Best Wireless Water Shut Off Valves

We have all been there, calling the plumber at the slightest hint of something going wrong with the plumbing, only to realize after the fact that you could have fixed it yourself and saved hundreds of dollars. It can be an easy mistake to make when you look under the sink and are met with a labyrinth of pipes and valves.

Best Wireless Water Shut Off Valves
Anyone who has tried their hand at DIY plumbing knows that first and foremost you must shut off the water valve. You should always know where the water valve is located on your property. Even if you do end up having to call a professional to help, turning off the water is always a good start.

But what happens if the water leak is really bad, and you cannot for the life of you remember where the water valve is? Luckily, technology has advanced to the point where we no longer need to find the physical water valve, we can use wireless technology to shut them off.

What Can Wireless Water Shut Off Valves Do?

Wireless water shut off valves can be easily accessed from your smartphone, meaning you do not ever have to get anywhere near the pipes and can avoid any danger.

The valves have complete control over your homes main valve, and while you still have to use your hands, all you have to do is tap a few buttons on your phone screen. This feature is extremely helpful for those of you whose water valve is in a hard-to-reach location as you do not have to come anywhere close to the physical valve.

The wireless shut off valves act as your home’s emergency system. The minute you need to shut off the plumbing, you can shut it off at the click of a button. Due to this fast response time, water damage is easily preventable, as opposed to sitting around waiting for the plumber while water leaks all over your house.

You can program the wireless shut off valves to detect any leaks in your home, meaning they will shut off automatically once a leak is detected. This is useful for times when something happens when you are not home or have not noticed the leak yourself yet. There are some models of wireless shut off valves that will activate when the temperature drops below zero in your home. Pipes are likely to freeze, expand and then rupture when temperatures reach sub-zero in your home.

If you own a drip irrigation system or a sprinkler system in your garden/yard, wireless shut off valves can help automate the water supply to these systems too.

Best Wireless Shut Off Valves

Understanding how these systems work is one thing but choosing one for your home is a different thing completely. It can be hard to know which water shut off valve is the right one for you, as there are so many different models on the market.

With so many options to choose from, it is easy to become overwhelmed. That is why we have put together this handy guide, to let you see different products and choose which one is just right for your home.

Our guide contains 13 reviews of the top wireless shut off valve systems. Alongside this, we will give each system’s qualities and features, which will ultimately help you choose the best one for you.

1. Water Leak Detection Starter Kit – Best Overall Wireless Shut Off Valve System

The number 1 choice for a wireless water shut off valve is LeakSmart’s Water Leak Detection Starter Kit. Both effective and powerful, this system is able to be accessed from your smart phone, meaning you can access the system even when you are not at home.

This system is able to support up to 32 sensors all at once, making it highly capable and sophisticated. This feature allows you to direct the system to the most important areas of your home, including all the plumbing and the base water supply, and prevent major water damage.

In case you are not home, and something goes wrong, this system has a built-in alarm that will let you know as soon as something happens. A notification will be sent to your smartphone and the water supply will be shut off automatically with the shut off valve, preventing as much damage as possible.


Has 24/7 monitoring of your water valve

Easy to connect to your Wi-Fi network

Has an easy to use, consolidated approach to your water supply system


Comes with a singular sensor for leak detection

You will have to buy addition leak detectors online

2. Dome Home Automation Water Shut Off Valve – Budget Friendly Shut Off Vale

If it is peace of mind that you are looking for, this shut off valve by Dome Home is the perfect addition to your home. This system acts as more of an add on than its own separate system and is easy to attach to your home’s valve. This makes it easier to manually shut off the valve, or have a system shut it off automatically if danger is detected.

This is a relatively low-priced system, which makes sense considering this is an add-on, but it is still an efficient wireless shut off system. On top of this, it has features that well exceed the low price, so the value for money on this system is very good.

It may not have the additional sensors that come with the LeakSmart system, but it is still able to detect leaks in your home where it has been installed. It is easy to install, taking no time at all, and can be automatically shut off and remotely monitored through the app on your phone.


Dome Home have an excellent customer service team if you should run into any problems

Has features such as options to remotely monitor and shut off the system

Easy to install directly on to your water supply


May be difficult to pair with your Wi-Fi at first

Upon its first closure of the water valve, it can sometimes fail to close the valve completely

3. Guardian Leak Prevention System – Long Lasting System

The Leak Prevention System by Guardian is a wireless water valve that completely replaces the existing water valve system in place in your home. It’s top of the market for preventing water damage but can be a bit of a hassle to calibrate at first.

Once you have the system calibrated, you can see all the features that this Guardian system offers. Look through the instructions carefully and the installation process should be smooth sailing. It’s not the installation onto the plumbing that is the problem, but the calibration. This system is quite sensitive but can detect any water leakage quickly and efficiently.

The Leak Prevention System’s sensors are extremely sensitive, meaning it can detect even the tiniest of leaks in your home. If you do find the installation process too difficult, the customer service team is user-friendly and will help you along with the process. Alongside this, the system has a 15-year battery life, making it the perfect system for a new home.


Has several sensors for leak detection

Works with pips from ½ to 1 inch in diameter, made of copper, PVC, or PEX

Water supply is automatically shut off when freezing temperatures, leaks, and/or earthquakes are detected


The sensors for leak detection are overly sensitive, so take caution when installing in a location with excess water

4. Streamlabs Smart Home Water Monitor – Best Home Water Sensor

If your home already has a wireless valve shut off system installed and you are looking to add on a water leak detection system, then the Streamlabs Smart Home Water Monitor is perfect for you!

This system is used to track how much water you are using in your household, which makes cutting back on energy costs that little bit easier. The system lets you know when and where you are using too much water, so you know exactly what to change to save on water usage.

Furthermore, this system also has the ability to detect small leaks and/or burst pipes in your house. If you want to purchase this system but also want the ability to automatically shut down the water supply, you will need to purchase a separate valve.


The device is very easy to install

Has the ability to detect any burst pipes and small leaks

You will not need to cut any pipes to install the system


The system requires a constant connection to the internet in order to work properly

Does not come with an automatic shut off feature

5. MyGuard Water Leak Detector – Best Laundry Room Leak Detector

The laundry room is one of the places most likely to be a source of water damage and water leakage. If you want something to ease your worries about water leakage happening in the room with all your clean clothes, try out the MyGuard Automatic Laundry Water Leak Detector.

This system is designed specifically for the laundry room, with the ability to automatically shut off the water supply. Since leaks are most likely to occur from the washing machine, this system is able to turn off the valves to the washing machine if any leaks are detected.

If it is only your laundry room that is generating leakage issues, this system is perfect for you, rather than splurging on a system for the whole house. It is less expensive and targets only the problem area in your house, the laundry room.


There is the option to turn off the water manually

It is more cost effective, as you are only targeting the laundry room

Has the ability to shut off the system for your washing machine


It has been known to trigger a false alarm occasionally

Only targets the washing machine system

6. Wally Wireless Automatic Shut Off Valve – Best Ball Valve

When comparing the different kinds of automatic shut off valves, this device by Wally definitely has one of the best solutions to the base problem. The device uses an advanced smartphone app, which allows you to access the ball valve from anywhere.

This system is more than just a quick fix to your leaky pipes. The sensors installed in the system are capable of detecting various problems all at once. You are sent the relevant information to the app on your smartphone. Information can include your water usage, any leaks, temperatures, and the humidity. Having access to all this information can ensure your home is protected fully against any problems that might arise.

This system by Wally is full battery operated, meaning you do not need to worry if the power, or Internet goes out. All you need to do is connect it to the Wally Hub and sensors which are sold separately, and it will automatically shut off the water if any problems are detected. There is also the option to manually shut off the water yourself on the Wally app.


Well-designed smartphone app which is easy to use and powerful

You can easily monitor your water usage and any leakages through the app

You can program it to control multiple different leak detectors throughout the house


It is not recommended that you try and install this system yourself, so you will need to seek professional help

The price range for this device is much higher than other options

7. Leak Intel Z-Wave Control Valve – Best Smart Shut Off Valve

The Intel Z-Wave model is widely considered among the best water shut off valves on the market today. With the system being completely designed and manufactured in the USA, the developer created this system with the common problems faced in American homes in mind.

The Intel Z-Wave is capable of detecting even the minutest of leaks in the home, meaning any real danger is snuffed out before it has a chance to develop. The automatic shut off option is quite fast, and you can manually shut off the water from the smartphone app, while also monitoring your water usage.

Compared to other systems we have talked about, this one is much more advanced and difficult to install, but it is worth it for the long lifespan. If you are looking for something technologically advanced, the Z-Wave is able to work alongside Google Assistant and the Amazon Alexa through the use of SmartThings. This means that you can voice control the water shut off system, and do not even have to access your phone!

This ability to connect to various smart devices makes it the ultimate remote and wireless system. To ensure your system will do its job with no problems, the manufacturer includes a 10-year warranty upon purchasing. Additionally, the long lifespan of this system is ensured due to it being made out of stainless-steel.


Offers remote access through your smartphone so you can control the device while monitoring other factors
Comes with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer
Made completely from stainless-steel


The threads can sometimes be difficult to thread with this system

You may need to seek professional help while installing the device as it is quite difficult

8. Fortrezz Wireless Z-Wave Water Valve – Premium Water Shut Off Valve

If money is not an issue for you and you are looking for something you know will keep your home protected, then you should consider getting this system by Fortrezz.

The Z-Wave Water Valve is capable of controlling your entire home’s water supply. Simply connect it to your home’s main valve and then you are able to control everything from the smartphone app. If you do not notice any leaks yourself, or are not at home when a leak emerges, the system’s flood sensors will turn off the main water supply immediately to stop any damage.

While it cannot be accessed from the smartphone app, the system has a built-in moisture detector, which is a great feature. On the device itself is a display unit that will tell you if any areas in your home have a buildup of excess moisture. Due to not being able to check this problem on the app, this system ranks lower on our list.


Easy and quick to install

Comes with a remote control that is high quality


It is one of the more expensive systems on this list

While the moisture detection system is great, it is not easily accessible

9. Grohe Sense Guard Smart Water Controller – Intuitive Water Shut Off Valve

Grohe are known for their home appliances in rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen, and other plumbing accessories. Fitting with their usual high standards, Grohe have designed a high-quality solution to any problems that arise from water damage. Grohe were committed to designing a system that was able to detect any leakages in plumbing that otherwise may go undetected.

The system also comes with a host of great features, one of these being the powerful and intuitive smartphone app that controls the system. The app allows you to monitor the system while you are not at home, in case any leakages occur, and you can also monitor your home’s water usage.

You will automatically be notified if the system detects any problems with the water supply. This ranges from leaks to any burst pipes. Due to the system’s premium sensors, it can detect if the water flow is out of the ordinary or if any frost damage has occurred on your pipes.


Detects and responds to any leaks quickly and efficiently

Can detect any size of leak, big and small

Can detect any disruptions to water flow, and frost damage


Does not have a back-up battery power supply

Can be difficult to tighten up the pipe fittings correctly

10. Watercop Z-Wave Smart Water Shut Off Valve – User-Friendly App

At first, we were unsure about whether or not to include this system by Watercop on our list due to its complicated set-up. However, once you become familiar with how everything works, this system is one of the best on the market right now.

The smartphone app for this system is easy to navigate but can be a little hard to understand when you first start using it. We noticed that the notifications sent by the app can be confusing. For example, if you get a notification saying that the switch is on, it really means that the valve is off. This can be confusing for those of you who are just starting to use the system, as you may not be able to tell what state the valve is in.

Once you have worked out the app and all of its notifications, it becomes a much easier app to use and navigate. It connects to the wireless smart hub quickly and the overall set up is fast and efficient.


Set up is easy and quick

Easily integrates with the wireless smart hub

Has a user-friendly, and very powerful smartphone app


There have been known issues when users try to open and close the valve too quickly

New users may find the smartphone app difficult to understand

11. Linktap Wireless Water Timer and Gateway – Comprehensive Water Use System

This system by Linktap is quite different from the other products on our list, but we thought it was important to include it just in case it helped anyone. If you are looking to install a system that can be used for something other than just monitoring your home’s waterflow, then keep reading.

As well as being able to detect leaks in your home, this system is capable of helping you with your gardening! It includes a great timer feature that allows you to automate when your fruits and vegetables get their well-needed watering.

This system is great for those of you who love to garden but might not have the time to water your plants manually if you are out at work all day. The system offers six different modes that you can choose from. They allow you to control the schedule, and the amount of water being used. If you are conscious of how much water you might be using, the system’s ECO functions are great for keeping water usage to a minimum!


Can control water flow in your home, as well as outside in your garden

The automated watering will not occur if it has already rained that day

Easy to connect to the app so that you can decide on a watering schedule


Known to be unreliable when detecting leaks

The device is primarily for watering, rather than detecting leaks and problems

12. Orbit B-Hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer – Best Wireless Faucet Timer

This device does exactly what it says on the tin, it is a timer for your faucets. You can easily connect the system to your phone through your wireless internet, which makes controlling the system while you are not at home easy as pie!

The system’s main hub is capable of connecting to multiple timers, meaning you have a better control over larger areas of your property. Connection to the hub is done through either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. When simultaneously using multiple timers in different locations, your signal strength will be boosted through network meshing, ensuring connection at all times.

You can track how much water is used when watering the plants through the built-in flow meter. You can also track the water usage when doing other tasks such as washing the car or filling your pool. This feature allows you to better understand how you are spending your water and means you can efficiently cut back on water usage.


The powerful smartphone app is compatible with both Apple and Android devices

A great and efficient system for automatic watering of your garden

The system is compatible with Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa


Set up of the device and application can be difficult

It has been known to skip some scheduled watering

13. LeakSmart 888000 Automatic Shut Off Valve

The last device on our list is the LeakSmart 888000, a very efficient and powerful device. It has the ability to detect small leaks, comes with a battery backup and is easy to connect with any smart home platforms.

Although this device is last on our list, it certainly is not least. The system is able to switch to its battery backup as quick as possible if the power to your home should go out, meaning you do not have to worry about anything going undetected.

The system will automatically shut off the valve to your water supply should any leaks be detected, meaning water damage is prevented. It is easy to see the status of your device due to the device’s LED light system. Although this system is fast and efficient, you will need to purchase the hub separately.


Leaks are detected quickly

Is able to connect with any smart home platform

You will be notified on your phone of any leaks straight away


You will need to seek professional help to install the device, as installation is quite difficult

The hub will need to be purchased separately

Wireless Water Shut Off Valve Guide

Even though you are now more educated on your choices of wireless water shut off valves, you may still be having a hard time trying to find the perfect fit for you. So, to help you even further, we have put together all the relevant information you should consider before purchasing. We have also further explained what these devices are exactly, and what they will do for your home.

What is a Smart Wi-Fi Water Shut Off Valve?

If you are still not familiar with what we have been talking about, smart Wi-Fi shut off valves allow the homeowner to turn off their water supply remotely from their smartphone. Furthermore, these valves are capable of automatically turning off the water supply should a leak be detected in the home.

Most of these systems are retrofit solutions, working alongside the PEX, PVC, or copper pipes already installed in your home’s plumbing system. Some devices are designed to target specific areas and appliances, while others monitor the whole house.

How do I Install a Smart Wi-Fi Water Shutoff Valve?

Most of the devices listed above are capable of being installed through DIY, but there may be some devices that require a professional because of how advanced they are. With the right tools, and an understanding of the instructions, you should be able to install the basics by yourself.

DIY solutions may require you to have some prior plumbing knowledge, as you are working with your home’s plumbing system. If you feel that you do not possess this knowledge, it may be worth calling someone you know who has these skills or investing in a professional to ensure it is installed correctly.

Either way, each system comes with detailed instructions that can be followed step-by-step to ensure an easy installation process.

What Makes a Smart Water Shut Off Valve Smart?

What makes these devices capable of detecting leaks in your home is the built-in sensors they have. With these intuitive sensors, leaks are detected immediately, and the water is shut off, or you have the option to turn it off manually.

While some devices can only shut off the supply if they detect a leak, more advanced systems are capable of shutting down the supply in case of emergencies. This could be due to an earthquake, or sub-zero temperatures causing your pipes to freeze. These features all depend on what device you choose to invest in.

Are Smart Water Shut Off Valves Worth the Money?

When you weigh up how much one of these devices’ costs, alongside the potential damages you may have to pay in water damages, then yes, they are definitely worth the money. You may also be able to save money on your home insurance policy, depending on who your provider is. Since your device is at a lower risk of water damage occurring with one of these devices, insurance providers are known to provide discounts. If this is something that interests you, be sure to contact your insurance provider and ask about their policies surrounding these devices.

Overall, the device will pay for itself just by preventing a single leak, as without the device you may have had to pay thousands in water damage repairs. These devices prevent problems developing into large scale disasters.

How Do You Choose a Wireless Water Shut Off Valve?

These devices should not be chosen based solely on how expensive, or cheap they are. Getting the right device means considering all of the factors to ensure that you get your money’s worth. You also need to find a device that is going to suit all of your needs, not just one that looks the best. Take a look at some of these factors below.

Area of Protection

You need to decide what you want your device to do and where you want it to work. First, choose if you want a device that controls a single water line or your whole house’s water supply. In our opinion, getting a device that is able to protect your whole house from any leaks is the best option. So, make sure you read the device’s features carefully before purchasing.

If you purchase a device that is designed for a specific part of your house or for a single appliance expecting it to cover the whole house, you may be surprised when leaks appear in other areas. If you do choose a device with limited protection, be sure to buy some extra sensors to cover other problem areas of your home just in case.

Sensor Communication and Connections

If you learned anything from our list above, it should be that the wireless water shut of valves work wirelessly, without connecting to any cables. For ease, Wi-Fi is the best option, but you could also connect to Z-Wave or Zigbee systems if the devices are versatile.

Due to being wireless, it should be easy to control the system remotely, and integrate them into any automatic platforms you may already have at home. If a Wi-Fi connection is not available, some systems offer Bluetooth connection to your phone.

Detection Range

These systems will be rendered useless if the sensors are not strong enough. It is vital that you check the device and its sensor’s range before purchasing. Having a decent range will allow the sensors to detect leaks more efficiently. You should also check at how many detection points the system comes with.

If the leak sensors boast a long range, you will need fewer to cover large areas of your home. Some models have sensors with ranges between 100 and 1000 feet – the longer the range, the further the system’s signal will reach. Furthermore, the more detection points you have, the better the system will be at detecting leaks.

Response Time

It is essential for a device to have a quick response time. The water needs to be shut off as soon as the leak is detected. If it takes too long for the valve to shut off the water supply, getting an automatic shut off valve is going to do you much good.

Ideally, whatever device you decide on should detect and turn off the water supply in under 5 seconds so that no further damage can occur.

Valve Material

A device that is made of high-quality material, such as stainless steel, is going to have a longer lifespan. Those of you who have just moved into a new house should opt for something made of stainless steel or something similar.

Other materials used in construction could be cast bronze and brass, which are capable of taking damage over time. Whatever material your device is made out of, just make sure that is it long-lasting and able to withstand pressure changes, varying temperatures, and moisture.

Available Accessories

We think it is best to look for a system that comes with a complete kit, not one that requires you to buy the add-ons separately. Opting for a system with the full package means you are ready to install right away and get the device up and running.

Ease of Installation

If you are big into DIY and are looking for a project, then look for a device that is easy to install. Fortunately, this is the case for most models on the market, all you need is basic plumbing knowledge, and you will be well on your way. Just make sure to follow the instructions carefully and exactly as they are written.

Battery Life

If you are able to find a device that has a long-lasting battery life, we recommended investing in it. Some devices on the market offer a battery life of up to 15 years, which means you do not have to worry in a power outage as your valve will operate on the battery back-up.

Final Words

As a homeowner, it may bring you a great piece of mind to install one of these systems in your home. People can sometimes take their plumbing for granted, but with everything else in your life automated and connected to smart devices, why not connect your plumbing too?

While it may seem like a high-cost investment, you just need to think about how much money you will be saving by preventing further water damage. We think that investing in a wireless water shut off valve system is a worthy use of your time and money.

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