Clorox Air Purifiers for Home Review

How pure is your air?

Are you thinking about buying an air purifier? Perhaps someone has suggested it because you’re suffering with allergies, sleepless nights, or damp smells in your home?

Or maybe you are one of the unfortunate people who has researched what might be lurking in your air due to pollution, dust, and chemicals we use.

Either way you might be lost as to what air purifiers do and if they are worth buying.

What do they do?

The Clorox machine eliminates 99.7% of allergens and particles and 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Think of it like a machine similar to fire walls on your laptop. A machine there to protect you from virus’s but also get rid of any already in your home.

As well as the above the Clorox also gets rid of foul odors making it easier to breathe in your own home. Many people with pets enjoy this feature and say it has changed their life for the better, lessened their spending on plug in incenses and fragranced candles, and supported their friends and families who have allergies to visit more often.

You will receive an accurate reading of the air in your home using a color-coded digital display and the 360’ air flow is ideal for large rooms.

Use the auto setting to keep your home’s air clean at all times of the day and don’t worry about needing to be there to turn it on and off. The Clorox automatically adjusts the speed of the fan to match the air flow in the room and the quality of air in the room.

It comes with a Clorox air filter which lasts 6-12 months and you can use the whisper setting at night to maintain a quiet environment for all around it.

Is this the one for me?

There are many on the market which are similar but not all have the quiet night setting and not all have the auto function. Two features which I think win over most customers, because sleep is important and so is convenience.

At a mid-range price, you can rest easy knowing you haven’t gone for the cheapest option, and you haven’t forked out a small fortune.

What do other people say about this?

Reading reviews can be a mind field, but generally if someone is speaking out on social media it Is because they want to share the positive vibes.

There are many people expressing how quiet this machine is and how well it has worked in their home, claiming they could never go back to not having one.

Parents are sleeping easier knowing their children are breathing better air and a general all-round consensus that this is a good product.


As far as air purifiers go, this is a mid-range priced model, which works to combat allergens, dust, viruses, and odors in your home. It is quiet, sleek in style and works tailored to your home and for your convenience.

Clorox Air Purifier Review

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