While you might be comfortable thinking that all the bases in your house are covered with a standard upright or robot vacuum, have you thought about the crevices and creases? These areas are very hard to clean if you are using an upright vacuum. This is where a canister vacuum comes in handy. It comes with a cleaning nozzle, which you attach to the vacuum through a long hose that makes it easy to clean the hard to clean areas like crevices, ceiling fans or even the staircase.

Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum

With the Bissell Hard Floor Expert 1547, you will be able to clean all dust-bunny-prone areas with ease. The vacuum cleans tough debris effectively and does not leave any ugly marks on your floor, which is a competitive advantage when compared to most other vacuum cleaners. That’s not all. What else makes this canister vacuum such a great option? Read on to learn a few outstanding features of this canister vacuum from Bissell.

Large Easy-To-Empty Dirt Tank

Convenient vacuum cleaning depends highly on how much dirt you can clean in one cycle as well as how easy it is to empty the dirt tank. Unlike some vacuum options, this canister vacuum gives you the convenience of cleaning a large area without worrying about the amount of dirt the vacuum can hold at a time. The vacuum’s tank is spacious enough so you won’t have to empty it after every few minutes.

The dirt tank is designed to open from the bottom allowing you to carry a lot of dirt than the ordinary vacuums and dispose of it hassle-free. If you have ever come across vacuums that use bags in the place of tanks, you will attest to how convenient and easy-to-use the Bissell’s tank is. Also, considering its design, you do not worry about messing up your hands as you try to empty the dirt tank.

Bissell Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum 1547

Hard Floor Turbine Foot

There is no doubt that effective cleaning requires a highly performing floor tool. The hard floor turbine foot on this canister vacuum comes in handy. It is a significant addition that boosts the performance of the vacuum by enabling it to pick up the smallest particles from the floor while staying gentle on your hard floors.

Hard floors can be tricky to handle because tough motorized brushes will usually leave ugly marks on the smooth polished floor. However, with this turbine foot, you will be able to remove all the dirt and debris without messing up the floor.

Powerful Multi-Cyclonic Technology

The suction strength on a dustbuster is a key factor in judging its effectiveness. The multi-cyclonic technology of the Bissell hard floor expert makes this canister outstanding because it enhances its suction abilities.

It makes the canister ideal for applications that require thorough cleaning (such as in offices, hospitals, auditoriums, living room, etc.) as it offers robust suction pressure which is ideal for sucking up any particulate matter.

Bissell Hard Floor Expert

Telescoping Wand

Efficiency is the goal of most people when it comes to cleaning floors. However, complex floor plans possess maneuverability challenges. The telescoping wand is another outstanding feature of this canister vacuum that makes cleaning easier and more effective.

The wand enhances comfortable movements while cleaning and it is ideal for cleaning areas that have complex floor plans and other hard to reach areas like your ceiling and stairs.

Lightweight Design

Cleaning is definitely not the easiest of chores and therefore it requires as much convenience as possible when it comes to ease of moving around. Having a bulk cleaner makes your cleaning not only hard but also inconvenient. However, with this vacuum, you do not have to worry about such issues. The vacuum features a lightweight, simple and compact design to give you an easy time as you clean.

This vacuum is a highly portable dust buster that you can move with ease from one section of the room to the other. The lightweight design features of this vacuum makes it ideal for use in raised areas which might require some lifting.

Bissell 1547 Review


Every homeowner requires a cleaner that can guarantee the use of less energy while at the same time performing optimally. As such, your ideal vacuum is one that promises thorough and seamless cleaning without ruining the floor. The Bissell Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum 1547 is a perfect fit for that description. Its versatile design makes it ideal for various applications especially those that require thorough cleaning.

Considering the outstanding features of this vacuum such as the multi-surface foot, telescoping wand, and multi-cyclonic technology, the Bissell 1547 hard floor expert canister vacuum is highly recommendable for both unique and general cleaning needs.

Bissell 1547

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