Brita Everyday vs. Metro vs. Ultra Max vs. Grand Pitchers Compared

Despite most cities in the US having drinkable water straight from the tap, that is not uncommon to find a water filter atop many people’s countertops. We are on the hunt to find the best water filter and pitcher, and what better place to start than with Brita? Today, we are looking at the Everyday, the Metro, the Ultra Max, and the Grand to determine which of those four pitchers belong in your home.

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Brita Everyday Pitcher

To start things off, let us take a look at one of Brita’s most affordable pitcher. The Everyday uses either a Standard or Longlast filter to remove chlorine, cadmium, mercury, and a wide assortment of other minerals and particles to leave your drinking water tasting absolutely amazing.

Brita Everyday Pitcher
Brita Everyday

The Standard and Longlast filters last up to two and six months —you can find all the information you need about these filters here.

Though a great water pitcher for everyday use, the Everyday has a couple of design flaws that are quite tolerable considering its affordable price tag. For instance, the filter indicator is a simple sticker—not a button-operated light found in other models—that is about as accurate as you’d expect from a sticker.

Next, the pitcher’s spout is left uncovered for airborne particles to find their way into, practically eliminating the purpose of filtration in the first place.

Brita Everyday Pitcher Review

Brita Metro Pitcher

As the most affordable Brita pitcher on our list, you should not expect too much awesomeness out of this piece. It still lives up to Brita-quality filtration and taste, and at a fraction of the cost of other pitchers out there, you can not ask for much more. We wish that the spout was covered by the lid.

Brita Metro Pitcher
Brita Metro

But unlike the previous Brita pitcher, this one has an indicator light that tells you how much longer your filter (Standard or Longlast) will work. The indicator is pretty accurate, but it will most likely ask for a change of 10 or 15 gallons before the filter expires.

Admittedly, the Metro pitcher is smaller than what you may have hoped for. With a max capacity of five cups, users will end up refilling this pitcher multiple times per day. Thankfully, this does not affect the filter’s lifespan, but it does leave a tiny footprint for those limited on countertop or fridge space.

Brita Metro Pitcher Review

Brita Ultra Max Pitcher

The Ultra Max is a sizable water container that uses Standard or Longlast water filters. Its maximum capacity is 18 cups which should hold an adequate amount of small sized families or extremely thirsty bachelors and bachelorettes.

Brita Ultra Max Pitcher
Brita UltraMax

With greater tank size comes a great footprint, though it fits somewhat well inside refrigerators. Some might consider its size to be a downside since it can be heavy to carry from sink to countertop or fridge. In addition, it is going to be slightly trickier to calculate how many refills you can get per filter.

Weird calculations aside, this water tank is a thing of beauty. It uses a sticker indicator that, unlike Everyday’s sticker, actually works as expected, plus or minus a few cups. It also does not have an open pour spout like the other but instead has a convenient push-tap that keeps the tankful of water fully enclosed and inaccessible by airborne contaminants.

Brita Ultra Max Pitcher Review

Brita Grand Pitcher

Last but not least is the Brita Grand Pitcher which looks similar to the Everyday and Metro but differs in many ways for the better. Firstly, it uses the same type of filter as the other pitchers mentioned earlier and holds onto 10 cups of water, not unlike the Everyday.

Brita Grand Pitcher
Brita Grand Pitcher

But it deviates from the Everyday in how it has an electric filter indicator that eliminates much of the guesswork and keeps track of the water filter. The battery has a maximum lifespan of five years, surpassing the one-year warranty of the actual filter. It also has a soft, grippy handle that makes pouring 10 cups of water.

But best of all, the spout is covered by a flip lid to prevent airborne particles in your kitchen from clouding up your freshly filtered tap water. If only the flip lid did not fall off from time to time, it would be the perfect Brita pitcher.

Brita Grand Pitcher Review

Brita Everyday vs. Metro vs. Ultra Max vs. Grand: Which Should I Get?

Your major consideration should be deciding how much countertop/fridge space you can dedicate to your new Brita pitcher. If you have plenty of open space and do not mind carrying large quantities of water, then the Ultra Max is your best bet.

If you are looking for a compact pitcher, the Metro’s tiny footprint will be your best option. If you’d like to go for the middle-ground, the Grand Pitcher’s spout lid outclasses the Brita’s open-air lid by a wide margin.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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