ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Review

Back in the day, residential-grade level 2 EV chargers were limited to 32 amps, but recent developments in the EV game has forced automakers to equip their models with stronger on-board chargers. Home EV charger manufacturers had to adjust to suit the more powerful requirements, such as what ChargePoint has done with their Home Flex.

ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

This is the company’s fastest, most technologically advanced home charger that works on any EV—past, present, and future. The Home Flex is packing some serious heat that allows it to work in all garages with very little tweaking of your home’s electrical system.

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Up to 50-amp Charging

ChargePoint focuses only on providing the best, quickest residential-grade EV charges to their customers as you’ll see with the Home Flex. Most Level 2 home chargers are limited to 32-amp charging which, for the most part, is sufficient, but if you’re looking to go the extra mile with quicker charging, the Home Flex’s 50-amp charging rate is what you’re looking for.

According to ChargePoint, the Home Flex charges up to nine times faster than your regular wall outlet, providing your car with more than 35 miles of travel per hour of charging. The up-to-50-amp charging ability of the Home Flex can support any EV vehicle sold at any time in the past and present.

Plus, with EV manufacturers hinting that their AC charging cap to is set to 48 amps, the Home Flex will remain relevant Level 2 home-use charger for the foreseeable future.

ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Review
ChargePoint Home Flex

Comprehensive App

Using the ChargePoint smartphone app, you can monitor the charging status of your vehicles from anywhere on the planet. All you need is a strong enough connection where you plan on installing the Home Flex (repeaters may be necessary here).

That’s not all the app can do. After successfully connecting the Home Flex to the internet, you’re free to select the amp rating from your smartphone. Its default settings are 16 amps, but you can bring it up several notches—up to 50 amps—to match your home’s power supply.

Other benefits of the app include creating scheduled charging times, and locating ChargePoint stations anywhere in the world (more than 100,000 stations). In addition, if your hands are busy, you can simply yell at Alexa to relay your commands to the Home Flex.

Quick and Easy Setup

The Home Flex is a plug-in (for NEMA 14-50 and 6-50) EV Charging Unit that is compatible with a wide range of electrical circuits. Most homeowners will need to install a separate 240V circuit to accommodate 40-plus-amp charging—a job that you should leave to the professionals.

ChargePoint Home Flex
ChargePoint Home Flex

Another great feature is that the male plug can be removed to hardwire. This is done by removing the cover and plastic clip that holds the wires in place (no tools necessary).

The entire hardwiring process can be done in about an hour, and there are several YouTube tutorials to help finish the job. Or you can hire a professional electrician.

Long 23-foot Cable

The wall-mounted Home Flex features a long 23-foot cable makes moving the charging port to any side of your car simple to do. The cord is extremely durable and weatherproof (the entire unit is), and it doesn’t kink when moving from place to place.

This long cable will score extra bonus points for those who can’t be darned to hang the plug back onto the charger unit and instead, leave it on the garage floor.

Notable Issues with the ChargePoint App

Even though the app is robust, well-designed, and covers more than the basics (it even calculates how you could end up spending on charging your car), there are a couple of things missing that would have made it absolutely perfect.

ChargePoint Home Flex Review
ChargePoint Home Flex

This may seem a bit nitpicky but please, bear with me.

First, despite there being a programmable charging scheduler, there’s no countdown timer function which can make charging your car for a set couple of hours a bit of a hassle to do. The LED lights on the Home Flex unit are far too bright, especially at nighttime when charging your car outdoors.

An option to dim or turn off the LEDs would have been much appreciated. Also, in order to use the app, an internet connection is mandatory.

You can’t just set up your preferred settings and let the Home Flex follow instructions without being connected to ChargePoint’s system.

ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle Charger
ChargePoint Home Flex
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Verdict: Is the ChargePoint Home Flex on Point?

Overall, the build, performance, and convenience of the ChargePoint Home Flex make it a highly desired Level 2 EV charger for homes. With the ability to support old and new (even unreleased) EV cars, it’s definitely worth the admitted steep investment cost.

Installation is straightforward—the only problem you may come across is actually connecting it to your Wi-Fi. Other than that, you’ll definitely enjoy the 35-plus miles you get from every 60 minutes of charging with the Home Flex.

ChargePoint Flex Electric Vehicle Charger Review

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