Best Tile Floor Cleaners in 2022: Buying Guide

Keeping tiled floors clean can be on exhausting task. Not only is damage on tiled floors heartbreaking, but using the wrong cleaning products or tools can lead unsightly marks and even discoloration that can cost a pretty penny to remove. Of course, the main “ingredient,” so to speak, when cleaning tiled floors is the tool, and there’s nothing that works better at cleaning floors than the right floor cleaner.

Floor cleaners aren’t nearly as popular as tools like vacuum cleaners due to their lack of fancy features and style. However, in the recent past, we’ve seen a ramp-up of specialty tile cleaners entering the market with more bells and whistles than anyone could’ve imagined.

Best Tile Floor Cleaners

Speaking of vacuum cleaners, there is no way a vacuum cleaner can be completely replaced by a floor cleaner. Floor cleaners built for tiles are, as you can correctly assume, are not made for carpeted floors. The main components in floor cleaners are a microfiber pad and a system that introduces moisture and detergent to the pads. You can’t dab away your carpet woes with such a tool.

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Steam Mop | Recommended

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Our Recommended Tile Floor Cleaners for 2021

5) LIGHT N’ EASY 7618ANW Steam Mop

The S3101 lives up to the manufacturer’s name. It weighs less than four pounds (dry weight) and is driven by a motor for easier cleaning.


The S3101 uses microfiber pads which attach using Velcro. When you need to swap pads out for cleaning, just pull them off and throw them in the washing machine. The onboard detergent tank is also easy to access and refill with your favorite soap.

This is a steam mop, meaning that you need to refill the water basin before use. It only needs about 30 seconds to fully heat a tankful of water before it releases hot steam that dissolves messes quicker than cleaning with room-temperature water.

We wish there were an ON/OFF button on the S3101 that would allow users to move from room to room without wasting steam. However, since there is none, you’ll need to refill the water basin more often. Another downside is the oddly short power cord. Cleaning floors is annoying enough without having to constantly unplug and plug the S3101 when moving to different sides of a room.

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4) PurSteam Therma Pro 211 Steam Mop

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3) Bona WM710013499 Stone Premium Spray Mop

This premium spray mop from Bona isn’t just made for tiled floors, but you can also use it on laminate and stone walkways. This versatile floor cleaner can be used on any surface that needs cleaning, except carpeting (stick to a vacuum for that).

Bone Stone, Tile, and Laminate Floor Premium Spray Mop

Using this premium spray is as easy as one-two-go. First, attach the included microfiber pad onto the mop head. Next, pour any tile-cleaning detergent you’d like into the soap tank. After that, pull the trigger to release a wide mist of detergent and go over the wet spot with the mop head. Easy!

Some users have complained of leaking issues, but for most cases, fixing it requires twisting the soap tank on tightly and carefully. From many customers’ experiences, Bona’s team of customer support technicians are always ready to listen and provide free replacements for defective mops that leave their factory.

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2) Bissell 1806 Deluxe Steam Mop

The final produce on our list is the 1806 from Bissell. This is a mop that uses the awesome dissolving power of steam to leave your floors spotless by killing bacteria where they lay. This tool is safe to use on tiles, hardwood, linoleum, and marble.

Bissell 1806 Deluxe Steam Mop

The Bissell 1806 needs only 30 seconds for a tankful of water to properly heat up past its boiling point. It delivers up to 25 minutes of steam, allowing you to clean an entire room’s floor with just one tank. Furthermore, the 1806 comes with digital steam control that lets you choose between normal and high steam.

To get rid of nasty smells lingering on your floors, insert a scent disc onto the mop head. As you rub steam onto your tiled floors with the microfiber cloth, the steam gently melts the disc to release it’s a refreshing scent (discs sold separately).

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1) Oreck ORB550MC Orbiter Hard Floor Cleaner

The ORB550MC from Oreck may be a bit overkill for many residential floors, but if you’d like to get a sparkle from your floors or need a tool to buff lobbies and tiled hallways, then this is the tool for you.

This Oreck production is, is a floor buffer. It uses large pads, scrubs, and brushes to create a reflective surface on your floors. You can drip whatever floor detergents you have on hand in front of the buffer before oscillating the pads over the solution for an even shinier appearance.

This tool differs from the others on our list in the way that it can be used on carpeted floors. Just pour some carpet shampoo on a particularly dirty spot, switch the pad out for a brush or scrub, and let the machine do the work.

Once again, the Oreck ORB550MC may be a bit too much for residential use, and there are plenty of other more home-friendly cleaners that are ready to remove sticky and dried stains from your tiles.

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Tile Floor Cleaner Buying Guide

If you decide to do a bit of shopping on your own, you can use this guide to help you find the best tile floor cleaner available in your area.

Steam Mop for Tile Floor

Microfiber Cloth

Except for floor buffers, your floor cleaner should use microfiber pads or cloths to clean your floors. Microfiber traps dirt, sand, and other abrasive particles deep within its fibers to prevent them from scratching tiles and hardwood. They usually have a maximum life expectancy of around 6 months, but it depends on how often you clean and how dirty your floors are.

Floor Steamers

Powered vs. Unpowered

The main benefit of a powered floor cleaner is that you don’t need to apply a ton of pressure to get in between tiles. Also, only powered models (either corded or cordless) can produce steam that dissolves dried stains in an instant. However, you can also clean dried mud tracks and juice spills with an unpowered floor cleaner by spraying the area with detergent.

Cleaning Width

The cleaning width of the floor cleaner is determined by how wide the mop head is. Ideally, you’ll want a wide mop head to clean large areas. The downside of a wide clearing path is that it is more difficult to clean corners and around furniture legs.

Steam Mop Cleaner

Upright vs. Handheld vs. Canister

When it comes to most floor cleaners, you have three choices: upright, handheld, and canister. Uprights are the most popular type and can clean floors without requiring its users to bend over at the waist. Handheld models can reach higher surfaces that uprights can’t. Canister floor cleaners can do everything depending on what sort of cleaning attachment the tool comes with. Like the ThermaPro, some uprights have detachable handheld units that make spot-cleaning a breeze.


Handheld and canister floor cleaners rely on an assortment of cleaning attachments to steam-clean floors and any other surface. In general, the more attachments included in the box, the better off you’ll be. The most popular cleaning attachments are wide mop heads, squeegees, and narrow nozzles.

Swiveling Neck

To solve the “problem” of a wide mop head, some of the best floor cleaners have a swiveling neck that allows the head to move up to 360°. This makes cleaning around round furniture legs a lot easier than a stiff-necked model.

Tile Floor Cleaners

Tile Floor Cleaner FAQs

1. Can I use a floor cleaner to apply wax and polish?

Generally speaking, floor cleaners are used to prep a floor prior to applying wax. By getting rid of abrasive particles, you can rub polish onto your tiled floors without worrying about scratching them in the process. But they should not be used to apply wax since the substance may ruin the microfiber pad.

2. How well do floor cleaners clean uneven surfaces?

The effectiveness of cleaning in between tiles and uneven surfaces depends on the model and pad. All of the models we listed above do extremely well at cleaning tile grout and uneven tiles like tumbled travertine.

Tile Floor Cleaner

3. Can I reuse the included microfiber cloths?

Microfiber cloths and pads are built to last for a long time. They can be detached from the mop head and thrown into a washing machine for a quick wash before your next cleaning session. However, they shouldn’t be used for more than six months since as the fibers age, they’ll become less effective at retaining sand and dirt.


Cleaning tiles is a necessary task to preserve their sheen and avoid discoloration. A tile floor cleaner is an essential tool for homeowners with tiled floors. You can even make use of these tools on other surface types like hardwood and stone (to an extent).

In this article, we’ve provided our picks of the five best tile floor cleaners you can find online. They’re all extremely wonderful tools that perform exceedingly well on tiles, as well as other surfaces. The Oreck is the only tool you should be wary of since it’s a floor buffer and may damage your tiles if the wrong pad is in place (e.g. a brush pad or scrub pad).

Steam Mop Cleaner for Tile Floor

We’ve also included a quick buying guide to help our readers on how to find their own tile floor cleaners. The things you need to consider are basic but require your full attention, especially regarding microfiber pads and powered floor cleaners. However, if you choose any of the five of our recommended picks, you can expect great tile-cleaning abilities without a ton of fuss.

Steam Mop | Recommended

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Previosly In Our Recommended List


The most unique steam cleaner on our list is the TACKLIFE HSM01A Steam Mop. As an upright steam mop, you don’t need to bend at the waist to clean low places. Instead, simply glide the head by grabbing onto the padded handle and let the mop do the dirty work.

PurSteam ThermaPro 10-in-1

The greatest thing about the TACKLIFE is that it can turn into a handheld model. The handheld unit serves as the water tank and boiler. By removing it from the handle, you can clean virtually any surface on the planet. It’s great for getting steam into tight spaces like inside of cars to deep-clean the seats and dashboard.

The TACKLIFE holds onto a maximum of 0.3 liters of water. The built-in boiler only needs about 30 seconds to heat a tankful of water past its boiling point. Best of all, a single tank can produce up to 25 minutes of continuous steam.

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