Best Crawl Space Dehumidifiers in 2022

When we think of homes, we usually think of rooms with large spaces and ceilings. We usually think of rooms that we usually go to like our living rooms and bedrooms where air is usually normal. There are, however, rooms which are under extreme moisture which can provide a good environment for microorganisms like molds. Added to this is the possibility that extreme moisture in a room may cause certain building materials to deteriorate.

In these instances, it is recommended to put a dehumidifier in an area such as a crawl space, cellar or basement, in order to control the amount of moisture in the room.

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Why should I use a crawl space dehumidifier
It is quite important to maintain the right amount humidity in a given space because too much moisture in the air provides a good environment for molds and spores to proliferate. Having these in the air can be a cause for allergies and respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Excess moisture in the air can also lead to deterioration of wood and other building materials used in your home.

Air dehumidifiers help in removing excess moisture from the air, helping maintain the right amount re humidity in your crawl space.

What should you consider when choosing an air dehumidifier?
There are certain things to know though in order to be able to choose the right kind of dehumidifier for the crawl space you may have in mind. Certain specifications such as coverage area, tank capacity, size, safety features, among other things, have to be thought of before making a final choice.

Coverage Area
Different kinds of humidifiers have different kinds of capacities when it comes to the size of an area which it can cover. It is important to check this piece of information so that the humidifier can function properly.

Besides the area of coverage, you should also consider how much moisture it can eliminate in a given area. This is an important factor to consider, especially if you are dealing in an area that is usually damp or wet due to poor insulation.

Tank Capacity
Moisture drawn by the dehumidifier usually accumulated in a tank installed to the dehumidifier. Having a busy lifestyle means less time for you to check on the tank which needs to be emptied every now and then. If you do lead a busy lifestyle that limits your time in your home, consider getting a dehumidifier with a large tank capacity.

Having a big dehumidifier in a small area such as a crawl space can be quite inconvenient since it limits the area where you can actually move in that small area. Large dehumidifiers may also be quite heavy so it may be a problem for you just in case you need to move the dehumidifier around while cleaning your crawl space.

Safety Features
A dehumidifier that can cause injury will not contribute much to a household. In fact, it may even be a source of danger.

Features such as an automatic shut off system, timer, touch screen and remote control, do not only make the dehumidifier safe to use. These also can provide added convenience to the user.

Warranties are actually guarantees from the manufacturer when it comes to the dehumidifier. Since a dehumidifier is expected to be used for long term. There may be times when the dehumidifier may need minor repairs. For these repairs you wouldn’t want to have the need to shell out extra expenses.

Standard warranties usually a term of five years. There are those though that offer lifetime warranties.

It would be wise then to check out the terms and conditions, as well as the coverage of the warranties that come with the dehumidifier.

There are different brands and models that offer different kinds of dehumidifiers. They offer different features and specifications which may meet your needs.

The AlorAir Sentinel HD55
AlorAir is one of the brands that provide pretty good dehumidifiers that can be used for any area in your home. It can be used for crawl spaces, cellars and basements as well. It is designed to handle areas of up to 1300 square feet, which is great for crawl spaces.

The AlorAir Sentinel is not prone to corrosion, thanks to its special epoxy coating. It is also this special coating that makes it possible for the Sentinel to provide optimum dehumidification.

Another great feature of The Sentinel is its HGV system or hot gas valve. This becomes especially useful during the winter months when coils have the tendency to freeze during winter time. Automatic defrosting because of the HGV system prevents this from happening so the dehumidifier can operate more smoothly.

The Sentinel is pretty efficient as it can remove up to 15 gallons of water from the air in a day.

April Aire 1820
Another good model that’s out in the market now I the 1820 by April Aire. The 1820 can handle larger areas up to 2800 square feet.

In terms of dehumidification tough, it an remove only up to nine gallons of water as compared to the Sentinel. The control panel of the 1820 is placed on the top portion of the machine so this can be easily controlled and set up.

Given the large that it an accommodate, this dehumidifier is good enough to keep the humidity in crawl spaces at a comfortable level.

Base Aire Werx 55
An advantage of the AirWerx 55 is that it is compact and small enough to fit crawl spaced, basements and even garages. Its compact size doesn’t mean a compromised performance though. The AirWerx 55 can cover up to an area of 1300 square feet and it can remove up to seven gallons of water.

The coils of the Airier 55 is also covered in an epoxy coating that helps prevent corrosion which may ultimately lead to coil leakage.

The AirWerx 55 is installed with a MERV-8 filter that is able to eliminate large particles in the air, thus preventing these particles from spreading.

Dri-Eaz F413
The Dri-Eaz F413 is another compact dehumidifier that can easily be placed in any crawl space. It can remove up to 12 gallons of water in the air in a given crawl space.

The F413 is also able to rid the air of harmful particles such as molds and spores using a 4-stage filtration system. Keeping the air clean means a healthier environment, even within that crawl space.

Another good feature of the F413 is its automatic restart system. This is especially useful during power outages so you won’t necessarily have to go to the crawl space in order to switch the dehumidifier back on again.

The F413’s housing is retromolded so you can be assured of its durability.

Draining the F413isn made convenience because of the hose attached to the unit.

There is no one set standard when it comes to choosing a dehumidifier. Each crawl space is designed differently so you will have to see which is fit for you based on specifications given by the manufacturer. There may also be special features which an add to your convenience so you may want to check these out as well.

There are many models in the market now when it comes to dehumidifiers. All are quite affordable as well.

Take time to explore these different brands and models. Compare them and see what best fits your situation.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier
Crawl Space Dehumidifier

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