Bissell has two very cute Little Green portable carpet cleaners: the 1400B and the 14259. In appearance, is almost impossible to tell them apart. Even how they perform is almost the same, but there are a couple of major differences that will convince you to choose one over the other.

Bissell 1400B Cleaner

Bissell 1400B

Let’s see what each of them has to offer before deciding which Little Green to take home.

Bissell 1400B

Warm Water from the Tap

The Bissell 1400B is NOT a steam cleaner, nor does it have an onboard heater to bring water up to a hot, sanitizing temperature. It uses whatever temperature water you pour into the tank along with a cleaning solution of choice to remove the toughest, most concentrated stains on carpets and upholstery.

Bissell 1400B

Bissell 1400B

Feel free to fill the clean water tank with warm water straight from the tap. It won’t maintain a heated temp, but if you work quickly, you’ll get the benefits of heated cleaning.

Tough Stain Remover Tool

The 1400B comes with a single tool that attaches to the end of the suction hose. The tough stain remover tool has a tiny three-inch inlet to concentrate as much inward pressure as possible to permanently eliminate stubborn messes. It’d be nice if the 1400B had another tool to play with like the 14259 does, but this is the main weapon for spot-cleaning.

48-ounce Tanks

Both the clean and dirty water tanks have a combined capacity of 48 fluid ounces. Granted, this is not much, but it’s important to note that this is a portable unit, not a full-sized upright for wide area rugs. The limited tank capacity also keeps the weight of the tool down so lifting and cleaning above-ground surfaces won’t be too much of a struggle.

9.6-pound Build

Then there’s the ultra-lightweight build of the 1400B. With empty tanks, this unit weighs in at just under ten pounds to make carrying it up and down stairs (and even cleaning carpeted staircases) an hassle-free task.

tty Bitty Footprint

The 1400B looks like a tiny half-pod with a 4-foot suction hose because it, in fact, is. This portable carpet and upholstery cleaner hardly takes up any space so finding a place to store the unit, even inside of cabinets, is not going to be difficult.

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Bissell 14259

ProHeat Technology

The biggest advantage that the 14259 has over the 1400B is ProHeat Technology. This unit has an onboard water heater that heats the clean water tank up to 25° hotter than room temp. Though nowhere near sanitizing, the added heat enhances the 14259’s stain dissolving and removing performance.

Bissell 14259

Bissell 14259

If you intend to clean urine stays, make sure the ProHeat onboard heater is turned OFF. Heated water can actually cause urine stains to set until the end of time!

2-in-1 Crevice Spray Tool

Not only does the 14259 come with the 3-inch tough stain remover, but it also has a multi-function crevice spray tool. This tool has a narrower mouth that makes cleaning tight spaces (e.g. in between cushions and in corners) a lot easier to manage than the standard 3-inch stain remover.

13-pound Dry-Weight

From its looks, the 14259 doesn’t look like it should weigh more than the 1400B, but we can’t forget about the addition of the onboard water heater. On an empty tank, the 14259 weighs in at 13 pounds which isn’t all that bad. Even on a full tank (same 48-ounce capacity) moving the 14259 up and down furniture and stairs shouldn’t be too much of a workout.

No Hydro Rinse Tool Included

Maintaining the 14259 isn’t all too difficult—as long as you keep the 15-foot cord wound up tight, keep the tank clean after each use, and store the unit in a dry place, you should get many, many years of use out of this Little Green.

However, when it comes time to clean the four-foot suction hose, then we’re in trouble. Unlike the 1400B, this unit does not come with a hydro rinse tool for the hose.

Bissell 14259 Review

Bissell 1400B vs. 14259: Which Little Green Should I Get?

After checking out what each of these Little Green portable carpet and upholstery cleaners has to offer, we’re confident that the Bissell 14259 with Proheat Technology is the better option, despite its missing hydro rinse tool.

Bissell 14259 ProHeat

Bissell 14259

The added versatility of an onboard heater gives you plenty of time to go back and clean any stains you’ve missed without having to refill the tank with freshly heated water. However, in terms of performance, assuming you’re using the same water temperature on the identical stains, they’re virtually identical.