Ariens vs Toro Snowblower: Ariens Crossover 20 vs Toro SnowMaster 724 ZXR

Snowblowers are the key to keeping one’s sanity during extreme snowfall, especially in places where harsh winters are a normal part of life. Snowblowers are lifesavers during heavy snowfall since digging through snow and ice can be such a tiring and heavy task.
Two of the more reliable models in the market now are the Toro Snowmaster 724ZXR and the New Ariens Crossover 20.

Both are said to be quite efficient. They also are equally priced, making it quite hard to come up with a decision on what can be a better buy. While almost similar at a first glance, these two machines do have some prime points of difference. Going through the next paragraphs will give you a better understanding of how one is different from the other.

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Design and Build
In terms of design, the exterior of both snowblowers turns out to be quite similar. In terms of construction and details, there is still quite a difference between the two.

The Ariens crossover features a simpler design. It is made entirely of lightweight steel. It makes the Crossover more durable as compared to the Toro.

The Ariens Crossover has a big intake housing at the front that has an auger attached to it. At the base, right behind the housing, are two wheels. The gas engine of the snowblower is located right above the wheels. The Ariens Crossover also has an adjustable snow chute that is found between the engine and intake housing. The handlebar of the Crossover is directly attached to the base of the snowblower.

The Toro Snowmaster comes with a design that looks heavier than the Crossover. It also is constructed using more plastic parts, such as in the case of the engine cover and snow chute. Plastic parts can also be found on the handlebar, including the joystick, one of the features of the Snowmaster.

The Auger
The size difference between the augers of the Snowmaster and the Crossover is not much different.

The Toro Snowmaster’s auger is 10 inches in diameter with a clearing width of 24 inches. Its auger has rubber paddings located towards the center helping in snow clearance. The edges of the auger have metal blades which make it easy for the snow blower to cut through the snow.
The Crossover 20 has a slightly larger auger which measures 11 inches in diameter.

It has a shorter clearing width at 20 inches, which may mean lesser coverage. The blades themselves come with rubber paddings. These rubber paddings are meant to aid in the auger propel system. The lack of exposure to metal blades, however, seems to be a disadvantage when they need to cut through ice comes up.

The Toro Snowmaster makes use of pneumatic tires that measure 11 inches in diameter, The wheels have large tread lugs which are meant to provide better traction. Traction is needed for the Snowmaster since the wheels make it possible for the Snowmaster to move forward,
The Ariens Crossover comes with solid plastic tires that have shallow treads. Although these may not seem to provide much traction, they do make the snowblower more lightweight making it easier to maneuver.

Snow Chute
One of the special features of the Toro Snowmaster is known as the Quick Stick. It is a joystick controller that is located at the handlebars. It is meant to change the direction and pitch of the snow chute without moving it manually. This is an added convenience compared to the snow chute of the Ariens Crossover which can only be controlled manually.

Power and Performance
In terms of power and performance, the Snowmaster and the Crossover have quite a difference.
The Toro Snowmaster has a powerful 212 cc 4-cycle gasoline engine that is capable of throwing snow up to a distance of 40 feet.
The Ariens Crossover has only a 179 cc engine that is capable of throwing snow up to a distance of 35 feet.

In terms of operational comfort or convenience, three factors should be considered: the propel system, chute control, and ease of stirring.

The Propel System
The propelling system of a snowblower contributes much to operational comfort. The propelling system aids much in how one can maneuver the snowblower in different kinds of terrain.

The Toro Snowmaster uses a drivetrain for its propel system that connects the engine to the wheels. This system aids in moving the snowblower forward. As for speed adjustment, the Toro Snowmaster uses what is called the Personal Pace System. With this system, the speed of the machine is controlled through a push of the handlebar. The pushing motion transfers power from the engine to the wheels. A stronger pushing motion delivers more power which results in a faster forward motion for the snowblower.

The Crossover 20 makes use of its auger to propel the snowblower forward. The rotation of the auger is what moves the snowblower forward. Rubber paddings are added to the proper system for added traction. The Crossover 20 though does not have any mechanism for speed control, unlike the Toro Snowmaster.

Chute Control
The ability to control the direction and pitch of the snow chute eases up much of the work in terms of operation.
In this aspect, the Toro Snowmaster has a clear advantage due to the Quick Stick Feature enables the user to control the chute from the joystick controller on the handlebar.

The ease with which one can stir the snowblower helps much when you want to lead the snowblower in a direction, especially on difficult or narrow paths like driveways or sidewalks.

The Toro Snowmaster makes use of an automatic stirring system. With this system, the machine can detect the slightest change in direction in a given path. When the machine needs to make a slight turn, one wheel automatically disengages to allow for that pivot to happen. It is called “triggerless steering” or “automatic steering”.

The Ariens, on the other hand, make use of manual steering. Although this may seem to be difficult, the Ariens is pretty lightweight so steering isn’t much of an inconvenience.

The Bottom Line
Given the fact that the Crossover and the Snowmaster are practically at the same price point, the Toro Snowmaster has a clear advantage. The power that it carries is enough to make a solid argument as to why it is a better buy as compared to the Crossover. Besides this reason, you would also have to consider added features such as automatic steering and the Quick Stick.

If you are looking for a simple setup and a more durable machine that can serve you long-term, then the Crossover would be a better buy given its full metal design.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Toro Snowmaster have an electric ignition switch?
Although higher-end models do have electric ignition switches, the 724ZR does not have one. Instead, what it has is recoil ignition.

2. What kind of fuel should be used for the Ariens Crossover 20?
An ethanol-gasoline blend with a rating of up to E10 can be used for the Ariens Crossover 20.

3. How much does the Toro Snowmaster weigh?
The Snowmaster weighs a total of 117 pounds.


Ariens Crossover
Ariens Crossover
Toro SnowMaster 724
Toro SnowMaster 724

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  1. You should mention that the Toro is a single stage machine while the Ariens is a two-stage. If the Toro hits an obstruction, the auger stops spinning; the Ariens has shear pins to protect the gearing for the 2nd stage.
    Also, the Toro needs the larger motor because part of the power is used for propulsion. You can give credit to Toro for powered propulsion but the larger motor does not give it an advantage in snow throwing.


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