Best Self Emptying Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuums are probably one of the best household appliance that have come out in recent years. This is especially true for people who barely have the time to keep their homes clean. Robot vacuums can be left alone to keep your home dust-free without you having to lift a finger – that is, until the time you have to empty an already filled-up dust bin.

There is, however, something better than a plain robot vacuum. A SELF-EMPTYING ROBOT VACUUM! The more popular brands have started to release their own self-emptying models but, as expected, there are some that will stand out among the rest. What features should you look out for when choosing a self-emptying robot vacuum? What good models are out there?

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Features to consider
Many of these manufacturers like to include features which seem to be quite impressive. But when it comes to features, the important ones are clearly the ones that add practicality and convenience to the appliance.

Battery Life
One very important feature to look out for that is often ignored is battery life. This is especially true for large areas since it would take longer before the vacuum returns to its dock for a recharge. In this way, the robot vacuum can even finish cleaning large areas in a single run.

Mopping Features
There are floor types that require mopping in addition to vacuuming. If you think that your floor types will need much mopping, then consider getting a model that is a combination of both a vacuum and mop.

Take note though that these models may result in some occasional spills or leaks since these will have to make use of water from attached bins needed during mopping cycles. There is also the possibility of losing both a vacuum and mop if either of the functions get damaged – a usual problem in combination appliances.

Generated Noise
There are the noisy one and the silent ones. You may also want to check out then noise generated b these vacuums during operation since some tend to be more noisy than others. If you are one who is sensitive to white noise, try to get one that generates noise in a lower decibel range. The usual range for these vacuums is from 55-70 decibels.

Emptying Times
Dust and debris are usually stored in receptacles attached to self-emptying vacuums. The number of days in which this debris can be stored is from one to two months, depending on the vacuum model. If you barely spend time in the house due to work or other activities, it would be better for you to get one that can store debris for a longer period of time. This should lessen the need for you to frequently empty the vacuum.

Remote Control
The development of smart technology has diminished the need for remote controls in many appliances, including robot vacuums. Smart technology allows these vacuums to be linked to mobile gadgets or smart home systems, such as the Amazon Alexa and Google Home. However, for those who aren’t as tech-savvy, remote controls may still be worth checking out for that added convenience.

What are some of the self-emptying robot vacuums to look out for?

Proscenic M7 LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaners
There are many good things that can be said about this model. This robot vacuum has a strong suction which can clean even pet fur off carpets and hard floors.

It also has awesome mapping features thanks to its laser technology, which can accurately record all areas of your house enough to suggest a dust cleaning route.

Its sensors, too, are pretty efficient since they are able to detect any obstacle that can block the robot vacuum’s path.

The Proscenic M7 can be linked to an app for your mobile device so you can personalize cleaning modes and schedules. You can also set up “no-go zones” for your robot vacuum for areas which you feel that robot vacuum shouldn’t enter.

The dust bin is also quite easy to manage and convenient to use.

iRobot Roomba i3+ for Carpets
The Roomba has been a pioneer in the manufacture of robot vacuums. It continues to innovate and offer new features with its line of self-emptying robot vacuums.

Like all other Roomba models, the i3+ features a strong suction that can handle different kinds of debris, including pet fur and hair. It rubber brushrolls do not cause these hair to get tangled within the vacuum and these make it easy for the Roomba to handle any type of flooring and carpets, This makes the i3+ an ideal vacuum to use in homes with pets, especially those that constantly shed.

The i3+ also has filters that can clear the surrounding of allergens, especially those from pets like dogs and cats.

Roomba is also known for its Reactive Sensor Technology which allows the Roomba to detect edges and staircases which may cause the robot vacuum to fall and incur damage.

iRobot Roomba i6+
Just like the i3+, the i6+ is an ideal robot vacuum for homes with pets due to its strong suction and rubber brushrolls. It also comes with a filter that can clear the surroundings of allergens, like pollen and allergens coming from pet fur and hair.

Despite having a strong suction, the i6+ is surprisingly silent. This is a feature that is worth considering for individuals who greatly mind noise in their homes.

The i6+ can be linked to the iRobot Home App, as well as to smart home systems like Alexa and Home. Through the app, one can program cleaning schedules as well and cleaning regimens as well.

iRobot Roomba i7+
The i7+ is the top-of-the-line model of Roomba which packs a lot of additional features.

Its filters are pretty efficient in clearing the surroundings of 99% of allergens, including pollen and mold.

The suction is ten times more powerful than other models so you can expect it to clean even the most difficult of debris. Just like other Roomba models, it comes with rubber brushrolls that can easily adjust and manage any kind of floor surface, including carpets.

It has pretty good battery life and it will automatically go back to its dock for a recharge when needed. After recharging, the vacuum will continue to clean where it has left off so it doesn’t miss any area.

Like the i6+, the i7+ is fully programmable through the iRobot Home App and it is compatible with smart home systems as well.

The best part of the i7+ is its bin which can store debris up to sixty days. This should lessen the need to constantly empty the vacuum of debris which it has accumulated.

Busy lifestyles have made house maintenance more and more difficult. The development of new technology though has made maintenance much easier and doable. Indeed, there are so many models an brands to choose from these days. All carry different features which may satisfy each individual depending on their personal needs.

iRobot offers many models to choose from that are packed with outstanding features which can help you keep your house clean and dust-free regardless of your schedule and lifestyle. With the addition of self-emptying robot vacuums, do expect to make household chores even more convenient. It definitely is a buy that you won’t be regretting.

Self Emptying Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Self Emptying Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Self Emptying Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Self Emptying Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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