If you’re tired of manually vacuuming your home and are looking for the best solution to your problems, look no further. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Best Robot Vacuum with Camera

iClebo O5

Take a look at our top three picks of the best robot vacuums with cameras on the market right now for that easy clean you’ve been searching for.

Let’s get stuck in

Trifo Ironpie m6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Trifo Ironpie is our first pick and has a fantastic number of functions.

Trifo Ironpie m6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


You’ll be amazed by its smart navigation and multi-sensory system that helps map your home. This robot vacuum is so smart that it will create a 3D map of your space, leading to a more efficient and seamless clean. Just connect your new robot vacuum to the Wi-Fi and watch it go.

Wooden and carpeted floors alike are no problem for this smart gadget, which is able to comfortably and agilely manoeuvre between hard floors, wooden floors and all types of low-pile carpet, ensuring that no space is left untouched.

This high capacity vacuum has up to 100 minutes of battery life and is smart enough to return to its docking station to recharge when it runs low. During these 100 minutes, your space is cleaned by 1800Pa suction power. Dust, pet hairs and other dirt stand no chance against the power of the Trifo.

Trifo Ironpie m6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

iClebo O5 Robot Vacuum with Smart Camera Mapping

Set and save your settings on the iClebo Robot Vacuum to ensure the best clean in your home or office space. This well-designed vacuum gives you the ultimate cleaning experience with just a few clicks of a button on the app or a few commands from your voice assistant.

iClebo O5 Robot Vacuum with Smart Camera Mapping

iClebo O5

This robot vacuum with camera comes with multiple cleaning modes, including 3 different levels of suction power, including a quiet level, perfect for night time cleaning, and a turbo-clean level for differing floor types or that stubborn dirt that refuses to move.

This is one strong vacuum, with advanced anti-hair blades that promise to easily pick up pet hairs and stops tangling around the bristles as well as an attachable mop head for a different level of cleaning. The iClebo promises to pick up all types of mess from your floors, including: cereal, dirt, pet hair and sand.

iClebo O5 Robot Vacuum with Smart Camera Mapping Review

ILIFE A8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The ILIFE A8 comes equipped with ground breaking technology. Panoview navigation enables a deep and thorough clean in less time and ensures that it doesn’t bump into furniture by continually scanning its surroundings.

ILIFE A8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


This clever robot vacuum uses gen 3 cyclone power to power its way through your home or office space. With its two roller brushes, rubber brush and bristle brush, the ILIFE promises to give the comprehensive clean that you desire, as it nimbly and effectively navigates towards even the most stubborn dirt.

With an intelligent built in i-voice technology, you’ll be in the know when your robot needs attention, or where it’s got to when you’d like to check up on its route and cleaning program.

ILIFE A8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Best Robot Vacuum With Camera Buying Guide

Nowadays, there are countless different robot vacuums with built in cameras on the market, and it’s a tough task when it comes down to choosing the perfect one for you and your home or office space.

Luckily, there are a number of helpful tips to discover that will help you figure out which vacuum to spend your hard earned cash on.

For many of us, vacuuming is a tedious job, especially on top of all the other tasks and chores we have to be getting on with. By investing in the right robot vacuum for your needs, you’ll be free to get on with the jobs that really matter.

Decide first on your budget. Depending on what sort of features you want your robot vacuum to include, you should be prepared to pay between $200 and $1000. Of course, the pricier the vacuum, the higher the chances that the fancier add-ons come as standard, so if you find yourself not wanting to fork out too much cash, look more exclusively at the lower range.

Robot Vacuum with Camera

iClebo O5

If you decide to splash out a little on your camera ready robot vacuum, you’ll be given a range of added extras that can help give your home or office that extra sparkle.

All our top picks come with room mapping sensors as standard, meaning you can leave your robot vacuum to it and enjoy the freedom of not having to continually watch over it. Life is made even easier with built in Wi-Fi connection, linkable apps and voice recognition functions, which truly allow you to get the best clean in the easiest way.

Another decision to tackle includes that of your floor type. Hard wood floors and carpeted floors require a different style of clean, so be sure that the model you choose is practical and works for your floor type.

Many robot vacuums come with extra brushes as standard, making the switch from hard floor to carpeted or wooden floor seamless and easy. And, what’s more, most of these brushes have been repurposed, meaning better cleaning quality, and less chance of horrible hair tangles between the bristles.

Whilst the add-ons are wonderful, it’s always good to take into consideration the battery life of the product you’re buying. Luckily, our top three picks each have a great, long lasting battery life, and, some robot vacuums are so intelligent that they can put themselves on charge should they be running low, then restart where they left off once their battery is back to full.

Looking at the bigger picture, battery life will only become a problem if the area you’re trying to clean is extremely large. Most robot vacuums on the market are able to clean for at least an hour and a half, whilst some of the even better models will clean for up to two hours before they run out of battery.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera



How do robot vacuum cleaners work?

Robot vacuums come equipped with motherboards that map your home or office space and store the floor plans in their memory. Not only this, but every robot vacuum also comes with sensors as standard to stop it from running into furniture or other objects in its cleaning route.

Your robot will also need to be charged at the end of its cleaning cycle. Whilst some need to be taken back to their docking station manually, many robot vacuums will put themselves on charge, giving you the ultimate freedom.

How do camera assisted robot vacuums know where to clean?

Each vacuum comes with an integrated technology that allows them to perform a criss-cross pattern and spiral to follow your walls and furniture. The sensors in the vacuum stop it from bumping into stationary objects and they often clean the same area more than once.

Does my robot vacuum come with any accessories other than a camera?

Depending on the make and model of vacuum, there are a range of accessories that could come as standard. These include: cleaning brushes, standard or anti-allergenic filters, remote control, rechargeable battery, charging base and charger, cleaning cloths for cleaning underneath the robot and tools for cleaning the robot’s brushes.

How do I maintain and clean my robot?

Your robot vacuum will need to be cleaned and maintained properly in order for it to work at peak performance for a long period of time. All vacuum robots come with a guide to help you keep it maintained.

Your vacuum will most likely be bagless, instead using a plastic tub to store debris, dirt and dust. This is easily removable and can be emptied, wiped down and quickly replaced. Some more expensive models will even empty themselves automatically.

It’s important that the filter on your vacuum is cleaned approximately every 3 or 4 cycles. Although it depends on how thorough each cleaning session has been, the cleaner the filters are kept, the more suction your vacuum will have, meaning a deeper clean for longer. The filter should be changed completely every 3 to 6 months, depending on how often it is used.

There are a number of main brushes underneath your robot vacuum, and these should be cleaned with the special brush cleaning tools provided. It’s important that the brushes are cleaned regularly in order to keep debris that may get caught between the bristles from causing the robot to malfunction.

As with the brushes, it is also important to keep the wheels underneath the robot free from debris to keep it running smoothly.


Once you give into temptation and choose one of our camera assisted robot vacuum cleaners, you’ll discover an easier, cleaner living. With less time wasted on vacuuming every room in your home or office, you’ll be left with more time to spend on the important things in life.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the perfect camera assisted vacuum for you today!

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 • 1800Pa
 • Keep Out Zones
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 • 1300Pa
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 • 2000Pa
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