Best Nature Fresh Charcoal Bags

Household odors can come from many things – pets, cooking, shoes, sweaty gym clothes, etc. Although air fresheners can mask these odors, there is something that you can use to foil these foul smells. Bamboo charcoal bags to the rescue!

Bamboo charcoal is porous. When put inside breathable fabric bags, bad smells are naturally trapped and the air smells fresher in the process.

Best Nature Fresh Charcoal Bags

NatureFresh bags – what are they?

These bags are breathable and contain activated charcoal. These bags can be placed in a suitcase, shoebox, etc. They can also be used hanging up, due to a grommet in the top corner. Great for hanging in the kitchen!

What is activated charcoal?

It is formed by burning bamboo at such high temperatures that a porous powder is created. This powder then effectively traps toxins and moisture.
It is used in many products as it filters out pollutants, toxins, and impurities.

It is scientifically proven that it can reduce harmful chemicals, such as benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde, and chlorine gas which are emitted from air fresheners, rubber, paint, chemical cleanser, carpets, and plastic.

What are the benefits of NatureFresh air purifying bags?

Keeping the air fresh and clean

These bags are versatile items you can use anywhere inside, or outside, the home, such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom closets, cars, even in your shoes!
People with weak lungs could benefit from multiple bags in a single location so they can breathe fresh, clean air.

Smokers can help non-smokers by using these bags. The air will be purified, reducing the risk of second-hand smoke.

Pollutants can also be removed by these bags, meaning those with allergies may find their symptoms decreasing.


Keeping your home fresh and healthy is important, but cost is always a factor in household gadgets.

NatureFresh air purifiers aren’t expensive to buy, and continued maintenance is cheap as well. The bag needs to be refreshed after two months since after that its efficacy will be reduced.

By leaving the NatureFresh air purifier in the sun for an hour, you can revitalize it for another couple of months’ use. This is excellent for those who worry about ongoing energy costs – because there aren’t any!

Prevent the spread of bacteria and mildew

Bacteria and mildew love living in damp places. They can cause health issues to anyone in their vicinity. Because the NatureFresh purifying pouches absorb moisture, they drastically reduce the spread of bacteria and mildew.


NatureFresh bags are non-toxic, meaning you can continue promoting your healthy lifestyle.

Aesthetically pleasing

These bags are beautiful enough that you can leave them around the house without upsetting your interior design. The different designs and colors also mean you can match them to your home décor too.

Eliminates odor

NatureFresh air-purifying pouches keep the air fresh while eliminating all those unpleasant smells that houses get.


After two years, when your bag loses its efficacy, you will be able to spread it out in your garden for it to break down into the soil.

What do I need to consider when buying bamboo charcoal air purifier bags?

When bamboo is burnt at high temperatures, it creates bamboo charcoal. Under the right conditions, the burnt bamboo can be turned into the even-more-porous activated bamboo charcoal.

Either type of bamboo charcoal can be used in bags that are pet- and kid-friendly and used to eliminate odors in the home. They are also reusable and affordable – what could be better?

The bamboo charcoal bags are offered in a multitude of designs and sizes, which makes them suitable for everyone – no matter what odor you want to eliminate, or which room you want refreshed.


These bags can fight various odors from sports equipment, cat litter, shoes, etc., and can be used on their own or with other air fresheners.
Unlike air fresheners, these bamboo charcoal bags won’t add any fragrance or chemicals into the air, making them a better choice if someone is particularly sensitive to smells.

They have a range of shapes and designs to tailor them to your individual situation. There are bags with hooks that can be hung in a cupboard, tubular ones for shoes, and a standing bag for whole-room deodorizing.
Bamboo charcoal bags can be refreshed monthly by placing them in sunlight for a few hours. This will reactivate its ability to fight odors.
The best bags on the market can last for up to two years.

Functionality vs. Decoration

While the smelly item is in a cupboard or closet, you can go with a plain bag, possibly one with a hook.

If you need bags out in the open, such as by a pet bed or in the bathroom, a decorative bag will be able to help eliminate odors and still look nice.


The range on the market is between 50g and 2 lbs.
-Small bags – good for backpacks and shoes
-Medium bags – good for dressers and closets
-Large bags – good for deodorizing whole rooms


You can get charcoal from a variety of materials such as coal, peat, or wood. Bamboo charcoal is also naturally derived, which will appeal to environmentally friendly households.

Bamboo grows quickly, which makes this option relatively sustainable. 100% bamboo charcoal is compostable, meaning it’s even better for the environment.

Bamboo charcoal is often packed in linen bags since they are sturdy, attractive, and breathable, but any fabric bag will work.

Charcoal purity

If you are environmentally conscious, having a 100% bamboo charcoal bag that you can compost afterward may be important to you.

Please note: While charcoal bags trap odors, they don’t affect air quality; so, adding an air purifier to the room as well would be good.


Q: Charcoal – What is it?

A: Charcoal has been made for centuries. It is made by burning wood at high temperatures with limited oxygen. A temperature range of 1,472°F – 1,832°F is normal, and in chemistry, this process is called destructive distillation.

Moso bamboo is the name of the most popular species of bamboo used for making charcoal.

Q: Bamboo charcoal – What is it?

A: Moso bamboo grows very fast, up to two feet in one day! Due to this rapid growth, the bamboo is internally different from other types of bamboo. When it is five years old, it can be harvested, and numerous tiny pores have been created in the stalk. These pores allow the absorption of odors. It is far more porous than wood charcoal, which is why it is better for this use.

Q: Are air purifier bags safe?

A: Yes.

Bamboo charcoal is a natural product with no chemicals used in its production, apart from some catalysts consumed during the process, which are harmless. Activated charcoal is used in the medical field for patients who have suffered poisoning or fumes asphyxiation.


Purifying bags eliminate odors, contaminants, and pollutants quickly and easily from your home. Without much effort from you, it allows you to have healthier and cleaner are to breathe.

The products listed in this review are the highest options on review websites from current customers.

Looking for an easy and cheap way for clean, healthier air? This is it.

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