Let’s bid farewell and good riddance to the frigid winter months and welcome spring with open arms and short-shorts. But even the shortest of short-shorts won’t be able to keep you comfortable as temperatures and humidity rise. You’ll need some sort of cooling system to ensure that your home is at a comfortable temperature and that you’re not neck-deep in sweat.

BLACK+DECKER BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner Review

The Black+Decker BPACT08WT is a 3-in-1 portable AC that works splendidly in small rooms. It has its fair share of good and bad reviews, but it remains one of the most popular portable AC models for a reason: it works as intended. Read our review of the BPACT08WT to see this versatile portable AC is all about.

150-square-foot Range

With a 5,000-BTU rating, the BPACT08WT is designed to work optimally in small rooms of between 100 and 150 square feet. For single-room use such as in bedrooms or dorm rooms, the BPACT08WT would prove to be a more-than-sufficient portable cooling system to have during the upcoming hot months.

However, families who need an air conditioner for large or multiple rooms need to search for something else, probably a unit rated at over 10,000 BTUs.

Quick and Easy Installation

Inside the box is a two-piece window kit that slides together snugly. Altogether, the window kit covers 59-1/2 inches of open window space. Each piece can cover 20-1/2 inches of open window space, but it’s also easy to cut down to the appropriate size of your windows.

BLACK+DECKER BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner


Please take care when doing so since the pieces are metal and may bend, warp, or slice your hand. If your windows are wider, just jam a piece of Styrofoam in your window to cover up what’s left.

3-in-1 Portable AC, Fan, and Dehumidifier

As we mentioned earlier, the BPACT08WT is a 3-in-1 device. Not only does it bring the temperature of a room down in a short amount of time, but it also has an air-circulating function (fancy phrase for fan) and a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier is able to condense up to 50 pints of moisture particles every 24 hours.

This is far from being the most powerful dehumidifier out there, even among other combo AC/dehumidifier models, but it should help keep mugginess down to a more livable level.

Continuous Drain for Added Convenience

When the dehumidifier function is activated, condensed moisture particles don’t fall into a trap bucket waiting below. Instead, users have the option to connect a 5-foot drain hose (included) to the BPACT08WT to shoot water out continuously.

This is great for those who don’t have the muscle or time to manually dump out 50 pints of water every day. However, the lack of a built-in pump means water only flows downward, meaning that you’ll have to place the BPACT08WT at a higher elevation than the exit end of the hose.

Heavy but Portable

Portable ACs are supposed to be portable, right? Well, in the case of the BPACT08WT, that’s what you get but to a certain extent. The BPACT08WT rolls around on four small caster wheels that make moving it from room to room simple.



However, this is a 50-pound unit—not lightweight portable AC standards—and requires more than one person to move it up and down stairs.

Loud Noise Output

Now onto the drawbacks of the BPACT08WT. This portable air conditioner, though great, is far too noisy for our liking. Surprisingly, the compressor is pretty quiet; it’s the fan that’s annoyingly loud.

Sadly, even on its lowest fan speed, it’s more than likely going to jolt you out of your nighttime slumber, at least by some customers’ reports. In our opinion, it’s a bit too noisy, and common household sounds won’t drown out the sound of the spinning fan.



Poor Hose Insulation

Another thing worth pointing out is that the hose that’s supposed to shoot hot air away from a room is poorly insulated. What this means is that the exhaust hose is hot to the touch and will contribute to reduced cooling efficiency. There’s nothing you can do about it except wrap a nonflammable object around the hose such as a blanket.

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Verdict: Should I Get the BLACK+DECKER BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner?

Overall, the Black+Decker BPACT08WT is a pretty decent portable air conditioner, especially since it’s a 3-in-1 model that has a wonderful dehumidifying feature. As a cooling system, if we’re being honest, it’s not the best, especially if there’s more hose inside of the room than out of the window. With careful planning and installation, the BPACT08WT should work as intended.

BLACK+DECKER BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner Review

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