Best Nesting Coffee Tables in 2022: Buying Guide

Nesting tables are an absolute blessing for homes that have limited space with their special stacking-attributes. You decide when you need more table space and slide an extra table or two out, or on the other hand, you realize you need some floor space opened up and you stack all the tables back into each other. It’s a 3- or 2-in-one solution.

Nesting tables have recently become an essential asset in most modern homes. These tables are so versatile and give homeowners such a wide range of styling options without actually needing to take up a big amount of space in their homes.

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Every house needs more surface-space: space for the ordinary, like plates, cups, tablets, and magazines, but also for the extraordinary, like art, floral displays, or other showcase items. With nesting tables, surface-space does not have to equal similar floor-space (beneath them).

Nesting tables are usually found in living rooms; however, they aren’t designed strictly for this venue. You really can use them anywhere – decorative in the bathroom, nightstand table in the bedroom, colouring tables for the kids, and the list goes on. Some tables are so beautifully made that they are the decoration.

We went looking for a mix of urban-industrial, modern, contemporary, minimalist, and farmhouse chic – hoping that this variety will stir some nesting excitement in you! So, whether you’re looking for modern farmhouse-style side tables, display tables with opulent beauty, or something more serviceable and plain, we’ve found some great tables to show you.

Below we’ve highlighted a few winners in our “great-buys” category. Take a peek and tell us afterwards if you didn’t fall in love with at least one set.

Nesting Coffee Table | Recommended

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Nesting Coffee Table | Recommended

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Our Winners

1. Three Round Nesting Tables from Lavish Home
This set of nesting tables will bring some contemporary charm into your home with a fresh modern farmhouse style. Kept together as accent tables or spread around the room for a consistent look, these circular tables are easy to assemble and take up a tiny footprint, ideal for homes with less available floorspace. The tables each have a stylish black metal base with a gray-brown woodgrain-type look on top and are fully nestable – perfect for any room!

Lavish Home Round Nesting Set of 3, Modern Woodgrain Look with Black Base for Living...
  • SET OF 3 SIDE TABLES – The 3-piece nesting table set features an updated design...
  • NESTING CAPABILITY – The round side table set can be nested together or used...

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2. Hillsdale Furniture: Monaco Nesting Tables
These three tables bring the palatial beauty of the French Riviera into your home. They have all the stature of real marble at a fraction of the cost. Rectangular and varying in height, these provide surface space when you need it, while saving space when you don’t. With elegantly arched legs and robust feet in Matte Espresso, these nesting tables create the perfect balance of grace and strength.

Hillsdale Monaco Metal Nesting Tables, Marble with Matte Espresso
  • Nesting tables with faux marble top and Matte expresso base
  • Tables can be used together or separate

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3. Walker Edison: Three-Piece Modern Round Nesting Table Set
This versatile set of tri-toned nesting coffee tables is gorgeous! Their design allows them to be tucked close together or to use them apart as you wish. They’re the perfect combo for study sessions and pizza, coffee and magazines, or just to show off some pretty decorations. The tri-coloured tops make them easy to match into any current colour-scheme in your home. The golden tapered metal legs end on protective caps.

Walker Edison 3 Piece Modern Round Nesting Coffee Table Set Living Room Accent...
  • Dimensions: Large: 22" H x 15.5" D - Medium: 19.25" H x 23.5" D - Small: 18" H x...
  • Use together or separately

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4. Set of 2 Round Small Nesting Tables from RiteSune
Practical and on-trend, these side tables will give any room in your home an upgrade in style. Its urban, chic look with a nesting design that saves space will work with just about any room’s current aesthetic. This enchanting set of tables would bring a new sense of radiance and elegance to your living space and the lightweight design makes it easy to adapt to your décor as they’re effortless to move around and stack/unstack.

Gold&White Round Nesting Side End Tables Set of 2 in Wooden Top, Assemble Already,...
  • STURDY - Unique constructed with White painted Wooden top and iron decorative barrel,...
  • DIMENSIONS- Sold as set of 2: LARGE size - 16.5"(Dia) x 22"(H), SMALL size - 14"(Dia)...

Last update on 2023-09-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

5. Nesting Tables: Chrome Dark Table Set from Monarch Specialties
With its dark taupe wood-look top, this 2-piece square nesting table set gives a sophisticated look to any room. The crisscross chrome metal stand ensures that it is sturdy as well as giving it a fashionable look. Even with a slightly larger than normal surface-top area, this set is still as versatile as ever.

Monarch Specialties , Nesting Table, Chrome Metal, Grey, Table Set, 2 pcs
  • 2 piece nesting table set
  • Multi-functional set can be used as end table, display tables or simply as accent...

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BUYERS’ GUIDE: What to consider when you’re buying nesting tables.

You might be wondering what could be complicated about buying a set of nesting tables but there are a few key things to take into consideration if you want to make sure to avoid buyers-remorse. Take a read through our buyers’ guide to educate yourself on what things are important to remember when shopping for the best nesting tables ever!

Main function
One of the greatest things about nesting tables is that they are multi-functional. They could be used to put everyday items on (like drinks, lamps, or books), to add a design accent to a room, or a bit of both. You need to decide what the main purpose of your tables will be before you choose a set. If you’ll be using them for a specific function, you should choose a set that is made of materials suited to that function. For instance, should you want to use the tables to hold your drinks, the surface should be easy to wipe clean. If you were looking for tables to use for display, cast an eye on those with glass or marble tops.

Current Style
As stated at the beginning of this article, a set of nesting tables can be used in literally any room in a house. When deciding on your nesting set, take some time to consider your existing décor. How will the tables you’re thinking about buying relate to the style of that room? If you want to include an accent piece to a room, that piece still needs to fit within the general style of that room. For example, if you have a traditional farmhouse style home and you placed a minimalistic nesting table set in a room, it will definitely stand out, but in terms of style, it just wouldn’t work.

So, keep in mind that when you add an accent piece to a room, you still want to keep within your overall style while just adding something a bit different. For instance, keep the style but with a top that has a different colour or finish to most of the other furniture. This way you’ll have an accent piece that complements your other décor rather than clashing with it.

Nesting tables are designed with space-saving in mind, however, those with more space available can arrange them in so many different ways to create a beautifully appealing area in the room. Of course, you don’t have to arrange them together at all, but scatter them throughout the house in different rooms.

Laptop Table
Nesting tables are often used for a laptop. If that’s what you’re planning on using it for it’s essential that you ensure it’s taller than your seat. If you plan on using it while you’re on your sofa, make sure your table is several inches taller to give you leg room. All the tables we’ve listed above have their heights mentioned on Amazon, so it would be up to you to measure your favourite seat before putting your heart on one of the tables.

If you’re planning on using your nesting tables for display purposes, you absolutely have to style them well. Remember that these tables usually have a small top-surface area and that trying to fit as many different items as possible on it isn’t going to have a nice look – go for simplicity. For an accent feature you could add a splash of colour with a vase of bright flowers or an ornamental piece that is in contrast to the colour of the tabletop.

If you’re planning on using them to make a statement about your accomplishments, you could display some trophies and certificates in picture frames along with photos of you receiving awards. Or you could artfully stack some impressive books on them. These create a visual impact and could initiate an instant talking point for visitors. Naturally, these can be changed at any time you feel like re-styling the room.

Frequency of use
Here we’re talking about needing to stack or unstack the tables. How often will you need to unstack the tables to create more surface-space? Or how often will you need to stack them again to open up some floor-space? Some are light, some are heavy, some need to be lifted, while others only need to slide into place (whether in or out). You’d want to be clear on the weight of these tables and how they stack because if you’re going to be moving them around a lot you might want to invest in something lighter that slides out rather than lifts off each other.

Frequently Asked Questions
We’ve been asked a few questions and would like to take this opportunity to answer them.

Q: What are Nesting Tables?
Nesting tables are a set of two or three (it’s rarely more than three) tables that have been designed to stand very close to each other or stack underneath each other – the idea behind stacking is to save space when all the tables aren’t needed at the same time. The tables usually come in slightly different sizes (to allow them to fit into each other) and are usually found in living rooms.

Thomas Sherraton designed the first set in the 18th century. He made a set of four tables that was used to do needlepoint or to play checkers on. These days people use nesting tables for a wide variety of functions. Some sets do physically stack onto each other and some don’t – but fit in tightly next to each other. See the Walker Edison set in our “Great-Buys” list above as an example of this.

Q: How does one decorate a nesting table?
The table-top surface of nesting tables has a tendency of being quite small, so we advise you to decorate them with fewer items. Sometimes even one item is enough, like a vase. If you have several objects you’d like to display, ensure that they are a variety of heights as this is aesthetically more pleasing to the eye. Don’t feel shy to add colours different to those of the tabletops.

Q: What do people use nesting tables for?
Pretty much anything you want! The most common use is for coffee tables, but there’s so much more that you can do with them – decorations, an arrangement of photos, your laptop, your landline or Wi-Fi router, or lamps. You can use them as a nightstand next to your bed, in the living room next to your couch, in the bathroom for a vase and some extra toilet rolls, or in the children’s bedrooms as a colouring station.

People also use them as a design element or accent point to draw a visitor’s eye to this decorative feature. If you can imagine it, you can do it – there are no rules for what you can and can’t use it for, as long as you keep the appropriate materials in mind. You don’t want the wooden table to perish outside or the metal frame to rust in a damp bathroom without protection.

Final Words
Today you’ve learned that Nesting Tables come in all shapes and sizes and can be used in such a wide variety of ways that it’s almost impossible that you wouldn’t find a good use for them. Go on, spoil yourself with a set and join the club of nesting bliss.

Happy stacking!

Nesting Coffee Table | Recommended

Last update on 2023-09-25 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Nesting Coffee Table | Recommended

Last update on 2023-09-25 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Nesting Coffee Table
Nesting Coffee Table
Nesting Coffee Table

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