hardly ever need to actually press any buttons.

“Missing” Carbon Filter

If you end up purchasing this unit, the paperwork will describe how you can replace the carbon filter. This unit does NOT come with a carbon filter, nor does it need one. Any airborne particles that make their way into the unit steer clear of the motor and fall directly into the water reservoir or exit through the drain hose.

Verdict: Should I Get the COLZER 140 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier (PD582A)?

After checking out the COLZER PD582A 140 Pint Commercial Dehumidifier, we have concluded that there are many things to love about it. The several convenience-adding features (continuous drain, auto stop, defrost mode, and programmable RH with an unbelievably accurate hygrometer) make this 140-PPD dehumidifier easy and a joy to use. Plus, with a sleek outer shell like it has, the COLZER PD582A ain’t too hard on the eyes either.

COLZER 140 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier Review

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