AVANTEK D-3G Waterproof Wireless Doorbell Review

The days of traditional doorbells are long gone, mainly because we haven’t seen any significant improvement over the last couple of decades. Going wireless is the latest trend with seemingly everything being operable without the lengthy cables and cords, and doorbell technology has jumped on the technologically advanced bandwagon for much-needed improvements.

AVANTEK D-3G Waterproof Wireless Doorbell Review

Wireless doorbells are all the rage, being as practical as their wired ancestors but also coming with a range of additional features. The AVANTEK D-3G is proof of how well-designed and feature-rich wireless doorbells are. Let’s take a look at what the D-3G has to offer.

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1,300-foot Range

The D-3G Wireless Doorbell kit (available in either black or white) comes with everything you need to install it (an effortless endeavor in our opinion). The key components are a receiver and a button, the latter which is installed outside for guests to press. Setting up the button is a matter of screwing it onto a wall or attaching it using the included adhesive patch.

The maximum allowed distance between these two components is up to 1,300 feet – a wider range than needed in the average home. Although metal, walls, and other obstructions may interfere with the connection between the button and receiver, you most likely won’t have any issues regarding installation and use.


5 Volume Levels (including Silent Mode!)

Hearing or ignoring doorbells is going to be hard to do if it doesn’t play at the right volume. Luckily, the D-3G is built with five different volume settings that cater to everyone. So whether you live in a large home and need a louder bell, or you’re trying to catch some Zzz’s and want to ignore everyone that comes to your door, the D-3G has an appropriate volume setting for you.

From the lowest to highest volume settings, the D-3G’s receiver plays sounds at 0 dB, 70-80 dB, 80-90 dB, 90-100 dB, and 100-115 dB. If you’re throwing the party of the century at home, you’ll hear the doorbell when the 5-0 ultimately storms the place.


But what if you live in a home where a single transmitter cannot deliver its ear-pleasing chimes to every room? Worry not, dear reader, as AVANTEK has made their D-3G wireless doorbell model expandable by giving the bell the ability to connect to a maximum of two receivers simultaneously. Of course, each transmitter must be within 1,300 feet of the bell at all times to function correctly.

AVANTEK D-3G Wireless Doorbell

Additionally, you may also want to get multiple D-3Gs to install at every door of your home. Since the D-3G can play 52 different melodies, having more than one doorbell playing different chimes will alert you of which door to open.

LED Alerts

For the hearing impaired who may have difficulty hearing 115-dB chimes, you may be happy to learn that the D-3G. If the chimes don’t get your attention, then the bright LED flashes coming from the receiver will. With this feature, our hard-of-hearing friends can consciously ignore annoying guests on their doorstep!

Rugged Design

Not every home has a canopy or roof-covered deck to protect their doorbell from the harsh elements of nature. Rain, sleet, and snow are common enemies of outdoor electronics, but the Avantek D-3G is not an ordinary wireless doorbell. The button’s housing is rated IP55 to guarantee protection against water damage, as well as withstanding crazy temperatures (-4° to 140°F).

AVANTEK D-3G Waterproof Wireless Doorbell

AVANTEK D-3G vs. SadoTech Model C

Now that we have a deeper understanding of what the D-3G is capable of doing, let’s see how well it fares against comparable wireless doorbells from other popular manufacturers. First, let’s take a look at the SadoTech Model C.

AVANTEK D-3G vs. SadoTech Model C

The Model C’s maximum range is 1,000 feet; 300 feet shorter than the D-3G’s transmitting range but still more than enough to play one of the 52 available melodies in the average-sized home. Additionally, installing the Model C is as quick and easy as it is with the D-3G.

Like the D-3G, the Model’s receiver can play at low and high volumes, ranging from 25 to 110 dB. But unlike the D-3G, there is no silent mode to keep from disturbing you as you sleep. There is also an LED light on the receiver that alerts owners of the presence of doorbell-pushers at their front door.

The Model C is also weather-resistant to a certain extent. The button’s housing can protect its sensitive internal components against light drizzles and snow, but buckets of rainwater will turn it into a bathtub toaster.

SadoTech Model C

There are two major features of the Model C that blow the D-3G out of the water. The first of which is the ability to connect one doorbell to a maximum of 20 different receivers. Whether this is overkill for a 1,000-foot diameter range is another question.

The second is perhaps the most impressive of all – the Model C’s ability to connect to motion sensors and window/door sensors (sold separately). Increase the security of your home by connecting up to 20 sensors to a single receiver.

AVANTEK D-3G vs. Ring Door View Cam

The Ring Door View Cam is one of the impressive pieces of modern technology. Although this Ring product is indeed a wireless doorbell, that’s not what makes it such an awesome buy. There are several other features of this wireless doorbell that puts others to shame.

AVANTEK D-3G vs. Ring Door View Cam

First of all, the Ring Door View Cam connects to your home’s Wi-Fi. This is done to send alerts to your smart device of who or what is at your front door. Since we spend most of our days outside of our homes, you’ll never miss a beat by seeing through the lens of the Ring’s camera via your smartphone screen.

The camera isn’t the only thing that makes this wireless doorbell stand out. It also comes with a two-way speaker that allows you to speak to guests. You’ll receive a notification on your phone when someone has passed in front of the camera (motion sensor with adjustable sensitivity), knocked on the door (built-in impact sensors), or pushed the doorbell button, and all you need to do is turn on sound and talk away!

Installing the Ring Door View Cam is a breeze. Unlike the D-3G, the Ring replaces your door’s peephole. It’s a 5-minute job involving removing your existing peephole, snapping the rechargeable Li-ion battery in place, and connecting it to your home’s Wi-Fi.

Ring Door View Cam

The Ring Door View Cam is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. You can ask her to alert you when somebody’s at the door and to turn on the camera to show you who’s there. With Amazon Echo, you can speak directly to your visitor without having to pull out your smart device.


Now we’re going back to “ordinary” wireless doorbells. The NOVETE is more technologically comparable to the D-3G than the Ring. Also, you won’t miss much of the D-3G if you decide to go with the NOVETE Door Bell.


The NOVETE is identical to the D-3G is most regards. They’re both available in black and white, they’re both wireless doorbells in the traditional sense (no HD cameras or speakers), they both have five different volume settings ranging from 0 to 115 dB. They’re both rated IP55 for protection against dust and water, they both function in extreme temperatures between -4° and 140°F, and they both have a wide 1,300-foot connection range between the button and receiver. Oh, and installing them both is the same process of either using screws or the included adhesive path.

Now, you’re probably wondering to yourself why you would choose one over the other. That’s a fair point, unless you take into account the fact that the NOVETE Door Bell comes with not one but TWO receivers.

With two receivers in the box, you have the option to deliver one of 52 doorbell chimes to a wider area of your home. Both of the receivers connect to the button that, when pressed, will cause the receivers to play the music of its people simultaneously, provided that they’re both within the 1,300-foot range.

NOVETE Door Bell

Other than the inclusion of a second receiver, you’re pretty much getting the same features as the AVANTEK D-3G. Oh, most of their 52 doorbell chimes are different… just in case that’s something that keeps you up at night.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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