After a long day out, exposed to the polluted air that we’ve become so accustomed to, there’s nothing better than sitting at hope and breathing in good, high-quality, clean air. That is, unless your home’s indoor air is just as polluted as outdoor air – a possibility that many people, especially those living in urban settings, are unaware of. Although a serious problem, the solution is quite simple: get an air purifier.

Bissell 2780A MyAir Personal Air Purifier Review

In this article, we’re going to take a look at a personal air purifier from one of the most well-known manufacturers on the planet – the BISSEL 2780A MyAir. Let’s see if this compact cylindrical air purifier is worth the investment.

3-in-1 Filtration System

What’s truly amazing about the MyAir is that all of its major components are stored within a tiny housing that, when working together, works fantastically at snatching allergens and odor molecules from the air. The MyAir packs a 3-in-1 filtration system for maximum air-cleaning performance.

Bissell 2780A Air Purifier

The first line of defense is a combination of a pre-filter and an activated carbon layer. These two together remove large, visible particles from the air, as well as VOCs and pet and food smells. They also serve as protection for the following layer to keep it functioning optimally for longer.

The third and final filter is a True HEPA Filter – a fine-mesh filter that has an effectiveness of 99.7% on microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns in size. Invisible air infiltrators like pollen, dander, and dust mites will all get trapped in the HEPA mesh before the MyAir releases fresh, clean air back into the environment.

Before turning the MyAir on, make sure that the plastic bag is removed from the filter layer. Otherwise the device may release a foul odor into the air.

100-square-foot Cleaning Capacity

As a personal air purifier, you shouldn’t expect too much out of the MyAir. This cylindrical device has a maximum air-purifying capacity of 100 square feet – the perfect size for most bedrooms and home offices. It won’t do much for you in more spacious areas like kitchens and living rooms, but BISSELL has many other air purifier models built to handle wider areas (check out the 2768A air320).

Bissell 2780A MyAir

Filter Change Indicator

BISSELL takes a lot of the guesswork out of using and maintaining this device by adding a filter change indicator. When any of the filters become too clogged with debris, the LED light will turn on, signaling the need to replace the filter with a fresh one. However, we and several other customers found that the MyAir’s light indicator is far from accurate – it’s possible to squeeze a couple of weeks of extra use when the light pops on, but it’s a good start.

Low, High, and Sleep Fan Speeds

Despite being a super-compact air purifier, the MyAir is far from being a one-trick pony. This air purifier has three different fan speeds – low, high, and sleep – that users can choose to clear the air. There isn’t an air quality sensor on this device, so you’ll have to manually select between fan speeds. We found that leaving the device on high speed all day long works best, but it depends on where you live and how dirty the air in your home is.


Now let’s talk about the sleep mode. Many air purifiers come with a sleep mode that emits an annoying drone that can jolt users awake at night. That’s not the case with the MyAir; on sleep mode, it produces a gentle 30-decibel droning sound that delicately coaxes us to sleep. Hey, the MyAir can even double as a white-noise machine! And when the sun has set, you can tamper around with the LED lights located around the base of the unit by dimming it or turning it completely off.

Bissell 2780A

Timer Function

To ensure that you’re not wasting energy when you leave the front door, the MyAir has a timer function that can be set to 2, 4, or 8 hours. After reaching the time limit, it’ll automatically turn off. This is a great feature to have if you want to come home to fresh air without having to wait hours for the device to clear the air.

No Added Convenience Controls

Other than the timer, there’s nothing else that adds to the convenience of owning the MyAir. This unit is not compatible with any apps, and it does not have indoor quality sensors connected to auto fan adjustment. But realistically speaking, it’s a compact device that works well at what it does – even without such features, it’s still a handy device to have. Plus, it’s cute as a button and easy to take with you from room to room. There’s isn’t anything you can’t love about the MyAir!


The BISSELL 2780A MyAir Personal Air Purifier may not be for everybody, especially those looking for a device to clean the air in spacious living rooms and kitchens. However, as a portable device that works in spaces as large as 100 square feet, it’s one of the best personal air purifiers we’ve ever had the fortune of trying. We’d highly recommend this to anyone who needs an air purifier for their bedroom, dorm room, bathroom, and home office.

Bissell 2780A MyAir Personal Air Purifier