BedJet vs. Mattress Cooler: Climate Comfort for Beds

There are several systems to choose from that aim to improve the quality of your sleep. If you suffer from overheating at night but can’t give up your blanket (you know, for protection against nighttime monsters), then extra padding probably won’t work. To dissipate heat quickly and prevent drowning from your own sweat, you’ll need an under-sheet bed fan to do the job.

BedJet vs. Mattress Cooler

The two under-sheet bed fans we’d like to take a look at today are the BedJet and the Mattress Cooler. These two mattress coolers rely on a system of tubing to introduce cool air beneath your blanket for a sweat-free, refreshing sensation to help you get 8 wonderful hours of sleep every night. But which of the two works better? That’s what we’re here to find out.

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Maximum Cool Temperature

Both of these appliances work by continuously blowing jets of cool air via duct pipes beneath your blanket while you lay there comfortably. However, they differ in various ways, including how chilled the air can be. The BedJet on its coolest setting can blow as cold 66°F air to directly onto your mattress for sweat-free sleep.

Mattress Cooler vs BedJet

Mattress Cooler
The Mattress Cooler is slightly different from the previous model. The BedJet has a clear temperature range – the minimum being 66°F – while the Mattress Cooler is designed to chill water to up to 12°F below your bedroom’s temperature. This device does this by measuring the ambient air and chilling the tankful of water thoroughly before gently blasting it below your blanket.

Conclusion: We like that the BedJet’s water cooler is designed specifically to chill water to a certain degree. We’ve found that the Mattress Cooler’s cooling system works well, at least in our area, but if you live in an incredibly hot part of the globe, then even 12°F lower than the average room temperature may be insignificant.

Heater Function

The BedJet doesn’t just work as a cooler, but when winter comes rolling around, you can switch this device from cooling to heating mode. The BedJet’s heating temperature starts from 72°F and reaches a toasty 104°F. This handy little device can be used all year long so you won’t need to worry about damage due to being unused.

BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds

Mattress Cooler
By the brand name, you can probably already tell that the Mattress Cooler does not include a heater function. If you’re freezing in the middle of winter, your only options are to either crank up the thermostat or double or triple your blanket coverage.

Conclusion: Even though the Mattress Cooler doesn’t have a heating function, we can’t say that it’s a bad product since it does what you’d expect. The BedJet’s heater is a nice function to have if you live in an area with four seasons and would like to ease up on running an air conditioner and/or radiator.

Device Size

Mattress cooling systems like these belong underneath your bed to prevent the risk of accidentally kicking and toppling it over. The BedJet can either stand on its side or sit flat on its face without affecting its performance. The orientation at which you can set the BedJet depends entirely on how much clearance space you have beneath your bedframe.

Mattress Cooler
Dimension-wise, the volume of the Mattress Cooler device is actually quite smaller than the BedJet. Standing at just only 13 inches, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a spot neat or even beneath your bedframe to place this cooler. Unlike the BedJet, the Mattress Cooler works in only one orientation. Placing it on its side will only cause water to drip onto your beautiful bedroom floor.

Mattress Cooler

Conclusion: If you have more than a foot of clearance beneath your bed, then neither of these products’ sizes should pose a problem in terms of ideal placement. The BedJet’s ability to work in either “portrait” or “landscape” mode makes it a lot easier to find a great hiding spot compared to the upright Mattress Cooler.


The BedJet can be controlled either by the included infrared remote control or by the downloadable BedJet Smart Remote on your smartphone. If you find it difficult to point the remote at the BedJet while buried beneath your chilled blanket, then just connect your phone via Bluetooth to the appliance and choose whatever temperature you prefer.

Mattress Cooler
The Mattress Cooler comes with a handy infrared remote control. This beats the heck out of reaching beneath your bed to manually press buttons. The only first-world issue you’ll have is navigating your arm underneath your bed to point the remote directly at the Mattress Cooler.

Conclusion: In terms of convenience, having a backup method of controlling your mattress cooler, especially after you’ve found your sweet spot while laying down in bed, is a plus in our books. If the BedJet’s remote is out of reach, just whip out your smartphone, connect it via Bluetooth to the BedJet, and set it to the desired temperature.

BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds Review

Biorhythmic Function

The Biorhythmic Function of the BedJet works like an alarm. Instead of setting your phone to blare music to jolt you awake, users can set the BedJet to alter its cooling/heating temperature to an “uncomfortable” level at a certain time to gently wake you up. Also, there’s no snooze function so you’ll have to manually adjust the temperature to a more tolerable degree to fall back to sleep. This is by no means a must-have feature, but it’s definitely nice that BedJet thought to add it.

Mattress Cooler
The Mattress Cooler, as the simpler, more feature-lacking device, does not come with this function. Instead, you’ll need to have an alarm clock or your phone’s alarm playing next to your ear to pull you out of your deep slumber in preparation for the morning.

Mattress Cooler Review

Conclusion: The usefulness of the Biorhythmic Function in the BedJet is relative to how sensitive you are to temperature changes. For hot sleepers, it’s safe to assume that this heated/cooled alarm has a high chance of waking you up.

BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds, Cooling Fan + Heating Air (Single Temp. Zone Any Size Bed or Mattress)


It’s clear that the BedJet is the more feature-rich product between the two, thus being able to cater to more people due to its versatility. Its snazzy appearance is also a plus if you’re trying to stick to a particular theme. The Mattress Cooler, on the other hand, does what you’d want it to do without a bunch of features you’d probably never need. In conclusion, the BedJet is, without a doubt, the better cooler for several reasons – the most prominent of which is its heating function for use during winter.

Mattress Cooler

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