Best Technivorm Coffee Brewers in 2021: Buying Guide

With the right coffee brewer at home, you can get your daily dose of caffeine without spending an arm and a leg at your local coffee shop. A Technivorm coffee brewer and a little bit of coffee-making know-how will have you making high-quality pots of java in the safety and comfort of your home.

Best Technivorm Coffee Brewers
Technivorm 69212

In today’s guide, we’re going to take a look at five of the best Technivorm coffee brewers you can gets your mitts on, and later on, we’ll talk about how to decide which coffee brewer is right for your kitchen counter.

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Best Technivorm Coffee Brewers

Technivorm 69212

The Technivorm 69212 One-Cup is arguably the best single-serve coffee brewer on the market. The One-Cup is designed to prepare a single 10-ounce serving of coffee in just four minutes. The copper heating element will ensure short waiting periods to get you your much-needed shot of caffeine in the morning.

Granted, the 69212 One-Cup will not provide enough coffee for more than one person per brewing cycle, but this limited capacity also means a smaller footprint and less space taken on your kitchen counter. Furthermore, this coffee brewer does not have a hotplate to keep your mug warm, but for such a small amount of coffee, you really won’t need it.

Technivorm 69212

Technivorm 79112

Next up is the Technivorm 79112 KBT Coffee Maker, a much larger model compared to the One-Cup. Each cycle can provide you and your family with up to 40 ounces (1.25 liters) of coffee in just six minutes. The wait-to-drink ratio of the KBT is truly extraordinary by coffee brewer standards.

The KBT offers three manual drip-stop settings to give you more control over how long to steep your coffee grounds for more or less of a punch per cup. The thermal carafe will ensure warmer coffee for longer—something 40 ounces of coffee will need since this unit does not have a hotplate.

Technivorm 79112

Technivorm Moccamaster 79312

In terms of appearance, the Technivorm Moccamaster 79312 KBGT looks a lot like the KBT, and in many ways, they actually perform rather similarly. The KGBT’s thermal carafe can hold up to 40 ounces of coffee at a time which only takes just six minutes to complete brewing.

The biggest difference between the two is that the KBGT does not have three drip settings, but instead, it begins the brewing cycle and drip process as soon as the carafe is mounted onto the machine. If you and your family are not particularly picky about their morning joe, this one-trick pony is the much more straightforward 40-ounce machine.

Technivorm Moccamaster 79312

Technivorm 79212

This Technivorm coffee brewer dubbed the 79212 KBTS is somewhat in the middle-ground between the previous three models. Its carafe can hold onto as much as 32 ounces of liquid at a time which should be plenty of caffeine to get families through rough mornings. And just like the 79112 and 79312, the 79212 KBTS takes just six minutes to get a full pot ready.

In fact, it’s pretty fair to call this coffee brewer a smaller version of the 79112 KBT since it also features the same three manual drip-stop settings and auto-shutoff after the brew is complete. That said, you can expect the same exact mind-blowing experience of tongue-sizzling coffee.

Technivorm 79212

Technivorm 59616

Last but not least is the Technivorm 59616, a.k.a. the Moccamaster KBG. In appearance, the KBG is completely different from the previous models. Firstly, you may notice that the KBG comes with a glass carafe instead of a thermal one.

The main benefit of a glass carafe such as this one is that it can work together with a hotplate to keep your freshly brewed coffee at a consistent heat. The hotplate on this model works for up to 100 minutes before shutting off automatically. Make sure you’ve finished the pot before then.

Technivorm 59616

The Complete Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Coffee Brewer

In this section, we’ll go over why a Technivorm is most likely the best brand for you and how you can research different Technivorm coffee brewers on your own.

Technivorm Coffee Brewers
Technivorm 79112

Why a Technivorm Coffee Brewer Is for You

If you’ve never brewed your own coffee before, we should warn you that doing it yourself is no mean task. That is, unless you have your very own Technivorm coffee brewer. Let’s list the reasons why a Technivorm coffee brewer belongs on your kitchen counter.

1. User-friendly. With a Technivorm coffee brewer, even the most amateurish coffee aficionado can brew up a mean pot of java without overthinking it.
2. High-speed brewing. Enjoy coffee whenever you want with a Technivorm. In under ten minutes, you’ll have a steaming hot pot ready to burn your tongue off.
3. Rich-flavored coffee. Not only can you have coffee whenever your heart desires but also with a richness of flavor unparalleled by much of its competition.
4. Eye-pleasing appeal. As a kitchen appliance that will undoubtedly spend a majority of its lifetime on top of your kitchen counter, it won’t hurt to find a coffee brewer that’s not hard on the eyes.
5. Savings! Do we need to explain further?

Finding the Best Technivorm Coffee Brewer

1. Pot Size

First of all, you’ll need to consider how many cups of coffee you need to function throughout the day and how frequently you need it.

A large pot will give you more cups of coffee with each cycle, but without a hotplate, the coffee will cool quicker.

Smaller pots are better for those who drink frequently but with long breaks in between each mug.

2. Brew Speed

All of the Technivorm coffee brewers on our list can cook up a pot of coffee in very little time (between four and eight minutes), but generally speaking, larger quantities of coffee will take longer to brew.

Coffee Brewers
Technivorm 79212

The magic behind their high-speed brewing is a copper element that heats water quickly and consistently.

3. Controls

It doesn’t take a degree in rocket surgery to operate a Technivorm coffee brewer. The simple on/off switch will have the coffee maker doing what it does best. Some Technivorm models also come with easy-to-use- hotplates to keep your coffee at your desired temperature.

4. Maintenance

Taking care of your Technivorm is pretty straightforward. In fact, the auto-shutoff feature will ensure that the motor never burns out so there’s one less humongous thing to worry about.

Maintaining your Technivorm requires changing the filter regularly (no permanent filters, please), and descaling the carafe once every hundred brews cycles (rough estimate).


1. Is Technivorm the best coffee brewer brand?

Whether Technivorm is the best brand is arguable, but we can’t deny that they’re extremely easy to use, highly versatile, and can make a steaming hot cup of joe in hardly at time at all. If these points are important to you, then a Technivorm coffee brewer is worth it.

2. Can I place a permanent filter in my Technivorm?

The company strongly recommends not using a permanent filter in any of their machines since they can easily become clogged and cause the brewer to overflow. You should use paper filters instead.

Best Coffee Makers
Technivorm 59616

See the Technivorm’s paperwork for the appropriate size.

3. Do more expensive coffee makers make better coffee?

Cheaper, no name brand coffee makers can struggle to produce enough heat to get past horrendous lukewarm temperatures, and ironically, they tend to burn out quicker than pricier options.

How much you plan on spending on a coffee brewer is up to you, but if you’re serious about your craft, investing in a costlier, higher-end coffee maker will pay for itself overtime.

4. Glass or metal carafe?

Choosing between a glass or metal carafe is a simple matter of personal preference, though there are pros and cons of each. Glass carafes are lighter and see-through, but they shatter rather easily.

Thermal carafes are better at maintaining heat, but some argue that the material leaves an aftertaste.


The right coffee brewer can mean a whole lot—not just how the coffee tastes but also how much you end up spending on coffee per year. With regular use and regular maintenance, your Technivorm is sure to last for several happy, caffeine-filled years. Bottoms up!

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Moccamaster 79312

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