Best Floor Buffers for Hardwood Floors in 2022

Floors get dirty. This is a fact. If you have a floor, in your home, and you are constantly stepping on that floor, then it is going to get dirty. This is because your feet have dirt on them, and this dirt can add up very quickly, the more you walk on your floors. And, if you live in a home of some sort, and you spend a lot of time in that home, then it is completely inevitable that your floors are going to get dirty rather quickly, because you are spending so much time walking on that floor, bringing dirt and germs onto the floor.

Best Floor Buffers for Hardwood/Marble/Concrete Floors

Now, there are a couple of different ways that you can clean your floors. You can wipe them down, by hand, using a rag with cleaning solution, or a sponge, or some other little tool. And, this is a very valid and powerful way of cleaning your floors. If you do it right, and you make sure to scrub nice and hard, then you won’t have any issues cleaning the entirety of your floors, and they will look spotless, afterward!

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Floor Buffer | Recommended

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Our Recommended Floor Buffers for Hardwood/Marble/Concrete Floors For 2021

5) Prolux Core Floor Buffer

Prolux Core Floor Buffer - Heavy Duty Single Pad Commercial Floor Polisher and Tile...
  • Are you tired of those cheap lightweight floor cleaners that don't actually clean?...
  • PROLUX CORE FEATURES- Comes with 50 ft. extension cord, industries only adjustable...

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4) Bissel BGEM9000 Floor Buffer Machine

Bissell BigGreen Commercial Easy Motion Floor Machine, Industrial Orbiter, Buffer,...
  • Dry cleans carpet and removes allergens
  • Buffs and sands hard wood floors. Pad speed: 175 RPM

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3) Viper VN2015 Buffer Venom Series

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2) Oreck ORB600MW Multi-Purpose Buffer

Oreck Orbiter Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner, Scrubber Sander Buffer and Polisher,...
  • TILE CLEANER: Helps remove grout stains of tile floors and helps to restore marble
  • DEEP CLEAN CARPETS: Removes those tough to remove set in stains and dirt.

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1) Oreck ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Cleaner

Oreck Commercial Orbiter Hard Floor Cleaner Machine ,Multi-Purpose Hardwood Wood...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANING: Commercial grade cleaner and effective on all types of...
  • EASY TO MANEUVER: Brush head rotates in a random orbital pattern to glide over the...

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Cleaning the floors requires so much time and energy that most people don’t do it at all, because they don’t see it as a worthwhile investment for their time and energy. And, it’s easy to see why most people think that, because, well, people are already busy enough, and they don’t have the time or energy to focus on these other big projects and tasks since they already have a lot on their plate.

Best Floor Buffers for Hardwood Floors

As technology has grown and developed, we have seen the rise of different tools that can be used to make various cleaning tasks, and other chores, significantly easier. And, these are tasks that have to do with things like vacuuming the carpet, washing the windows, and, of course, cleaning your floors, and buffing them out so that they look nice, feel nice to walk on, and are no longer full of the dirt and germs.

Floor buffers aren’t the most recent technology, but there have been a lot of developments within the industry, during the last two to three decades, and so the tools are a lot stronger and more powerful than they once were, which does make things much nicer and much more efficient.

Best Floor Buffers for Marble Floors

In today’s buying guide, we’re going to be talking all about floor buffers. You’re going to learn about the best floor buffers for buffing hardwood floors, marble floors, and concrete floors. But, more importantly, you’re going to be learning about the features and the attributes that these types of floor buffers have so that you can find the very best one that will fulfill your needs and desires.

Instead of talking about specific floor buffers, which would take too much time, and it wouldn’t be the most helpful for certain people with very specific needs, we’re going to take a look at the individual features and attributes that they possess, as well as what those features and attributes will do. This is going to make the buying process much easier and much less daunting and complex.

Remember to keep in mind the fact that the features and attributes we will be discussing are tailored towards floor buffers that you will use to buff hardwood floors, marble floors, and concrete floors. However, you can use these features and attributes to find any particular floor buffer, regardless of the specific needs that you have.

To start this guide, though, we are going to define what a floor buffer is, and this will give you a better understanding of the general context that the features and attributes we will discussing operate within.

Best Floor Buffers for Concrete Floors

What Does A Floor Buffer Do?

A floor buffer is a device that uses a large pad, and this pad rotates at a very pace, to clean and polish your floors. Now, the floors that you can use a floor buffer on are all hard floors. Soft floors, such as carpets and rugs, are not to be used with a floor buffer since that would damage them.

With a floor buffer, the stains and the gunk and the grime on your floor is, effectively, buffed away, due to the speed of the pad that rotates back and forth, and how effectively that is used to polish the floor and to make things look nice, while also removing some of the scratches and dents and bruises that the floor may have withstood, over the years.

While a floor buffer is very much a tool used to clean floors, it’s best to think of it as a tool that you can use to polish the floor itself, and remove some of the gunk and grime, rather than strictly as a tool that is designed to clean your floors. There are plenty of floor cleaning tools out there, but very few of those make your floor look completely different, and expose the better qualities of it.

If you have floors that have endured a lot, and that are looking a little shabby and a little beat down, then a good floor buffer is an excellent tool that will make those floors look significantly better.

In this next section of the buying guide, we are going to give you the information that you need to find the very best floor buffer for hardwood floors, marble floors, and concrete floors!

Best Floor Buffers

What Do I Need To Look For And Consider?

We’re going to take a look at the key features and attributes that you must consider and be aware of when searching for the best floor buffer that can buff hardwood floors, marble floors, and concrete floors, while also fulfilling the needs and desires that you have.

What Is The RPM Of The Floor Buffer?

The term “RPM” means “Revolutions Per Minute”, and, in the context of floor buffers, it refers to the speed in which the buffer itself spins, back and forth, and this spinning process is what allows the floor buffer to polish your floors, and to make things nice and neat.

If you have a floor buffer that only offers, say, 100 RPM, that isn’t a lot, at all, and it will make the floor buffing process a lot more inconvenient and difficult since it will take a much longer period.

Instead of doing that, you should find one with an RPM of at least 140, assuming that this is a regular-sized floor buffer. With this RPM, the process of buffing your floors, no matter the surface material, will be efficient, effective, and productive.

Best Floor Buffers Buying Guide

What Are The Capabilities Of The Floor Buffer?

Many floor buffers are not only able to buff your floors, polishing them and making them look nice and neat, but they are also able to sand your floors, to wax them, to strip them, and to do various other things to them.

If you have a floor buffer that has these capabilities – and, it isn’t hard to find floor buffers with these capabilities – then you have access to a machine that is incredibly powerful and incredibly useful. A machine that can serve as an all-purpose floor tool, negating the need to buy a bunch of extra tools for that exact purpose.

How Big/Heavy Is The Floor Buffer?

Depending on your needs and wants, for this floor buffer, you are going to want something that is around fifteen-pounds, or less. Some floor buffers on the market weigh a lot more than that, and that is because they are incredibly powerful, and have a much larger cleaning path. But, if you are using a floor buffer to polish your floors, and for other general usage purposes, then it is best to get a floor buffer that is somewhat light, and not too big. It’ll make the process of using that floor buffer, and then storing it, significantly easier.

One thing to consider is the width of the cleaning path, though. If you want an efficient and relatively speed floor buffing experience, then a cleaning path of around one-foot, to sixteen-inches is ideal.

Best Floor Buffer

How Long Is The Power Cord?

Here’s the thing, the length of the power cord that is ideal for you, is dependent on the types of spaces you will be working within. If you live in a small house, and you don’t have any big spaces, then a power cord length of twenty-feet is probably ideal. But, if you do live in a big house, and want something that is a bit better, you should invest in a power cord that is fifty-feet long, or more.


Floor buffers are an essential tool for ensuring that your floors look nice and that they are free from dirt and big chunks of grime, while also being smooth and free of blemishes and things of that nature.

By using this guide, you will have no problems finding the perfect floor buffer for your needs and desires!

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