An air purifier is an invaluable piece of equipment that every home should have. If you live in the city, you should be familiar with dirty your home’s indoor air can become. The Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 is a highly regarded air purifier that’s up to the task of cleaning the air in spacious rooms. But does this device belong in your home? Read this full review to see what it’s packing and capable of doing.

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 Air Purifier Review

900-square-foot Coverage Capacity

Before deciding whether to purchase a specific air purifier model, the first thing you need to consider is whether it’s up to the task in terms of area coverage. In most homes and apartments, the FIT50 is, without a question, built to handle any extreme indoor situation you have at hand.

The FIT50’s massive fan supports optimal purification in rooms of up to 900 square feet. Spacious areas like kitchens, living rooms, basements, attics, and garage workshops, in general, should all fit within the maximum coverage of this air purifier. For bedrooms or dorm rooms, this may be overkill.

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 Air Purifier

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50

220 CADR at 110 CFM

Besides knowing how large of a room an air purifier can clean, you’ll also want to see how well it does the job. This can be seen by the unit’s CADR (clean-air delivery rate) rating. The FIT50’s CADR ratings are 220 for smoke, dust, and pollen.

Considering the coverage capacity of this air purifier, a 220 CADR rating isn’t that bad, but ideally, anything above 250 or even 300 would better suit homes built in the middle of a bustling city. Anything above 200 would work fine everywhere else.

Customizable HEPA Filters

When it comes to cleaning indoor air, one of the most important components in an air purifier is the filter. The FIT50 uses HEPA Filters that trap up to 99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. But that’s not all; Alen has four different types of HEPA Filters built to handle different indoor pollutants.

The four HEPA options are Pure for common allergies, Silver for mold and bacteria, Fresh Plus for smoke fumes, and Odorcell for nauseating odors (dirty diapers). Upon checkout, you can choose which filter comes standard with your FIT50 (others sold separately).

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 Review

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50

Optional Ionizer

The FIT50 also comes with an optional ionizer the negatively charges airborne particles, allowing them to stick onto the HEPA filter more easily. This practically guarantees that the room’s air will be as clean as possible without leaving the machine running all day long.

Even though the ionizer is rated ozone-safe, there’s no guarantee that it won’t produce any ozone at all. Ozone is a lung irritant that can cause long-lasting respiratory problems and even possibly trigger asthma. Only use this function in empty rooms and homes and be sure to have the machine shutoff several hours before anyone gets home. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

3 Timer Settings

The way you can set the FIT50 to run the ionizer function in empty rooms is by setting up the built-in timer. The timer has three settings – two, four, and twelve hours of continuous cleaning. When the timer runs out, the unit will automatically go to standby mode and await further instructions.

The timer feature adds to the convenience of using the FIT50, but if you don’t feel like waiting on the air purifier, you can always switch to auto mode.

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 Air Purifier

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50

Air Quality Sensor

This air purifier comes with multiple sensors that are constantly monitoring the quality of indoor air. When the concentration of airborne pollutants reaches a certain level, the sensors will activate the FIT50 and automatically choose one the most appropriate of the four fan speeds.

Quiet Operation

Air purifiers will most likely run 24/7 in the background so ideally, you’ll want a machine that doesn’t emit loud, disturbing noises. If this sounds like something you’d like, then the FIT50 is definitely worth considering. On turbo mode, this air purifier generates only 48 decibels – equivalent to the volume of common household background noises. On sleep mode, the gentle hum will slowly lull you to dreamland.

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50

Swappable Designer Panels

If you’re afraid that the FIT50’s design won’t fit whatever color scheme or theme you have going on at home, you can put those worries to rest. There are eight swappable front panels you can choose from, including standard white, brushed stainless, dark espresso, and even rosewood. Choose whichever you feel will match your home’s décor best.

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Looking at the BreatheSmart FIT50 from Alen, we can conclude that there is very little downside, if any, to operating this device at home. For living rooms, kitchens, and offices, the FIT50 is perhaps one of the most efficient and convenient air purifiers you’ll ever come across.

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 Air Purifier Review

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