Having a tool that cleans both carpets and smooth floors can be a life- and time-saver for many people. The problem is that not many multi-purpose floor cleaners deliver what they promise, but that’s definitely not the case with Bissell’s line of CrossWave cleaners. In today’s article, we’re going to check out the Bissell CrossWave 1785A, an awesome wet-dry vacuum cleaner that makes maintaining floors a heck of a lot easier than you can imagine.

BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner 1785A Review

Cleaning Performance

When it comes to wet-dry vacuum cleaners, potential buyers want to know everything about the tool’s cleaning performance. As a multi-surface cleaning tool, we feel the need to talk about the 1785A’s performance on different surfaces separately in order to give you a clear idea of just how fantastic it really is.

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Dry Vacuuming

First of all, let’s talk about the 1785A as a traditional dry vacuum cleaner. In a nutshell, the 1785A on both carpeted and smooth floors does an amazingly good job at picking up small, medium, and large debris. In fact, this multi-surface vacuum cleaner could even be a viable tool for those with wall-to-wall carpeting at home – it’s that great.

Bissell CrossWave 1785A Review

The brushroll doesn’t resemble that of traditional vacuum cleaners since, after all, it is a wet-dry vacuum cleaner, but as is, it works exceptionally well on smooth floors. On carpeted surfaces, it might require a couple extra passes to pick everything up, and don’t expect it to dig deep into carpet fibers to extract embedded debris.

Wet Vacuuming

Obviously, with water gushing from the clean tank to the brushroll, you shouldn’t use the Bissell CrossWave 1785A on carpets. With that out of the way, onto the crux of the matter: the 1785A is, hands down, one of the best – if the not best – wet vacuum cleaner we’ve had the fortune of trying out.

When was the last time you tried vacuuming entire bowls of dropped cereal, milk and all? Or a pile of fresh spaghetti? Or even sugary, sticky messes like yogurt?

If you answered never because your vacuum cleaner can’t take it to any of the above, then prepare for the shock of a lifetime: the 1785A can do it all without leaving a single iota of residue in just a few quick back-and-forth passes. Not even a traditional mop can clean as quickly nor as effectively as the 1785A, and that’s definitely saying something.

Bissell CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner

The secret sauce behind the 1785A’s ultimate mopping power is an even flow of water across the entire surface of the brushroll. The brushroll is never sopping-wet and produces even mopping from end to end.

Switching Between Dry and Wet Modes

Once again, we would like to warn our readers that if you get the Bissell 1785A, please make sure that the correct mode is activated. The last thing you need is a soggy carpet that needs to spend hours on a clothes line drying out in the sun.

On the handle are two oversized, easily distinguishable buttons signifying which mode – dry or wet – to turn on. Take it from us (we learned it the hard way): whenever you’re done vacuuming, remember to always switch back to rug (dry) mode before putting it away.


After mopping your floors with the 1785A, you’ll need to flush out any debris from the filter and filter compartment which, if we do say so ourselves, can be quite gross.

Bissell 1785A CrossWave Review

Although this is true with all wet-dry vacuum cleaners, it’s particularly nauseating with the 1785A – we feel that the filter compartment could have been designed better so bits of spaghetti doesn’t end up splattering everywhere. Thankfully, a quick rinse under a running faucet is enough to clean everything and prepare it for the next time you need it.

Always remember to clean it after each use otherwise you’ll have the smell of spoilt food tickling your nose the next time you whip the 1785A out of storage.

Large Side Bevels

Other than the obvious flaw in the filter compartment, there’s one more thing we need to point out: the side bevels.

The brushroll itself is pretty wide, but it doesn’t reach the very ends of the vacuum head. There’s roughly one inch on either side of plastic on either side of the brushroll.

It’s also hanging pretty low so anything that it meets – whether it be a dry mess like cereal or a sticky one like yogurt – will end up being pushed around rather than suctioned up.

The most effective way to clean up with the 1785A is running the tool dead-center over a concentrated spill. Wider, splotchier stains are unfortunately harder to clean since the side bevels will end up dragging it around.

BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner 1785A

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After reading our review, it should be clear that the Bissell CrossWave 1785A wet-dry vacuum cleaner is an excellent cleaning tool to have at home.

Now, it’s not completely perfect evidenced by the wide bevels and imperfect seal around the filter, but it still does a pretty darn good job at mopping and vacuuming simultaneously.

As a dry vacuum cleaner, we were absolutely stunned by the almost-100% cleaning effectiveness on smooth floors. As for carpets, the microfiber brushroll won’t help that much at picking up small particles.

BISSELL CrossWave 1785A Review

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