Bissell 1544A PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop Review

Steam cleaners have become increasingly more popular as of late due to the all-natural, all-powerful dissolving nature of steam. If you’re in the market for a floor-cleaning device that doesn’t just do a great job but is also extremely user-friendly, one brand should come to mind: Bissell.

Bissell 1544A PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop Review

Bissell is one of the more prominent manufacturers of floor steam cleaners in the world.

We’ve taken a look at several Bissel-made product of nearly all sizes, and this time, we’re going to see what the 1544A PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop is all about. Spoiler alert: prepare to be amazed.

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Floor-Cleaning Performance

You can dissolve any previous concerns you have regarding the 1544A’s cleaning performance. As soon as the microfiber pad touches your floors, you can bid farewell and good riddance to every sticky, caked-on stain and almost all microscopic organisms living in between tiles and floorboards.

Bissell 1544A PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop
Bissell 1544A

The 1544A delivers a constant jet of steam (up to 4.5 bars or roughly 65 PSI) to dissolve anything that gets in its way. With one of the microfiber pads attached, all that’s left to do is plug the 1544A in, run the mop head over your floors (safe to use on any flooring type), and watch your floors get increasingly cleaner with each pass.

The one thing we’re annoyed by is that the 1544A does not come with a steam on-demand trigger. Basically, as soon as the boiler shuts off, a continuous jet of steam will come shooting out of the wand or cleaning tool. Thankfully, different steam-delivery speeds give you full-control over how much/little comes shooting out.

Lift-Off Pod

Steam mops are obviously made to clean floors, but what about non-floor surfaces and objects? Can the 1544A steam-clean children’s toys, auto interiors, and windows? You bet it can! The 1544A instantly transforms from a long mop into a short handheld canister unit. Simply remove the canister from the handle and voila!

Bissell 1544A PowerFresh
Bissell 1544A

The Lift-Off Pod is extremely helpful at blasting steam at above-ground surfaces, from furniture to ceilings and everything in between. This unit comes with an assortment of cleaning tools that make spot-cleaning a breeze.

Cleaning Tools for the Lift-Off Pod

When switched to Pod mode, you’re free to attach one of the 13 cleaning tools that comes in the box. Many of these are the same but in different sizes, but what we’ve found to be the most useful are the grout tool, the window squeegee tool, the fabric steamer, the angle tool, and the flat scraping tool.

There are also several brushes and pads to help lift and remove the grimiest, stubbornest stains imaginable.

Scented Disc Pads

Sometimes, steam alone doesn’t suffice. For instance, when cleaning up a surprise left over by your beloved four-legged friend, sanitizing with steam just won’t cut it.

Bissell 1544A PowerFresh Review
Bissell 1544A

This is where the scented disc pads come into play—steam activates the cleaning agent that masks and disinfects the foulest stains, leaving your floors as fresh and clean as ever. These pads are not washable and should be disposed of immediately.

Boiling and Steaming Time

The 1544A comes with a sizable 13-1/2-ounce water tank. At most, meaning on its lowest steam output level, a tankful of water will provide upwards of 20 minutes of steam—roughly about enough time to clear a kitchen floor of dirt and grime.

There’s even a handy measuring cup that comes with this steam mop that hangs conveniently onto the handle. As long as you place the cup on the hanger, you shouldn’t lose it (even if you do, a regular cup and a good eye will suffice).

25-foot Power Cord

Maneuverability is not a problem with the 1544A. It uses a long 25-foot power cord that offers a wide movement radius from every wall outlet, reducing how frequently you need to unplug and plug the tool in as you move. You’ll definitely notice just how handy the long power cord is when it comes time to do a bit of spot-cleaning in the most obscure places.

Bissell 1544A width=
Bissell 1544A

Lightweight Build

Combine the 25-foot power cord with the super-lightweight design of the 1544A (roughly 10 pounds dry-weight) and you’ve got yourself a dandy steam mop.

And by lifting off the Pod, you can shed roughly 2 pounds to make spot-cleaning above-ground spaces even easier on the back and shoulder muscles.

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Verdict: How Hot is the Bissell 1544A Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop?

In our humble opinion, this steam mop couldn’t get hotter. Not only does the Bissell 1544A PowerFresh provide up to 20 minutes of steam per tankful of water, but the Lift-Off Pod and the numerous cleaning tools make sanitizing anything a possibility.

We’re sad that it doesn’t have a trigger for on-demand steam but tinkering with the variable steam settings should give you just as much power as you need.

Bissell 1544A Review

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