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A rocker recliner is a type of recliner that sits on a base with a mechanism that allows you to rock back and forth. With a soothing rocking motion, you will find yourself fall asleep quickly with this chair. A rocker recliner is a perfect seat for those of you who want a comfortable chair in your living room, perhaps for weekend movie nights or just relax with your loved ones.

Buying guide for rocker recliner
In the following guide, we will explore the types, material options, features, and other things that you need to know before deciding which recliner to buy. Read along to find out!

Types of Rocker Recliners
Most rocker recliners can be divided into two types: powered and manual.

With the powered ones, the reclining mechanism is controlled electrically by using a button located within the armrest. The obvious benefit of a powered rocker recliner is that you won’t need to pull any levers or push the backrest backward, allowing you to indulge your inner-laziness as we all aspire to do.
However, you should know that powered rocker recliners are more expensive, may experience technical problems years down the road, and, on average, don’t last as long as manual recliners.

In contrast, the manual recliners operate by pulling a lever that is built into the side of the recliner. Like a traditional recliner, you pull the lever up while pushing the backrest backward until you’ve reached a comfortable position.
The downsides of a manual rocker recliner are that you need to use your arm and back muscles to get the position just right (ugh), and that fiddling around with the lever may ruin the inner components. As long as you don’t tamper around too much with the lever and backrest, your manual rocker recliner should last for many, many years.

FYI. There is a third type of rocker recliner known as a push-back recliner. A push back recliner is operated by simply using your body-weight to recline the chair, rather than pulling a lever or pushing a button. However, this type has decreased in popularity and is rarely available anymore.

Rocker Recliner Sizes
When choosing a recliner, size is an important aspect. You have to make sure that not only the recliner you purchased fits inside your living space but also has the correct width for you to sit comfortably. Sizing options varies differently between manufacturer, but it can be divided into 3 categories: small, standard, and oversized.

Small recliners (up to 33 inches wide) are great for apartments or living spaces with limited space. It offers the same comfort while staying compact so it can fit into smaller areas. When looking to purchase small or compact recliners, keep in mind that you still need to consider whether you want a bigger space for you to sit.

Standard recliners (34-44 inches wide) are possibly the safest option. It isn’t as compact as narrow as small recliners, so you won’t have to worry about not getting the most comfortable seating position. On the other hand, it is also isn’t as wide as the oversized ones, so you can still fit this inside your living room even if you don’t have that much extra space left.

Oversized recliners (45+ inches wide) is the way to go if you desire the best possible comfort. It is spacious enough that you can even cuddle with pets or partners while still sitting comfortably in it. If you can fit this into your living space, then this is the best size for you.

Pro Tip. Other than the width and height of the rocker recliner, you also need to take into account the clearance space behind the chair for when you recline the backrest. Make sure that there’s at least a 5-inch clearance space between the headrest when fully reclined and the wall behind it.

Material options
After picking the perfect size for your needs, another important thing to consider is material options. You can either choose leather, fabrics or synthetic.

Leather is the most popular choice since it offers a luxurious look, extra comfort, and is fairly resistant to stains. However, leathers tend to be more expensive and is prone to scratches. You might need to even get it professionally cleaned later on. If you have the budget, there is nothing wrong with choosing a leather recliner.

Pro Tip. OR, instead of paying hundreds of dollars to get your leather recliner washed, you can use a simple water and dish soap solution to clean the exterior of spills and crumbs. According to some customers, a 1:1 mix of white vinegar and water will help restore the leather’s natural sheen while also eliminating foul odors.

But if you’re on a tight budget, microfiber material is a great option because it is relatively cheaper and more durable than leather. However, keep in mind that this means this material tends to be easier to stain, has a duller finish, and crumbs can easily get caught in the fibers.

If you want to purchase a recliner that is relatively cheap but still looks and feels like genuine leather, consider purchasing a faux leather one. These are generally easy to wipe clean, don’t stain easily, but might produce an embarrassing sound when standing up and down too quickly for your chair.

Rocker Recliner Features to Look for
Now you’ve chosen the right type, the right size, and the right material, but you should not overlook this part; the features. Not all recliners made the same, and they can come with a plethora of features, which adds to the value of the chair itself.

Reclining Angle
The most important thing to look for is the reclining angle. Generally, recliners can extend back up to between 140 and 160 degrees. The farther you the back reclines, the more comfortable it is for sleeping, and also the more expensive they are.

Entertainment Features
Moreover, some of the more expensive recliners even have a built-in entertainment system, e.g., a speaker located in the padding on either side of the head, which then you can connect to your home theatre or even cellphones.

The most common nice-to-have features that can be found in most recliners are cup holders, integrated heater, remote control (for powered recliners), USB charging slot, and even built-in massage motors.

How to choose the right rocker recliner?
Well, now you’ve known everything there is to know about rocker recliners. If you’re still confused as to what to look for, you can break it down to 3 things. What you can afford, whether it fits in your space, and lastly, comfort.

See if you can afford leather chairs or lesser expensive materials. A costlier rocker recliner generally lasts longer than cheap-o alternatives, but they also require quite a bit of maintenance.
Determine whether you can fit a standard size or bigger into your house. If it’s a powered unit, make sure that the cord is long enough to reach a wall outlet without running your viewing angle from the TV.
Finally, look for chairs that you can sit comfortably in, with enough features to satisfy your needs. Premium features cost more, but they can be worth it if you plan on spending most of your downtime sitting in your rocker recliner.

For Your Safety. A powered rocker recliner plugs into a standard wall outlet to power multiple comfort and convenience-adding features. However, the cord is a tripping hazard, so make sure that it’s run under a carpet or rug to prevent your guests from falling over.

1. How do rocker recliners differs from normal reclining chairs?
Rocker recliner is a type of recliner. While many other types exist such as swiveling and gliding, rocking recliners are the most common type of reclining chairs. It is mostly used in a nursing home, but it is also popular among the average users since the rocking motion offers a more soothing experience.

2. Is a power rocker recliner worth it?
Considering how many features you can get in your power rocker recliner, it’s definitely worth the extra cost. Manual rocker recliners definitely get the job done, but if you’re looking for more frills and enjoyment out of your seat, then a power rocker is the only way to go.

3. Is it bad to sleep in a recliner?
Not necessarily. You can sleep on it all night if you desire to do so. However, if you still have access to a regular bed, and aren’t suffering from spinal diseases or other illnesses, avoid sleeping in your recliner too often. Regularly sleeping in a recliner may cause contracture in the knee or hip, no matter how “ergonomic” your recliner is.

4. How long does a rocker recliner last?
As with any other types of chair, or virtually anything else, it certainly won’t live forever. Durability depends on the quality of the chair itself, and how gentle are we when using it. So, the lifespan will vary from product to product, and person to person. Choose a product from a reputable manufacturer for guaranteed durability, and treat it accordingly.


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